Dinek Komad

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Dinek Komad
Biographical Information
Race Twi'lek
Homeworld Tatooine
Mother Lola Komad
Father None
Spouse N/A
Siblings Hirani Komad 18, Jiljoo Komad deceased
Children N/A
Born Year -11 Day 45
Physical Description
Gender Male
Height 6 foot 5 inches or 2 meters
Coloring Blue(Rutian)
Eye Color Brown
Political Information
Affiliation The Jedi Order
The Wraiths
The Jensaarai
Avance Coalition

Dinek Komad is a Twi'lek, forged from the hardships of his early life. He know lives in Avance Space, his main purpose is to give his sister a better life and hope for the future so she won't become a slave like their mother.


Before Birth

Dinek's mother, Lola Komad, was the eldest daughter of her family. Being the oldest meant that the duty of leaving Ryloth for servitude fell upon her, especially since she was a very rare Rutian, a trait Dinek shares. Upon her 16th birthday, Lola was sold to Rarlic the Hutt on Tatooine to become a dancer. The conditions were cruel, beatings were given if the services were "inadequate" for those who paid, and Lola had seen many of her friends, if the other girls could be called friends, sent to the Rancor pit or given to the "rough" customers. At 16, Lola had lost hope in the promise and prestige that she had so thought she would enter into. Fortunately, after only six months in service, Rarlic lost her to a human named Gareth Longstride. Gareth turned out to be a much better master than Rarlic. While Gareth's establishment served as little more than a brothel, all of his "empolyees" were given room, food, and medical care. Lola quickly rose to become one of Gareth's most prized dancers, known for her skill both on and off the dance floor. She also quickly became Gareth's personal "dancer."


After almost a year and a half in service of Gareth, Lola gave birth to her first child, Dinek, meaning "King." This meant that before the age of 18, Lola had been sold into slavery, served of two master's and had a baby. It was never known who fathered Dinek, there had only been one Twi'lek customer though his service was slightly longer than the regular gestation for a Twi'lek. The more likely fathers weren't genetically able to be Dinek's father. Many considered Gareth himself to be Dinek's father because of Dinek's handsome face that more resembled a human, but it had yet to be proven if Humans were capable, scientist's from across the Galaxy have long debated the topic.

Dinek was given special privilege from Gareth, he was raised by all of the dancers. From them, he learned a wide range of languages, many of which were spoken to clients. Dinek also developed his mastery of Twi'leki at a surprisingly young age because he was raised by so four other Twi'leks whom he also called mother. Dinek also served as an apprentice to Gareth, learning all of the ins-and-outs of the business while never seeing what went on behind closed doors.

At the age of 5, Lola gave birth again to Dinek's sister, Hirani, meaning "exceedingly beautiful." Her father was a local Twi'lek businessman, Cotan, who had just moved from the Core Worlds to open a salvage shop. Hirani was moved to Cotan's dwelling when she became old enough to be away from her mother. Cotan was a good man, he also mentored Dinek in many roles. Cotan gave Dinek and his sister an education, his old job was a professor at a Core university.

In spite of the circumstances, Dinek's childhood was a rather happy time for him and his sister. His mother on the other hand was beginning to suffer from the years of use. At age 10, Lola gathered her two children together to give them gifts. To Dinek she gave a necklace that represented the Komad family on Ryloth. His mother told him that the Komad name means "chivalry" and that he should always live with honor. To Hirani, she gave a special head dress that her mother had given to her when she was 5 years old. All was not right in the world though, the light in Lola's eyes began to diminish as she lost hope for herself. Unknown to the children, Lola had began to use drugs.

Teen Years

At the age of 17, Dinek received his first true job as mechanic and supply runner for Cotan's expanded salvage operation which now consisted of a few small businesses on the Outer Rim. Cotan had also mentioned to Dinake and his sister that he had plans to buy their mother and marry her. Also during that year, Dinek's mother became pregnant yet again. The father was an old friend of Cotan's who had bought her services from Gareth, unknown to Cotan. Lola gave birth to another girl, Jiljoo, meaning "gem." Sadly, the child didn't make it a week. Lola's drug use had taken it's toll on the young baby.

Soon after the birth and death of Jijoo, Cotan learned of the baby's true parentage. He then broke off the relationship from Lola, fired Dinek, and attempted to then sell the 12 year old Hirani into servitude to Rarlic the Hutt. Lola, rattled with heartbreak, overdosed on deathsticks and ryll. She was found dead in her servant's quarters. Fortunately, Dinek was able to convince his sister to run away with him. They hid on the streets, only communicating silently in Twi'leki using only their Lekku. Cotan then placed a bounty on Dinek's head, and offered a bounty for the safe delivery of Hirani to Rarlic the Hutt. Dinek decided that they had been on Tatooine quiet long enough. During his travels transporting goods for Corta, Dinek had visited a world in Avance controlled space. Dinek then sold all of his possessions, except for a small necklace that his mother had given him as a child. Dinek added that money to what he had earned in his last drawn paycheck, then made his way to a local Avance embassy. He then payed for himself and his sister to arrive in Avance as a refugees. When the ship landed, the only possessions the two owned were the clothes on their back, Dinek's necklace and Hirani's head dress from their mother, and a meager amount of money to pay for a shack of their own.


It was extremely hard for Dinek to care for his 12 year old sister being 17. Most people wouldn't hire such a young person, or wanted his sister instead for "entertainment." Dinek usually let those who wanted to be "entertained" by his sister with a threat and punch in the face. Dinek would never let his sister become what killed their mom. He took what odd work he could find to pay for the shack, meager amounts of food, and school for his sister.

Life continued to be like this for the two. As Dinek grew older, his wages began to rise and work became more stable until they could move into a real place and have a real shot at the Avancian Dream. When Hirani turned 18, Dinek decided that it was time for him to start a career. Dinek sold the house to pay for Hirani's college on Endor, helped her move into the dorm, the made his way to the Avancian career placement office to see what a 23 year old Twi'lek could do. Once the assessment test was taken, the results were shown that Dinek would have his choice of the following positions.