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This article is about the current Jedi Order. You may be looking for the historic Jedi Order or the defunct Jedi Praxium.
Jedi Order
General Information
Motto There is no emotion, there is peace.
There is no ignorance, there is knowledge.
There is no passion, there is serenity.
There is no chaos, there is harmony.
There is no death, there is the Force.
Status Active
Leader SyberJedi
2IC Dero Racto
Historical Information
Founded Year 8 Day 149
Political Information
Affiliation Galactic Alliance
Industry Religion
Holosite Jedi Order Forum


The Jedi Order is a religious organization dedicated to the ethical practice and worship of the metaphysical energy known as The Force. Through the use of this energy, the Order believes life can blossom and freedoms be maintained for those allied with the Jedi. The Order is led by a Jedi Council, usually comprising adept and wise Jedi Masters. Under the Jedi Council, the Order is split into several branches including the Ministry of Defense, Ministry of Engineering and the Ministry of State. Currently the Order is populated by both Force-sensitives and ordinary sentients, with Force-sensitives usually occupying the separate ranks of Initiate, Jedi Padawan, Jedi Knight and Jedi Master. The Jedi Council is led by a Grand Master, presently Onasha Katr.


The Jedi Order is an ancient movement said to predate the formation of the Galactic Republic. The Order's earliest Masters are said to have originated from the planet Tython, located deep within the Core. It was here that the Order began to take shape, training Padawans and sharing ideas away from galactic civilization, which even then was only beginning to take shape. Some of the finest Jedi wisdom was reportedly created around this time, stored in Jedi Holocrons.

The Order suffered a great fracture early into its existence as one of the first confrontations between the energies known as the Light Side and the Dark Side resulted in the creation of Dark Jedi, who would later return as Sith following lengthy exile. After this event the Jedi Order joined the Galactic Republic, acting as peacekeepers and often a military force as conflict with the Sith extended through thousands of years, spawning multiple wars such as the Jedi Civil War, the Great Hyperspace War and the New Sith Wars.

Several decades ago the Jedi Order was thrown into disarray as Sith plots resulted in the reformation of the Galactic Republic into the Galactic Empire under Hiram Drayson. Order 66, a directive which accompanied this move, led to military action against all Jedi - decimating numbers and forcing the remnants of the Order into hiding.

After several years of suppression, surviving members of the Order rallied to create the Jedi Praxium; hoping to reclaim its galactic mantle and resume the struggle against the Sith and the Galactic Empire. This move soon collapsed however, as the actions of one traitorous Jedi leader (turned Sith) destroyed the Praxium. In desperation a final attempt to revive the Order was made with the founding of the Jedi Academy, with weary Masters hoping to train a new generation to usher in a blossoming of the Light Side. This organization, located away from frontline fighting and with a planet to build around, was a much greater success than its predecessor. The Jedi Order was revitalized, and soon took back its old title. Soon, allies of the Order found a base on Ossus, an ancient Jedi world where the Order quickly made itself comfortable.

With much of its former strength rebuilt the Jedi began to usher in an era of prosperity, majesty, dominion over its territory and wounds from past wars healed. Then several years ago, in an effort to improve the Order's overall strength and stand united against its enemies, an agreement was reached with the Arkanian Brotherhood to form the Jedi Coalition, a union between Order and Brotherhood. Again the Jedi rebuilt their strength, and the Coalition was disbanded in favour of the traditional Jedi Order, which remains to date. The Order is once again an impressive fighting force, a beacon of hope in a plagued galaxy. Their numbers replenished, the Jedi Order is now said to once again be on par with its Sith counterpart.

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