Belwarmec Al-Thorac

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Belwarmec Al-Thorac
Belwarmec Al-Thorac
Biographical Information
Race Duros
Homeworld Duro
Marital Status Single
Born Year -4 Day 204
Languages Galactic Basic, Durese, Arkanian
Physical Description
Gender Male
Height 2.33 metres
Coloring Deep Blue
Eye Color Red
Political Information
Affiliation Arkanian Brotherhood : Galactic Alliance : House Dues
Title Lord
Rank Peer of the Royal Arkanian Order
Positions Minister of Industry and Science : Ambassador in Ministry of External Affairs
Prior Affiliation Telgorn Corporation : Ghtroc Industries
Awards Duro Academy of Deep Space Exploration
  • Graduate with Honours in Piloting, Management and Repair

Telgorn Corporation

  • Basic Induction

Arkanian Brotherhood

  • Academy Graduate
  • 2 Years Service
  • Gold Production
  • Trade Bursary
  • Arkanian Family Award
  • Bronze Logistics
  • Silver Exploration
  • Bronze Construction


First Start: Telgorn Corporation

Telgorn Corporation gave Belwarmec his first chance when on Day 362 Year 15 he was accepted into the company as a Recruit Pilot. Belwarmec decided to join after having a series of talks with Wylly Grim the then recruitment officer. Belwarmec was attracted to Telgorn Corporation due to its relatively small size and the opportunities to be able to make a difference in a smaller organisation but the main reason was that he had meet in Wylly a friend for life. After a short and basic induction course on day 6 Year 16 he was promoted to the position of Pilot and assigned the Pursuer Enforcement Ship {KDS} Pursuit #2.

His duties while at Telgorn Corporation included passenger transport and leading squads of Freighters in resource haulage. Belwarmec also enjoyed helping Telgorn in other ways when he was not on piloting jobs and soon took over responsibility for Telgorns recruitment advertising, freeing up the recruitment staff like Wylly to spend more time talking to sentients about the opportunities at Telgorn.

Things were going well for Belwarmec at Telgorn but on Day 49 Year 16 Kaelan Dileltah, the owner of Telgorn Corporation, announced to all the staff he was winding down the company due to personal reasons. This news blindsided many of the staff who had no idea that something like this would happen to the company that they had all worked so hard developing. Shortly afterward the announcement Belwarmec left Telgorn Corporation on Day 51 Year 16 in search of a new organisation and a new vision for the future.

Reinvention: Subcontracting

After leaving Telgorn Corporation Belwarmec was unsure of what to do next. He had found that he loved piloting but he wanted the opportunity to try new things and he wanted to make sure that the next company that he joined would stand the test of time and was somewhere he could have a lasting career.

While he conducted his research Belwarmec worked as a subcontractor through some contacts he had made during his travels. He completed mainly logistics work relocating ships, transporting items and hauling materials. Belwarmec found this to be interesting work but he wanted to venture into other area’s and expand his knowledge, something he thought he had a limited ability to do while working for himself.

During this time he meet a bright new sentient who was trying to make his way in the galaxy by the name of Peter Green-Star. Peter, an Ithorian, was trying to set up a brand new company called Green-Star Medical Rescue. This new company was aimed at helping new and less fortunate sentients throughout the galaxy. Belwarmec had many conversations with Peter in regards to helping set up and even joining Green-Star Medical Rescue but in the end Belwarmec felt that this was not his destiny. Belwarmec wanting to help his friends new venture allowed Peter to subcontract out Belwarmec’s services for a small amount of credits which Peter used for furthering the aims of Green-Star Medical Rescue.

A New Beginning: The Arkanian Brotherhood

After an exhaustive search Belwarmec settled on the next step of his career joining The Arkanian Brotherhood. Like when he joined Telgorn Corporation Belwarmec first developed a friendship with a sentient who was already working for The Brotherhood. In George O Rourke, at that time the Minister of State, Belwarmec found a kindred spirit. They met while they were both helping out new and less fortunate sentients on the Holo forums. During the course of their conversations Belwarmec was struck by the passion that Georgie had when he spoke of The Arkanian Brotherhood. Sensing that this was the place for him Belwarmec applied for an entry level position.

Belwarmec was quickly accepted into the organisation and graduated from The Arkanian Academy on Day 91 Year 16. Having decided he would like a break for long haul transportation Belwarmec transferred to Ghtroc Industries, a fully owned subsidiary, and began work in the Production Department as an Engineering Intern under the leadership of Raith Starlight. After a short time on Day 123 Year 16 Belwarmec was promoted Junior Technician in recognition of his great work ethic, dedication and skill shown thus far in his work.

A New Name: Arkanian Engineers

The Arkanian Brotherhood was restructured and as part of this restructure the fully owned subsidiary Intergalactic Ore was merged with the parent company with the new entity being named Arkanian Engineers. For Belwarmec this change didn’t really affect his day to day work at Ghtroc Industries. The change came in the form of a new job title from Junior Technician to Technician as part of the company restructure.

The Future: Ghtroc Industries

Belwarmec has continued his upward movement in Ghtroc Industries being promoted to Senior Technician on day 152 Year 16 in the Department of Production. In addition Belwarmec has started working for the Department of Arkanian Affairs in Arkanian Engineers under the guidance of his great friend George O Rourke as an Associate on Day 150 Year 16. Belwarmec is enjoying the varying work that is involved in working in both of these departments.

This enjoyment showed in his work and again Belwarmec was recognized for this excellent work with promotions and more responsibility. In the Department of Production he was made a Junior Engineer on Day 213 Year 16, and then to an Engineer on Day 278 Year 16, and is now involved with not only Ship Production but Vehicle and Droid production as well. In the Department of Arkanian Affairs he was promoted to Assistant Attache on Day 219 Year 16, and then to the level of Attache on Day 304 Year 16. His responsibilities have also grown and he is now actively working not only internally with member resources and externally with sentient recruitment but is also now actively working on contract management with other companies.

Belwarmec is looking forward to working his way up the corporate ladder with Ghtroc Industries and Arkanian Engineers while making a positive impact on the company as a whole. He knows through hard work and steely dedication both he and the company can continue to grow and make a positive mark on the galaxy.

Ser Belwarmec Al-Thorac: Recognition for Service

Belwarmec was stunned and honoured on Day 304 Year 16 when he was made a Companion of the Royal Arkanian Order. This ancient and esteemed Order is used to recognise outstanding service to the Arkanian Engineers and Ghtroc Industries. With his elevation to the Royal Arkanian Order Belwarmec is now entitled to be addressed as Ser, though he prefers to only use the title on official business.

Personal Ventures / Endeavours


Belwarmec is an avid trader, particularly in ships. He both builds ships for sale on the public market and buys and resells ships for a small profit. He hopes to build a reputation as an honest and fair trader within the trading community. He has plans to branch out into trading other items such as vehicles, space stations and facilities and to be able to run a micro-business which fits in with his main career with Ghtroc Industries and Arkanian Engineers.

Belwarmec to further his trading applied for and was awarded Trade Federation Citizenship Level 1 on Day 276 Year 16. Access to the vast trading power of the Trade Federation and with new contacts Belwarmec hopes build on the start he has made.

He also hopes to one day be able to act as a middle for others traders but he knows he has many years ahead of building the required trust and trading history to be able to accomplish this goal.

Engines – Repair, Modifications and Design

Belwarmec has a deep seated interest in engine research and development, starting from his days of attending the Duro Academy of Deep Space Exploration where he minored in advanced engine design and gained honours in engine repair.

When he has spare time Belwarmec is often found tinkering with the engines on his collection of ships trying to get them just right, whether it be to squeeze an extra bit of speed out of them or trying to make them run more reliably, or to affect repairs. He still avidly reads the latest research papers in this field when he is completing hyperspace journeys as a way of passing the time. Belwarmec often dreams about the day when he might be in a position to devote more time to this passion of his and possibly write a paper of his own.

Helping Hand

Belwarmec is very aware of the plight of many of the less fortunate sentients in the galaxy that are trying to scratch out a living in a wild and sometimes hostile environment. As part of his attempts to make the galaxy a better place Belwarmec had become a mentor and confidant to many sentients through specific Holo forums. Through these forums Belwarmec is able to reach out and help sentients all over the galaxy, be it advice on trying to find a job or just listening to their problems and pointing them in the right direction.

Belwarmec had developed some lasting friendships this way and hopes that he has positively affected all the sentients that have come to him in their hours of need.

--Belwarmec Al-Thorac 05:46, 04 January 2018 (CST)