Tolonda Conflict

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Tolonda Conflict
DateYear 22, Day 48Year 22, Day 217
LocationTolonda Sector, The Galaxy
ResultDecisive Jedi Victory
Dissolution of the Sith Imperium
Jo-logoTransparent.png Jedi Order
TC-general.png Triumvirate Coalition
-ARK-.png -ARK-
DOM.jpg DOM Arsenal
BsdLogo.png Blue Star Dominion
TernionCorpsLogo.png Ternion Corps
RA Logo Year21.png Rebel Alliance
ResistanceLogo.png The Resistance
Mandalorian Clans
Gojira logo 20JAN21 001.png Aliit Cin'Rekr
Qir-Aliik.png Aliit Qir
Vhetin-Aliik.png Aliit Vhetin
Aliit Ka'ra
SI-Logo.png Sith Imperium
Commanders and Leaders
Jo-logoTransparent.png Master Russ Leman
Jo-logoTransparent.png Master Thragg Craghorn
TC-general.png Consul Tandis Valeek
TC-general.png Tribune Shaynar Scarne
-ARK-.png Va`Li Owa
-ARK-.png Belwarmec Al-Thorac
-ARK-.png George O Rourke
DOM.jpgAndre Archer
BsdLogo.png Marshal Tomas o`Cuinn
BsdLogo.png Marshal Taranjeek o`Cuinn
TernionCorpsLogo.png Con Semper
TernionCorpsLogo.png Vir Calder
RA Logo Year21.png Supreme Commander Orion Chran
RA Logo Year21.png Tidus Rose
ResistanceLogo.png Major General Eli Descartes
ResistanceLogo.png General Gand Xitwa
Gojira logo 20JAN21 001.png Aliit'buir Sekou Tau
Qir-Aliik.png Aliit'alor Teroch Qir-zan
SI-Logo.png Uther Von Kaldreon
SI-Logo.png Arthur Von Kaldreon
SI-Logo.png Xyre Vindictus (resigned)
SI-Logo.png Nari Noble (defected)
Casualties and Losses
MinimalMinimalSI-Logo.png Sith Imperium
Dissolution of the Imperium
Komik Ki† (alleged agent)
1 Mammoth destroyed
2 BFF-1 destroyed
322+ ships captured
28+ vehicles captured
1,398+ droids captured
4,170+ pieces of equipment captured
40 Infantry KIA
Operation ROID RAGE, Sith Imperium Holonet Hack, Operation Appropriation

The Tolonda Conflict, also known as the Jedi-Imperium War, was an armed conflict between the Jedi Order coalition and the Sith Imperium in Year 22. While the coalition's operations began weeks earlier in preparation, the Jedi Order publicly announced war against the Sith Imperium on Day 54, bringing a galactic spotlight while also informing the Imperium of the action against them. The Imperium suffered the only casualties of the war, seeing several high-ranking defections and departures along with billions of credits worth of assets stolen or destroyed. The conflict also saw the creation and collapse of the Eternal Alliance, a pact between the Sith Imperium and Spectre that lasted less than two weeks.

The conflict ended on Day 217 when the Sith Imperium was dissolved and its remnants returned to the banner of Archduchy of Tolonda. Having lost the conflict, Arthur Von Kaldreon sued for peace between the reformed Archduchy and members of the Jedi-led coalition.


Operation ROID RAGE

Operation ROID RAGE was the codename for the Jedi-led rebel coalition's assault on the Sith Imperium's economic operations, targeting primarily their mining activities in the Tolonda asteroid fields. ROID RAGE was designed by Jedi Master Russ Leman using intelligence provided by the Imperium's Senior Ambassador Nari Noble and was approved by the Jedi Council, who invited allies to participate. Mobilization for the incursion into Tolonda began approximately two weeks prior to Jedi's open declaration of war against the Sith Imperium and included mass fleet logistics by the entire coalition, consisting of -ARK-, Blue Star Dominion, DOM Trading Company, Jedi Order, Rebel Alliance, Resistance, Ternion Corps, and Triumvirate Coalition.

The Imperium had expended both time and resources to discover a number of raw materials in their local asteroid fields - materials that were essential for sustaining their military and economic activities - and Operation ROID RAGE's objective was to extract these much-needed minerals before the Imperium was able to. Building on the intelligence provided by Noble, Jedi and Triumvirate reconnaissance teams quickly and quietly scoured the sector to locate and map both the locations of asteroid fields and active Imperium operations. Meanwhile, other teams worked the extensive logistics required to move mass amounts of Y-8 mining vessels and various cargo haulers into the sector along with the construction of depot stations to serve as staging points within the area of operations. The mining and cargo ships were deployed to various asteroid fields and set to mass extractions in an effort to hamper the Imperium's war efforts by denying crucial raw material.

Operation Appropriation

Operation Appropriation was the codename for a covert military action conducted by the Blue Star Dominion's naval and marine forces to seize and destroy numerous ships owned by the Sith Imperium. With the majority of the Imperium's forces scrambling in response to their late discovery of the Jedi Order's Operation ROID RAGE, Dominion Marshal Tomas o`Cuinn quietly outlined a plan with Sith Fleet Commander Sekou Tau, an independent operative sympathetic to the rebel cause, to launch a clandestine assault behind enemy lines. Calculating that they had a limited window of opportunity to strike, the Dominion borrowed two local Modular Taskforce Cruisers from the Triumvirate Coalition to bring their total in the Tolonda sector to three. Two of the cruisers were dispatched to the Tamra system under the commands of Tomas and Taranjeek o`Cuinn while the third was committed to the Oshora system under the command of Kaze Zill. Each of the warships was manned by several companies of Dominion marines and escorted to the outskirts of their respective target systems by the Dominion Navy, which broke off outside of the Imperium sensor range in an effort to maintain the cruiser's stealth. Transmitting false IFF codes, each cruiser casually made its approach into the respective system and successfully evaded notice by the Sith.

In the early hours of the morning on Day 60, Fleet Commander Tau transferred the access codes of the entire Sith Imperium fleet to Dominion Command, signaling execution of the plan. With much of the Imperium's personnel occupied elsewhere, the vessels in the target areas were either manned by only skeleton crews or unmanned entirely. Dominion marines rapidly executed boarding maneuvers on hundreds of ships in the three locations, quietly subduing the confused and quickly overwhelmed crews before they could raise any alarm and captured the bridges. Tractor beams from the cruisers swiftly moved the occupied vessels into their docking bays while others were flown and docked manually. The Dominion successfully seized over three hundred of the Sith Imperium's ships before the transfer of access codes was noticed and a remote reset command was sent to the fleet, prompting a hasty exit from the system for the cruisers amid the confusion and leaving behind a chaotic embarrassment for the Imperium to wake up to. At least two BFF-1 bulk freighters were destroyed during the operation, reportedly at the hands of their own crew. An unconfirmed report from across the galaxy in the Ottega system alleged that, at the same time as the Dominion operation, an Imperium Mammoth-class heavy hauler was mysteriously destroyed by what local authorities described as a remote slicing attack that exploited its fuel line. Analysts throughout the galaxy have since estimated that the Imperium lost a quarter of their entire naval fleet.

Many of the Imperium's lost vessels were later used as target practice and subsequently destroyed by a Rebel task force deployed to the Petabys Conflict Zone during an unrelated operation.