Nari Noble

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Nari Noble
Nari Primary Image.png
Biographical Information
Race Hapan
Homeworld Charubah
House House Noble
Mother Hei Noble
Father Min Noble
Partner Single
Age 26 Galactic Standard Years
Born Year -4 Day 21
Languages Hapan
Physical Description
Gender Female
Height 162cm / 5'4"
Weight 47kg / 104 lbs
Coloring White
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Dark Brown
Political Information
Title Princess in Exile
Affiliation Freelance
Prior Affiliation Jedi Order
Cantrell Conglomerate
Sith Imperium
House Von Kaldreon
Hapes Consortium

Nari Noble, previously known as Princess in Waiting Nari Von Kaldreon or Princess in Exile, is a Hapan of low birth, born Day 21 in Year -5 on Charubah to Min & Hei Noble. Despite being of low birth, her prior engagement to the Crown Prince of the Sith Imperium, Arthur Von Kaldreon, and her subsequent betrayal and defection to spark the Tolonda Conflict, caused her public presence to significantly increase and define much of her adult life to date.



Being that Hapans are renown for their beauty and grace, especially among the females of their race, Nari finds herself no exception. With a relative small stature and petite frame, she only just reaches a height of 5'4" and often fluctuates no more than 104 lbs. With lithe musculature and feminine grace, she was never known for her particular feats of strength or prowess in a physical conflict. Her thick, straight, long black hair cascades down her body, reaching a length of that just below her shoulder blades and framing her round, innocent, youthful face. The fullness of her cheeks and large, almost doe like deep brown eyes convey a sense of naivety and childlike wonder. This often works to both her benefit and determinant as she is continually mistaken to be younger than her actual age and others tend to not take her as seriously as perhaps she should be.

During her time with the Imperium royal family and robust training, she was conditioned in the ways of a lady, including proper mannerisms, posture and demeanor. Often, this lends itself to her being perceived as overly formal, prim and proper, despite no longer having any connection to royalty. Her body is in pristine condition, having been spared hard labor in her adult years and having no markings or tattoos at present.


"Perhaps there is no greater cause for shame, than for those in power not to act for the benefit of those without it." - Nari

Due to her various backgrounds, spy work and changes of life circumstances, the personality of Nari is one that seems constantly in flux. There are often times where she herself feels betrayed as to the truth of who she is and what she really believes and desires. In an attempt to become all things to all people and accomplish her goals, she lost sight of who she was. Despite this and her many facades and 'costumes' that she wore, there is often a defining undercurrent of kindness found in her actions. Patient, reflective and willingness to sacrifice herself for the greater good of others, it is both a blessing and a curse. For many a time, she lost herself in the goals and desires of others, sacrificing her own wellbeing so others could find happiness and safety in her stead.

Now that she finds herself away from the craft of deception, putting away the lies upon which she built herself, she finds herself seeking honor and truth. Nari pushes herself to be honest in all things, to put aside her tendency to deflect and obfuscate her true feelings. The formalness that defined her for so long a time is still there, but she now finds time to laugh and tease, especially those she is comfortable enough to call her friends or partner. While anger is definitely a part of all personalities, she is slow to it and finds her temper easy to control and mild. One could define her attitude as motherly towards those she cares about, willing to die for a cause or purpose to protect them.


Early Life

Nari as a teenager

There is no greater cosmic joke, than to name someone Noble when they are stuck in the quagmire of poverty. Nari and her family knew nothing but hard times, but found happiness and richness in love instead. Despite being born on the developed and metropolitan world of Charubah, the Noble family was not among the elite or even the middle class. On a planet of billions, it was simply impossible for all to be well off and Nari found herself living that reality. Being a middle child to two sisters, Nari was a rather unremarkable child. Small, clever, pretty, but otherwise, unremarkable. Her position between the eldest and youngest did make her a fabulous negotiator and people pleaser, however, often able to play both sides of an argument and come ahead herself.

Through her formative school years, she found herself simply going through the motions, finding little passion in her studies, and generally thinking her existence meaningless and too benign to matter. Every day, after her attendance, she would rush home to the family cantina, do her homework in the back room before going out to clean tables, wash dishes and help the family until retiring for the evening. This exposure to the drunk travelers and spacers filled her little head with dreams of travel, exploration and even life outside the Consortium. Of course, this was a lifestyle her parents often tried to dissuade her from pursuing, wanting instead for her and her sisters to take over the cantina and run it amongst the three of them eventually. But that was not a future Nari could satisfy herself with.

Finding herself simply biding time, tending bar, dreaming of something more until the opportunity finally came. A bar regular came to her a few days after her eighteenth birthday, knowing her longing for life off planet, to see the stars anyway she could get it. He offered her a job, a simple one at that, as a deckhand on his transport cruiser the “Kindato”. It was no great, illustrious position, but it gave her the opportunity she needed. Much to her parents’ dismay, she informed them of her decision to depart and moved herself onboard full time. She quickly took on many roles of the ship, embedding herself in the various stations of repair, management, and navigation necessary in the running of a capital ship class cruiser. Nari carried on this way for many years, seeing the Consortium and beyond from the viewports of her ship, working herself up the ranks until she finally achieved her position of second in command and took on ever more responsibility.

It was from that ship that her real education began. The truth of the universe revealed itself to her in its fundamental nature. Things one could never learn behind a desk at school or even in the structure of a large government or military. People, despite their differences all had the same underlying needs and desires. To seek peace, to find love and achieve their dreams. Nari thought she had found hers, in a life of simplicity and clear goals, but life was anything but predictable as she would soon discover.

The Archduchy of Tolonda

As if by the will of the Force or by sheer happenstance, Nari was introduced to a royal member of the Von Kaldreon family, Duke Arthur Von Kaldreon. He became smitten with her charm and physical attractiveness during one of his recruitment campaign tours and attempted to persuade her to join the Archduchy of Tolonda with considerable effort and time. Nari was unsure at first, being content in her simple life and perhaps never before thinking about the possibility of serving in a governmental role or capacity.

Despite her trepidation, Arthur’s continued efforts eventually began to wear down her resistance and she agreed to explore serving in the Duchy to further expand her horizons. Nari joined with the diplomatic corps of the Duchy as a junior diplomat, as the Duke saw great promise in her abilities as more than just that of a pilot or ship commander. Being a diplomat also saw her serving in close proximity to the royal family and Arthur himself.

She excelled in her new role, taking like a fish to water in the realm of politics, recruitment and seeing to the general interior workings of a large government. Flirtations with the Duke continued, but there was never a manifested relationship between the two at the time. Often he would visit her during her work or would request her personally for certain tasks or favors. It seemed as if the inevitable may happen between the two, until the Von Kaldreon royal family and the Duchy itself revealed their true colors.

As if out of the blue and with zero rumblings from within the Ministry of Interior, the Archduke Uther Von Kaldreon declared himself a secret Sith Emperor and Lord of a newly formed Sith Imperium. Arthur, his son, proudly claimed the title of Darth Sicario and the transformation from Duchy to Imperium began rapidly.

The change terrified Nari and opened her eyes to the darkness and machinations not just of the government she served, but the man who recruited, groomed and desired her. Several days later, after their reveal to the galaxy, Nari fled, leaving behind her new life and finding herself aimless and unsure of her next steps. Like a ship without a rudder, she let the tides carry her and the tide carried her home.

The Hapes Consortium

Creditless, unemployed and with no prospects. Nari found herself home once more living with her family and stuck in the doldrums of a life unfulfilled. She tended bar, seeing familiar faces, feeling like a failure whose poor choices brought her back to her starting point.

The only solace in her life was that she had escaped the clutches of the Sith Imperium when she had. Arthur, now Darth Sicario, continued in his fascination with her, never quite dropping his lines of communication with her and offering a place for her should she ever desire to return. But despite the offer, she could not reconcile return while she saw the pain, murder and conflict birthed and fostered by the Imperium.

With a desire in her to still use her new found diplomatic abilities and training, Nari thought it wise to search for an opportunity near home in the Hapes Consortium. Despite her past affiliation with a sordid governing body in the Imperium, she was given the chance she craved. As the lowest rank interior member, she dove into her work, desiring to once more find her footing and establish herself as a valued member of the Consortium.

Even in her new role and occupied with her work, her past continued to haunt her present. Arthur’s contact became more frequent as did her disgust with the reports she saw from inside the Imperium. She was courteous to him, not desiring to make an enemy, until she could no longer reconcile the actions of his government or himself.

Despite the joy she found in the Consortium, she knew she had to do more to confront the evil that revealed its face to the galaxy. Not wanting to bring dishonor or shame to the Consortium, she resigned and started a ploy to get herself into a position to damage the Imperium system that so damaged the lives of others.

When Arthur once more contacted her, she feigned interest, putting on her best act to sell herself as someone desperate to return not just to the Imperium, but to him in particularly. He embraced her charade and welcomed her back with open arms with not only a return to the Imperium, but with higher status than she had once had before her departure.

The Sith Imperium

Arthur and Nari began to enter a period of courtship, with many claiming the interest genuine on the part of Arthur, but most definitely a charade by Nari herself. She returned to the State department of the Imperium, quickly finding herself promoted to the position of Head Ambassador due to both her skill and close proximity to the Darth Sicario.

Put upon flirtations continued in secret and it was soon revealed to the greater group, that Nari and Arthur were a matched pair. During this time, Nari began to catalog Imperium assets, personnel and restricted communications. She began to discretely foment dissent among the ranks, raising concerns over lack of adequate compensation, promotions and negative galactic perception of the group. Many began to secretly express concerns in kind, taking her as a shoulder to cry on and divulging their anger towards leadership. The total number is not revealed, but Nari converted many such individuals into espionage assets within the various departments and inner functions of the Imperium itself.

Nari in the Sith Palace

On day 257 of year 21, in the Bright Jewel system of Ord Mantell, the celebration known as “Galaxy Fest” opened. With much of the Imperium in attendance and after several months of courtship, Arthur proposed to Nari in a public display and in accordance of ancient Sith ritual. Seeing this as her opportunity to further promote her agenda, she eagerly accepted and preemptively adopted the title of Princess Nari von Kaldreon.

With her position soon to be cemented in the Royal family, Nari began to form her final plan. Filling her days with the prim and proper etiquette training befitting a Princess, she became more and more acquainted with the Royal family and its inner workings. Even before their wedding day, she began to represent the family in important state matters and as lead diplomat, her opinions began to carry extra weight and privilege as Arthur’s betrothed.

With extensive access and knowledge of the Imperium, at last the time came for outside forces to be rallied with those already collectively gathered internally. A secret communique was dispatched to the sworn enemy of the Sith, Jedi Master Russ Leman of the Jedi Order. At first expressing doubts about her sincerity, Nari was eventually able to persuade him that she was in fact not his enemy but an ally in their efforts to destroy the Sith. Master Leman involved Master Thragg Craghorn in the debriefing sessions with Nari, who then assisted in gathering further Rebel forces to their cause.

Through the strategic leaks of asset locations and private logs, Nari was able to supply the Rebel coalition with ample resources to begin operations against the Imperium. Operation ROID RAGE was the codename for the Jedi-led rebel coalition's assault on the Sith Imperium's economic operations, targeting primarily their mining activities in the Tolonda asteroid fields. Mobilization for the incursion into Tolonda began approximately two weeks prior to the Jedi's open declaration of war against the Sith Imperium and included mass fleet logistics by the entire coalition. This coalition consisted of -ARK-, Blue Star Dominion, DOM Trading Company, Jedi Order, Rebel Alliance, Resistance, Ternion Corps, and Triumvirate Coalition.

Nari undercover and grappling with depression

The Imperium had expended both time and resources to discover a number of raw materials in their local asteroid fields - materials that were essential for sustaining their military and economic activities - and Operation ROID RAGE's objective was to extract these much-needed minerals before the Imperium was able to. Building on the intelligence provided by Nari, Jedi and Triumvirate reconnaissance teams quickly and quietly scoured the sector to locate and map both the locations of asteroid fields and active Imperium operations. Meanwhile, other teams worked the extensive logistics required to move mass amounts of Y-8 mining vessels and various cargo haulers into the sector along with the construction of depot stations to serve as staging points within the area of operations. The mining and cargo ships were deployed to various asteroid fields and set to mass extractions in an effort to hamper the Imperium's war efforts by denying crucial raw materials.

With the majority of the Imperium's forces scrambling in response to their late discovery of the Jedi Order's Operation ROID RAGE, Dominion Marshal Tomas o`Cuinn quietly outlined a plan with Sith Fleet Commander Sekou Tau, an independent operative sympathetic to the rebel cause, to launch a clandestine assault behind enemy lines.

The efforts of Nari, her undisclosed Imperium espionage assets, Sekou and the coalition, led to a decisive Jedi and coalition victory. The Imperium was fractured from the inside out and the results of the conflict would set the dominoes in motion to a point that it would never recover from and leading to the Imperium’s eventual dissolution.

In the final moments of her veil of secrecy, Nari took a small task force of Imperium ships under her control and rendezvoused with the Jedi fleet. The Jedi seized the vessels and granted Nari both their gratitude and asylum.

Nari's final words to the people of Tolonda

It was from a Jedi warship that Nari last spoke with the people of Tolonda whom she cared for so deeply. Her words later being immortalized in what came to be called “The Red Letter”. She issued a scathing indictment of both Arthur and his father, Uther. Nari encouraged open rebellion within the Imperium ranks and simultaneously activated sleeper agents that carried on her mission in the days that followed.

From that point on, however, her front line battle had come to an end. She continued to wage war with not just the Sith Imperium, but also her mind; as she struggled with PTSD and depression during and following the events that transpired. She continued to issue orders to her embedded assets, but she also took time to clear her mind and try to get healthy again as the mental anguish began to have a physical effect on her. Her public image had skyrocketed overnight due to the Tolondan Conflict, but with it came the judgment and celebration of her actions, both of which impacted her mental health in different ways.

Finally, her time with the conflict ended as she passed on her assets and focused inwardly on herself. She spent some unfocused time briefly with the people of the Cantrell Conglomerate, but she was unable to fulfill herself to the extent she needed. The Jedi Order extended to her a home where she could recover and find her center. She jumped at the opportunity when it was presented and felt as if a difficult chapter in her life had finally been closed.

The Jedi Order

Peace is often a key, underrated aspect to enjoying one’s life. For Nari, her peace had been disturbed; her life and its history flung open for the galaxy to weigh in on and judge without fear of recourse. She knew this the likely outcome before she had started, but the reality of the situation had begun to take its toll on her mental faculties.

Kindly, the Jedi Council welcomed her in with open arms, despite her lack of attunement to the Force. She formed quick friendships with the Council members, and in the Temple, she could often be found in their company. The specifics of her work for the Jedi Order were never fully made public, other than it was known that her duties were many and varied.

Despite the brief excitement offered during such peacekeeping operations as the Petabys Conflict Zone missions against the Zann Consortium, her days were filled with quiet labor, reflection and meditation.

Even without her inability to connect with it on a metaphysical level, the Temple’s home of Dagobah had an almost intangible healing quality in its abundance of life and naturalness. It was not uncommon to see her alone on the Temple grounds with an ancient text, studying in the shade of a tree or helping the other staff with some menial task that let her keep her body busy and tired so as not to dwell on the flood of intrusive thoughts.

Artist's rendering of Nari during her time at the Jedi Temple

Each day began to pass like the last. The outside noise of the galaxy grew quieter and finally her name began to recede from the public consciousness. Peace began to work its way back into her life and with it, came the tools to better combat her depression. It wasn’t until one of her regular sparring classes, that she realized she had lived totally in the moment of that class. Focused on the instructor, their teachings, their movements and breath; that she had been able to truly center herself for the first time in the greater part of a year, devoid of outside intrusions, fear or thought spirals.

Peace had returned, but now the greatest challenge lay ahead. Without the trappings of royalty, without the operations, the Jedi, how would she come to define herself? She had gather many titles: Princess, traitor, pilot, exile, commander, spy. But what she had not gathered, was the truth about herself or what she wanted without weighing the desires of others. For several weeks she carried out her duties, thinking the question would resolve itself in time as most things do. However, while she was at peace, she did not feel contentment. She took pleasure in her duties, but there was a continued feeling of needing more, doing more, being more.

With much trepidation and weighty forethought, she informed the Council and some of her dearest friends in the temple of her predicament. She informed them that it was not something that she believed would pass with time, that it necessitated time away in a journey to discover herself in an environment not shaped by her previous decisions and actions. The Order expressed their sympathies and regrets that she felt her journey could not continue in their company, but wished her well in her future endeavors and that a home was always waiting for her should her path lead her back. On day 331 of year 22, she ascended from Dagobah in her Defender class Corvette “Anacrusis” and made her way into the stars for her next chapter of self discovery.