Eli Descartes

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Elijah Cornelius Descartes
ELIDESCARTES 20221207012852 200.png
Biographical Information
Race Alderaanian
Homeworld Tythe V, Alderaan (Ancestral)
Mother Marianne Descartes
Father Cornelius Descartes
Spouse Ariana Descartes


Children Unknown
Born Year -17 Day 64
Physical Description
Gender Male
Height 1.8 meters
Hair Color Dark Brown
Eye Color Brown
Political Information
Affiliation The Resistance, House Descartes
Rank Major General
Prior Affiliation New Republic

Elijah Descartes was born on Year -17 Day 64 to Marianne and Cornelius Descartes, two nobles of House Descartes - an exiled former Royal House of Alderaan. He is best known for his roles in The Resistance and former New Republic.


Early Life

Younger Years

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Young Adulthood

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The New Republic

An Envoy Appears

The eldest son of House Descartes, Eli was dispatched by his father to serve as envoy to the New Republic. Relations were already warm, and Eli's presence served to cement friendly relations between his house and his Republic. Whilst he respected his duty, the young Alderaanian had little time for the pomp and ceremony of the diplomatic quarters. For several years, he spent his spare time training with the New Republic Reserves, as well as observing several facets of industry in the Sluis and Grohl sectors. During this time, he is believed to have served as advisor to Luther Nightwish, then CEO of TransGalMeg Industries.

Industry and State

By the age of twenty-seven, Eli was well known in political and diplomatic circles on Republica. Het Patchateeka of Kerdos Company approached Eli with an offer - to oversee the formation of a production department from the ground-up. Up until this point, Eli's experience in manufacturing was somewhat hands-off, and so he relied on local experts to achieve his goal. Months of tireless work culminated in factories rising from foundations, mines being bored into the ground, and an influx of workers into the Sluis system. With a few good men and women working by his side, Eli had accomplished his task. With the retirement of Patchateeka soon to follow, Eli served as caretaker for a while, although his diplomatic duties took precedence.

During late Year 15, Eli was asked by Chief of State Ro Ru Wok to sit on the Advisory Council as his Minister of State - an offer that the Alderaanian respectfully accepted. This further cemented House Descartes' commitment to Republic ideals and elevated Eli's political impetus. With the aid of Wedge Achilles, much reform was brought to the Ministry of State. Over the course of nearly two years, Eli oversaw the creation of the Bureau for Commerce, New Republic Bursary, and Culture Team. He became deeply involved in Senate and Diplomatic issues, and often pushed for change within the Senate and Advisory Council. One particular area of interest for Eli was the business of Trade, Industry, and Commerce.

Eli was the first to enter the bid for Chief of State in the Year 16 Day 161 elections, with his platform largely focusing on the issue of public relations. Other areas of interest were large scale construction projects, and the exploration of deep space. In the end, Eli lost out to both Endaro Kassan and Damon Phet - having only secured 30% of the vote himself. Endaro went on to win the by-election, and Eli continued to serve as Minister of State under Chief of State Kassan.

The Resistance

A Fresh Start

Through his time with the New Republic, Eli had worked with a great many people and organisations. One of which being Holowan Mechanicals - a private sector affiliate of the New Republic - and it's leader, Crueya Vandron. During this time, Holowan had generated a significant amount of influence, as well as financial and industrial power. This eventually lead to the faction restructuring into The Resistance, a private military force with the mandate to keep Imperial aggression in check. Crueya offered Eli the opportunity to form and lead a new department which would later come to be known as the Combat Engineers. Eli oversaw vast construction efforts in the Colavas system, and went on to be a founding member of the Resistance Expeditionary Task Force.

Owing to his wide breadth of experience across military and civil matters, Eli was eventually offered a place on Resistance Command, as well as the War Council. As of Year 24 Day 18, Eli still serves as an advisor to Supreme Commander General Gand Xitwa.

Eli overseeing the training of new recruits on Issor

Operation Lit Beacon

Ordnance and Supply

In the immediate aftermath Lit Beacon, the Combat Engineers were reformed into Ordnance and Supply. In doing so, the scope of Eli's role expanded significantly. He oversaw the repair and retrofit of the Resistance Fleet, expanded it's manufacturing capacity, and streamlined extraction and logistics operations. This unprecedented overhaul cemented The Resistance as an industrial power and lay the foundations for future events.

The Galactic Bazaar

The Resistance inject billions of credits into the Grohl and Arkanis sectors, with a particular focus on infrastructure and humanitarian aid in the aftermath of a brutal Imperial occupation. This period of renaissance empowered local entrepreneurs, resulting in several grassroots projects such as Year 22 formation of The Galactic Bazaar. Eli was selected to act as Resistance security liason to the Bazaar, helping to ensure that free trade prospers.

New Technologies

A talented pilot, Eli was selected as part of a small strike force to participate in a secretive mission. Few details are known about the operation, however, the strike force successfully returned to Calast having fought off hostile opposition with minimal losses. Several blueprints were recovered, which were handed over to development scientists from Holowan Conglomerate for further study. This data allowed The Resistance to develop functioning datacards for the Kandosii-type Dreadnaught and Goji-DF Turtle Tanker.

Operation Kowak


Current Roles

  • Major General, The Resistance
  • Resistance Command
  • Chief of Ordnance & Supply
  • Commandant of The Resistance Academy on Kamino
  • Galactic Bazaar Liason

Former Roles

Awards and Citations

The Resistance

  • Star of Loyalty
  • Star of Diplomacy
  • Resistance Government Cross (x2)
  • Resistance Achievement Medal
  • World Construction Ribbon (x3)
  • RMF Letter of Commendation
  • RMF Mentioned in Dispatches
  • Community Development Ribbon
  • Logistics Mastery Ribbon
  • Holowan Production Ribbon
  • Resistance Communication Ribbon
  • Active Mission Ribbon
  • Operation Kowak Medal (Awarded by Blue Star Dominion)

New Republic

  • Rimma Star of Service
  • Master Manager
  • Master Pilot
  • Phoenix Medal

Personal Life

Personality and Traits

Eli is a jovial individual yet deeply personal individual. He is a calm and steady influence. A stoic man of few words, he tends to command the room when he speaks.

He has accrued a strong breadth of experience over the course of his life, but excels at few things. Eli is generally regarded to be adept at strategy and organisation, and is respected as a talented pilot.


Eli married his childhood sweetheart, Ariana Descartes (nee Brevich) in Year 15.


The Kandosii-type Dreadnaught Absolution serves as the flagship of Eli Descartes. It was one of the first of it's kind to leave the production line.