Eli Descartes

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Elijah Cornelius Descartes
EliDescartes Avatar.png
Biographical Information
Race Alderaanian
Homeworld Alderaan
Mother Marianne Descartes
Father Cornelius Descartes
Spouse N/A


Children N/A
Born Year -17 Day 64
Physical Description
Gender Male
Height 1.8 meters
Hair Color Dark Brown
Eye Color Deep Blue
Political Information
Affiliation The Resistance
Prior Affiliation New Republic

Elijah Descartes was born on Year -17 Day 64 to Marianne and Cornelius Descartes, two promiment businesspeople of the planet Alderaan. He is a General in The Resistance, but is probably best known for his former role as Minister of State for the New Republic.


Early Life

Elijah Cornelius Descartes, an only child, was born on Year -17 D64 to an affluent banking family on Alderaan.

As a child, Eli spent the vast majority of his time on the family estate - located a short distance away from the capital city of Aldera. His upbringing was seemingly devoid of emotion. Eli's parents often worked long hours and he rarely saw them, instead he was raised by the many employees and tutors on the estate. Eli was ultimately expected to take over the family business, but he had little amibition to do so. This, coupled with the seeming lack of true parental guidance often lead to the young Alderaanian acting out. A great deal of money was spent on his education, but only a few select subjects would ever capture his imagination.


The day Eli turned 18 was the day he decided to leave his home planet. He made his way to Aldera Spaceport, with no real idea of where he wanted to go. In the end he decided to board the next shuttle out of Alderaan, which took him half way across the galaxy to the Mayagil sector.

It was the first time Eli had ever left the planet's surface. Hell, it was the first time he had even boarded a starship! For the young Alderaanian, a new adventure was beginning - although he had no idea where it would lead.

Some days later, the shuttle arrived on the planet of Oetrago III - a cold and rocky planet in the Outer Rim. With very few credits or possessions, Eli soon found himself working behind a bar in order to make ends meet. After some time, Eli joined the crew of the YT-1300 freighter "Blockade Runner" as third mate. The owner of the freighter, a Hapan by the name of Luther Nightwish, would come to teach Eli how to pilot and navigate starships.

Blockade Runner

The freighter departed the Mayagil sector, and began it's mission. Luther would tutor Eli over the coming weeks and months, teaching him many valuable skills that he would use much later in his career.

There was a whisper, Eli had heard, of a new exploration renaissance. In recent times, the Resh system - consisting only of a single comet and its star - had been discovered, and this had inspired countless other sentients to explore the depths of Hyperspace. His new employer was one of these sentients, and Eli was about to experience his first real mission into Hyperspace.

Many weeks went by, until one evening the NavComputer buzzed incessantly. It had detected an anomaly, and Blockade Runner had been pulled otu of hyperspace just outside the Aturi Cluster - otherwise known as the Hook Nebula system.

Although the six suns of the Aturi Cluster was a notable discovery, the crew had not discovered any habitable planet as it had set out to do. The Blockade Runner returned to the Oetrago system, her mission only a partial success.

TransGalMeg Industries

Upon their return to Oetrago, Luther revealed that he was the CEO of TransGalMeg Industries - a nationalised faction of the New Republic. Luther offered Eli a job within one of it's factories, and helped him to find a small apartment on the outskirts of the city. Eli worked on the factory floor for many years, before moving up the ladder. Over the course of the next five years, Eli came to manage a small group of factories under the tutelage of Luther.

Kerdos Company

Eli now wanted to repay the company that had been so good to him. He optimised, he pushed production and did whatever he did to keep the workforce happy. It wasn't long before he was noticed by external forces, and was offered a job by Het Patchateeka with Kerdos Company. Eli was given one task - to create a new production department entirely from scratch. It was beyond anything the young Alderaanian had even accomplished, but nevertheless he set about his mission. Months of tireless work culminated in factories rising from foundations, mines being bored into the ground, and an influx of workers into the Sluis system. With a few good men and women working by his side, Eli had accomplished his task and was finally able to wipe the sweat from his brow.

Some time later, Het retired from Kerdos Company, and Eli was asked to take over. Eli's leadership was conservative; servicing the needs of the New Republic without shaking the boat too much. Some months passed, and the running of Kerdos was quite smooth although there was always work to be done.

Ministry of State

It wasn't long after stepping up to the helm of Kerdos that Eli was asked by Chief of State Ro Ru Wok to sit on the Advisory Council as his Minister of State. Eli spent the early months of his new seat learning what it meant to be a member of the Advisory Council.

With the aid of Wedge Achilles, much reform was brought to the Ministry of State. The new Art, Web, and Culture teams were set up, along with the New Republic Bursary. Eli became involved in many Senate issues, and often pushed for change within the Senate and Advisory Council. One particular area of interest for Eli was the business of Trade, Industry, and Commerce. This lead to the formation of the New Republic Bureau for Commerce, which in the first instance was designed to make New Republic exports more visible, but in the second instance, aimed to create a centralised sales location. Keeping in line with this mentality, Eli represented the New Republic at the Year 16 Krath Expo, where sales in excess of 100 million credits were made.

Chief of State Elections

Eli was the first to enter the bid for Chief of State in the Year 16 Day 161 elections, with his platform largely focusing on the issue of public relations. Other areas of interest were large scale construction projects, and the exploration of deep space. In the end, Eli lost out to both Endaro Kassan and Damon Phet - having only secured 30% of the vote himself. Endaro went on to win the by-election, and Eli continued to serve as Minister of State under Chief of State Kassan.


Eli eventually retired from the Minister of State role on Year 17 Day 64 - the day of his thirty fourth birthday. Shortly afterwards, the Alderaanian disappeared into hyperspace a long with the vast majority of his fleet. He spent over 100 days out of touch with the Galaxy at large, before finally making contact with his old friend Crueya Vandron

The Resistance

Eli had known Crueya for a long time through his work as Minister of State, and had previously liased with him on many official matters. Crueya offered him a job at the helm of the civil sector of The Resistance. This was later reformed into the Combat Engineers. Eli immediately set about designing and executing huge social reform and construction projects in the Colavas system, which have vastly improved the quality of life for citizens in the system and brought in hundreds of millions of credits of extra revenue for the organisation.

Noteable Career

Former Roles

  • Director of Production, Kerdos Company
  • CEO, Kerdos Company
  • Minister of State, New Republic

Current Roles

  • General, The Resistance
  • Resistance High Command
  • Chief of Staff, Halla Theater
  • Director, Planetary Development Command
  • Deputy Director, Expeditionary Taskforce

Awards and Citations

The Resistance

  • Resistance Government Cross
  • RMF Mentioned in Dispatches
  • RMF Letter of Commendation
  • Logistics Mastery Ribbon
  • World Construction Ribbon

New Republic

  • Rimma Star of Service
  • Master Manager
  • Master Pilot
  • Phoenix Medal