Het Patchateeka

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Het "Patches" Patchateeka
Biographical Information
Race Jawa
Homeworld Tatooine
Mother Khea Patchateeka
Father Akkit Patchateeka
Born Year -6 Day 157
Physical Description
Gender Male
Height 1 meter
Eye Color Yellow
Political Information
Affiliation Gesenix Mining
Rank Hopeful
Prior Affiliation JUGANOTH Mining Corporation
Kerdos Company
FreiTek Inc.
New Republic
The Wraiths
The Kingdom of Elysia
Awards See Awards and Recognition
Signature Patchessignature.png
"Yukusu kenza keena."
— Het Patchateeka

Het "Patches" Patchateeka (pronounced /'hɛt 'pætʃ.ʌ.tik.ʌ/ or [het patch-uh-teak-uh]) is a Jawa from Mos Eisley, Tatooine. Born on a sandcrawler that was visiting the city, Het earned his nickname after joining the New Republic and learning many people could not spell his clan's name. Despite trading with non-Jawas and understanding many languages, Het cannot speak Basic. Instead, when talking with non-Jawas, he uses the Jawa Trade Language or his droid Eyeta. Het used to spend his time being an accomplished repairman, cartographer, and inventor, being known to have constructed a wide variety of useful tools, weapons, and droids, but now spends most of his days attempting to expand his enterprise Patchateeka Publishing, an organization some believe has ties to gambling and the trading of death sticks.


A typical Jawa standing around 1 meter tall, Het's physical appearance is hidden by his robes. No one except a few within the Pachateeka clan know exactly what Het looks like, but many do not seek to know. Like other Jawas, Het's scent is what identifies him to other Jawas. His scent is considered terrible to many species, but compared to other Jawas it is considered tolerable. Some hypothesize that he's actually a droid, but none have been able to confirm it.

Het's clothing began to differ from typical brown robes that Jawas around the time he left the Kingdom of Elysia. Whether his clothing is related to his new affiliations is unclear.


In his youth, Het was a Jawa that commonly got into things over his head. He was both dedicated and stubborn, a trait common among Jawas, and more often than not put himself over others. This seemed to begin to change somewhat towards the end of his time with the New Republic. He became more calculating and reserved, some perhaps would say cold, yet he also began to do more things for others.


Het's life is one of adventure and action beyond Tatooine, something very uncommon for Jawas to experience. Very few of them have ever left Tatooine on their own accord, and even fewer live to tell tales when they return.

The Early Jawa Gets The Droid

The fourteenth Jawa of the Patchateeka clan, Het worked hard since the young age of ten to obtain necessary skills to assist his clan. He learned to understand and write Basic, Huttese, and other languages. While it was common for Jawas to learn these skills to assist them with trading, Het had a unique talent for writing. Het became an author and wrote several books detailing life in the clan, aboard the sandcrawler, and fictional tales of heroic Jawas.

Within a year of learning Basic, Het authored "A Jawa's Life", a detailed biography of himself. Of course, the book wasn't more than one hundred pages long, but he was proud of his work. He continued to write, and later he authored "Jik and the Dragon", a tale about a Jawa that dedicates his life to killing the krayt dragon that slayed the character's parents. Other tales Het authored include "The Sandcrawler", "Travel Guide to Mos Eisley", and "All the Chief's Jawas".

After reaching the age of 13, Het was given his first blaster (one that he did not build) by his father. The chief expected Het to assist in defending the sandcrawler from attacks. Whether the attacks would be coming from sand people or from krayt dragons, Het was expected to defend his clan and home. Like other Jawas, he was expected to keep his blaster in good shape. He was given his first set of restraining bolts as well.

The krayt dragon that attacked Het's clan's sandcrawler.

A year after he received his first blaster, the Patchateeka clan sandcrawler was attacked by a krayt dragon. Het had never seen a krayt dragon before. He heard stories from other Jawas, but never had Het seen one of the giant beasts. When he was 14, Het was watching the port side of the sandcrawler when he noticed a small sand cloud. A few moments later, the sandcrawler shook as the krayt dragon rammed the port side. The Jawas and their droids used small blasters and rifles in an effort to defend the sandcrawler. After two hours of fighting, the exhausted Jawas rallied and managed to wound it. The krayt dragon retreated and hasn't been seen since. Het managed to document a few notable distinctions that may allow him to identify it at a later date should he run across one. He's been keeping an eye out for the same krayt dragon, hoping to get revenge on the beast when he can.

The damage from the krayt dragon was extensive. Het was tasked with repairing a few of the droids that were knocked over and damaged. It was then that he learned of his love of tinkering with droids. After repairing the protocol droids he was tasked with repairing, he went a step further and made modifications to their vision sensors and motorized limbs. The rest of his clan noticed his abilities and the Chief authorized a large room in the sandcrawler to be Het's workshop.

Het's First Swap Meet

"Ikeen nwab ba Ah-lyo ooh Ah-ho peetwooza?"
— Het Patchateeka, asking another Jawa about his wares.
Jawas from all over Tatooine gather at the Great Swap Meet.

Every Jawa knows of the annual Great Swap Meet in the Dune Sea. It is there where the true test of a Jawa trader is observed. Jawas must navigate trades and ensuring they make good deals. Jawas are notorious for their ability to strike a deal in their favour and while it seems easy for a Jawa to be on the better end of the deal when selling to non-Jawas, Jawas trading with each other tend to be more difficult to construct. Het was determined to become a good trader though, and set his sights on the Great Swap Meet.

The Great Swap Meet is like no other. Nearly all of the clans on Tatooine, totalling hundreds of Jawas, all gather in the Dune Sea. It was exciting and terrifying for Het. How can he manage to sell anything to some of the greatest traders in the galaxy? More importantly, what would he sell? He scrambled to find ideas.

Het began to gather parts of droids and began reconstructing them. He even went so far as to paint many of them to give them new, fresh appearances. He gathered gems from some of the mineral veins he discovered, and crafted jewelry from most of them. Necklaces, rare exotic flowers, rings, droids, toys, and articles of clothing were Het's unique items he was going to trade or sell.

Sure enough, Het's shop was frequented at the Great Swap Meet. Het's books became well known throughout the Swap Meet, where Jawas bought copies in both Basic and Jawaese. Het's book, "Jik and the Dragon", sold over three hundred copies. Many Jawas congratulated Het on his tale, showing that Jawas can be just as brave as any other species. His jewelry was also well received in terms of popularity, and he sold a number of them to Jawas hoping to make a profit off of the humans in nearby cities that care about such things. The toys he sold went to young Jawas, providing them with a lot of joy. He obtained a number of droids for the trades he made, and he later traded those for his own sandcrawler; one that would accompany his clan's sandcrawler to provide him and his clan additional room and a backup sandcrawler. He also obtained a number of blasters and other necessities.

A Trip to Mos Eisley

Weeks passed since the Great Swap Meet. Het's clan was on their way to Mos Eisley to sell some of the wares they acquired during the trading. Along the way, a human ran into the path of the main sandcrawler, causing both sandcrawlers to come to a halt. Most of the Jawas, including Het, exited the sandcrawler to investigate.

The man was a moisture farmer and was displeased about a vaporator a Jawa clan sold to him. It broke within two days. Mistakenly, he thought Het's clan was this same Jawa clan. He shouted at Het who was attempting to describe his mistake. The moisture farmer reached for his blaster. Believing the man was going to harm one of the Jawas, the clan Chief shot him. The moisture farmer was left on the ground, dead, as the Jawas continued on their journey to Mos Eisley.

Het remembers the face of the moisture farmer very well. The face of anger and then the face of being afraid. Sometimes Het sees the moisture farmer and that day in his dreams, but he doesn't speak of it. He just hopes to never participate in taking the life of another individual again.

Mos Eisley, the largest city on Tatooine, is a city of commerce.

The Jawa clan reached Mos Eisley a few months into the journey. Of course, sandcrawlers were not allowed into the city and so the clan decided to send a small group of Jawas into the city while the rest remained with the sandcrawlers. Het volunteered to be a part of the team of six to enter the city.

As the Jawas disembarked from the sandcrawler, they could hear the sounds of the city beyond the walls. They walked through the gates of the city and decided to further split into three groups of two to maximize the number of transactions their clan can make. Het went with his cousin Nkek to travel to the spaceport to see if they could sell some astromechs to pilots.

Het's droid, Eyeta, is his translator when dealing with non-Jawas.

While walking down one alleyway with Nkek and three of their droids, they met a human trader who was selling an R4 astromech with a modified translator capable of speaking a number of languages. Het was immediately interested, much to the disapproval of Nkek. Het offered a straight trade: his R5 series astromech for the human's R4 series astromech. When Het showed some of the modifications he made to the R5 series, including the ability to procure water from the atmosphere as if it was a moisture farm, the human agreed. Het named his new R4 droid companion Eyeta which means friend in Jawaese.

They continued through the alleyway and into the main street. A number of humanoid soldiers walked by. They looked very out of place, and Het didn't understand who they are or why they were in Mos Eisley. Was it the police? No, he thought, as Mos Eisley is far too corrupt for even the police to handle. He asked Nkek to continue on to the spaceport while he investigated the soldiers. Nkek agreed, likely tired of Het's distractions.

"Join the New Republic and the Galactic Alliance! Defend Tatooine against pirates and Imperial forces! Although the Empire may have weapons of mass destruction, we will not bow to their tyranny! Serve in the New Republic military, or help our soldiers by providing them with crucial tools for success!"
— The Rebel Soldier

Het was greatly confused. Who was this man, what was the New Republic, what was the Galactic Alliance, and why are they defending Tatooine against so-called Imperial forces?

Het walked up to the man and tugged on his sleeve. Knowing the man likely couldn't speak Jawaese, Het pointed towards one of the flyers. The soldier handed five flyers to Het, likely believing he will distribute them among his clan. Het gave a nod to the soldier and began walking to the spaceport to meet up with Nkek.

Along the way, Het stopped to examine the flyers. The flyers detailed numerous ships and vehicles of the New Republic military. It contained pictures of the Chief of State and the Senate. A call to action and the New Republic emblem were also in the flyer. Het looked at the flyer for the next few minutes before stuffing it in one of his pockets and continuing on his journey.

Het wandered into a very active part of the city, the starport, without expecting it to be as busy as it was. Pilots were tinkering with their ships modifying them to suit their needs, and arguing with dealers of parts. Several ships were parked at the starport: a number of YT-2000s, a YT-1300, a Chela-class starfighter, a YV-666, and a Action VI Transport ship. Het was only able to recognize a YT-1300, having noticed a number of traders using them across Tatooine. After wandering through the crowd for a few minutes, he was finally able to locate Nkek.

Nkek was negotiating with a number of traders to sell a recently rebuilt R1 droid without much success when Het approached him. The traders were not convinced that the droid was worth their time and money, and Nkek wasn't doing a good job assuring them it was. Het joined the conversation and managed to barter with the traders for the sale of the R1 droid. The sale of the R1 droid was a tremendous success for his clan. Nkek and Het would surely be regarded as successful salesmen when they returned to the sandcrawlers.

The Patchateeka Clan Stronghold

Jawa clans often have strongholds in the few mountains that surround the many deserts on Tatooine. These strongholds serve as defensible locations from Krayt Dragons and other creatures. Het's clan's stronghold was located on the eastern side of the Dune Sea. A small rocky outcropping made a perfect location for the clan allowing it to see for kilometers in nearly all directions.

Het, the Jawa on the right, is leading a Jawa scout party to one of the many look out positions.‎

Jawas in Het's clan took turns scouting the terrain for possible threats or runaway droids. Other tasks that the Jawas took turns to accomplish included finding meals and harvesting water from the vaporators. Indeed Het felt more comfortable on a sandcrawler as opposed to the clan stronghold, but sometimes it was necessary to return home to the stronghold. The clan took shelter in the stronghold when sandstorms swept across the flat terrain during sandstorm season. It was far too easy to clog the sandcrawlers with sand and render it useless for a period of time to risk traveling.

Het's clan arrived at the stronghold just before sandstorm season began. They were met with plenty of cheers from other Jawas who took the liberty of assisting the clan in unloading the sandcrawlers of all the wares the Jawas had traded for. For the next several weeks, as sandstorms swept across the desert, the Jawas would tinker with the droids and throw several feasts. The Jawas would need to be rested for the following year, and Het was no exception. He took the liberty of examining many of the droids the clan traded for and began exploring how to make them more appealing to humans. He learned that certain minerals could be crushed to produce various colors, and he began to apply them to the droids. The droids, Het believed, would be far more appealing to possible buyers now that they could be offered in other colors.

A Return to Mos Eisley

A few months passed, and sandstorm season for the region ended. It was decided by the clan to journey back to Mos Eisley. Het spent weeks reading over the flyer the soldier gave him while the sandcrawler traveled the sand dunes towards the city. Along the way, Het described to his clan a plan to travel the stars and earn wealth for all the Jawas. They consulted the clan shaman and the chief. Both gave their blessing to Het. When they arrived on Year 14 Day 239, the Jawas disembarked and traveled to the starport.

Het intended on not leaving Tatooine for long, but he hoped he could manage to acquire enough wealth to bring many luxuries to his clan back home. He hoped that, by working for these New Republicans, he could earn enough wealth that his clan would never go hungry. He would travel with Akkit and Nkek, Het's father and cousin respectively. They refused to allow Het to wander the galaxy without company.

Wandering into the starport, they came across a transport ship specifically awaiting new students for the New Republic Academy. They were greeted by liaisons from various companies and departments within the New Republic. Knowing he had some experience with mining companies, Het signed a contract with JUGANOTH Mining Corporation as a prospector. The Jawas boarded the shuttle and were taken to the Academy.

When the Jawas arrived at the Academy station, it was incredibly busy with many cadets traveling to and from classes. With a lot of flashing lights and activity, Het didn't know exactly what to do. The Jawas traveled to the main office aboard the station and met the Dean of Military Studies Phoenix Firewind. Phoenix walked them to their sleeping quarters and showed them their classes. The Jawas would be taking plenty of classes in preparation.

Het struggled on a few of the more complex components of the Academy, but he was told it was quite common for cadets to excel in some areas and struggle in others. He received his certification and was sent to the Arkanis system to begin work. Akkit and Nkek tagged along as co-pilots. They were credited with prospecting many material veins and were promoted to journeyman prospector within a month.

The Inauguration of Lukastar Narvaka

— Het Patchateeka, shouting at the inauguration as he descended from above by hand-held balloons.

Het was surprised when he had received an invitation to the celebratory inauguration ceremony for the newly-elected Chief of State Lukastar Narvaka. He had never been to a party, let alone one with non-Jawas. He had never heard of a Chief of State (although he was able to guess it was a position of importance because Jawa clans are lead by chiefs), or seen a picture before of this Lukastar Narvaka. As Het tallied all the things he hasn't done or doesn't know about in his head, he realised that for the majority of his life he has lived quietly on Tatooine sheltered from the rest of the galaxy. This inauguration, he thought to himself, would be the first in a long line of events Het would participate in. He would meet new people, try new things, and live the life a Jawa doesn't normally have.

Het sitting on the shoulder of Senator Edmond Zaccone, the first non-Jawa friend Het made. They are seen here discussing recent events with other ceremony attendees.

When Het arrived in Republica, the system was full of ships traveling to the gala. The small JMC Glacier was an average sized civilian ship, but the naval warships of the New Republic's navy dwarfed it. The Jawas requested permission to descend, and when it was granted they did. When they landed on a landing pad, the Jawas and Eyeta, Het's droid, exited the freighter and were greeted by droids. Nkek attempted to capture the droid, but was stopped by Akkit. Akkit and Het both knew that on this strange world, there could be laws regarding droids that they were not familiar with. It was unwise to anger the local population. The Jawas and their droid translator received permission to enter the gala, and so they did.

The Jawas traveled through crowds of humans, blue humans, and other species they've never encountered before until finally they ran across a purple Ortolan named Edmond Zaccone. A Senator of the New Republic, Edmond was also a unique face in the crowd. As Edmond explained, not many Ortolans ever leave their home planet. Edmond and the Jawas, particularly Het, became good friends in a short period of time. Edmond allowed Het to sit on his shoulder so he could see over the crowds.

Then the lights dimmed and cheering began as Lukastar Narvaka, the New Republic's new Chief of State, entered the room. Het couldn't find a good view, so he jumped from Edmond's shoulders and wandered towards a balloon stand. He grabbed a few balloons and ascended to a height he was able to see from. Lukastar Narvaka gave his speech, and then there was celebratory gunfire and small amounts of fireworks. At some point did one of Het's balloons pop and he began to descend gradually, shouting in excitement. The rest of the night is a blur to Het.

Rescuing a Wookiee

Back on the job, Het was still working in the Arkanis system when a distress signal was received. A Wookiee by the name of Rawwyykk Mowwyykk was trapped on a shielded Imperial planet. Because Rawwyykk had no memory of why he ended up on the planet, there was no way to retrace his steps. The Corellian Transport Services needed assistance rescuing him. Het and his band of Jawas were in the area and were able to get in touch with the rescue operation. After days of asking permission to retrieve him, Het decided to rescue him with or without government permission. Upon arriving at the planet, it was discovered to be entirely shielded. It was then where Het came up with a clever rescue solution: Het knew that while shields prevented them from landing, they wouldn't prevent Rawwyykk from ascending to low orbit. All they would need is a vehicle to do it in.

After days of surveying the many cities that covered the planet, it was discovered that there were some Imperial vehicles with flying capabilities in a depot not far from where Rawwyykk was hiding. Rawwyykk would have to hijack one of them and meet the Jawas in low orbit over the planet, but Rawwyykk did not fear heights or the chance of getting into a fight with security forces. Rawwyykk luckily did not have to use any force in securing a vehicle capable of bringing him up to low orbit. They escaped without Imperials firing a single shot.

With his mission a success less than a month from when it started, Het was awarded the medal of Selfless Service and Sacrifice for his efforts as well as a handshake for his determination and willingness to endanger himself to rescue another New Republican. The Wookiee, very grateful, became one of Het's closest friends.

Election Time Again

With Lukastar Narvaka's term coming to an end, he announced he would not be running for reelection. Three candidates decided it could be their year to be Chief of State. Kara DuMonte, Orion Chran, and Edmond Zaccone each decided to campaign for the office. Het supported Kara, citing her desire to regain the entire planet of Tatooine from the Falleen Federation as one of the main reasons. This would be the first time Het could cast a vote for the office of Chief of State, and he did so without hesitation. Het supported Kara DuMonte, hoping her policies could help keep the New Republic secure.

The elections with smoothly, but the campaigning, as in all New Republic elections, was filled with arguing, debates, and complaints. A single day did not pass where one candidate wasn't attacking another, or another candidate wasn't attempting to defend themselves. Still, Het was glued to the holoprojector as it projected the debates. He passed out fliers and gifts in support of the campaign. It was thrilling for him to be envolved. When voting started, Het was quick to mark Kara's name. Kara won by a landslide. The New Republic began a week of celebrations, all of which Het would be far too busy to participate in.

Not everyone was happy though. One of her opponents, Edmond Zaccone, soon quit his president position in the Kerdos Company to join the New Republic Navy, allegedly believing that only those with a military background get elected. This vacuum was to be filled.

Rust, Junk, and Kerdos

Het standing in front of his clan's sandcrawler.
"Rubac, dooka, un Kerdos tilba benton."
— Het, newly appointed as Vice President of the Kerdos Company. Translated from Jawaese, it means "Rust, junk, and Kerdos above all."

On Year 15 Day 11, Het received a transmission from the newly appointed Chief of State Kara DuMonte. She had appointed Dan Russ as temporary leader of the Kerdos Company (shortened to Kerdos), but was expecting someone to take his place within a few months. They both offered the monumental task to Het who accepted it without hesitation.

Settling into his new role was difficult for Het. Not only was most of the furniture too large for a Jawa, but it seemed as though Kerdos hit a very rough segment in its life. Assets were being misused, sales were at an all time low, and the number of employees was staggeringly less than what was needed to run the company. Het jumped at the opportunity to create several new programs to benefit the Kerdos Company. He also, with his newly raised salary, started a boloball team called the Mos Eisley Sandcrawlers in an attempt to boost morale.

Success was quick to happen for Het. He received much praise for his work, though he was sometimes criticized for some of his programs because they were not New Republic-wide. He accepted some people just were not going to agree with the Jawa's reforms regardless of what he chose, and argued that the problems with the New Republic's civilian sector stemmed from over appreciation of the military and under appreciation for the civilian sector. He argued that the only way to balance the odds is for civilians to take charge. Still, he feared one day he might not have a career in Kerdos Company to wake up to, whether he'd be replaced or asked to go elsewhere, especially after a significant number of complaints were filed and his programs were severely cut back by the government. He began searching for back up options and found comfort in knowing his friend Robby Rae, owner of FreiTek Inc., a company that worked with Kerdos Company, would offer him a job in his company.

Het wondered whether or not he should take the opportunity. The offer would mean he would remain in the New Republic because FreiTek was a private sector affiliate, but he would be leaving Kerdos Company and that surely wouldn't sit well with some. He consulted other New Republicans on the tough decision and most agreed FreiTek would be precisely the kind of thing Het would want. Het sent a transmission to Robby accepting his offer.

The Trial

Months of hard work were put into FreiTek by Het. He drafted plans for new cities on FreiTek-owned planets. He spread the news about FreiTek in an effort to increase business and employment. He tried his hardest to be a good worker until one job on Year 15 Day 267 where he was tasked by Robby to move a New Republic Home One-class cruiser he was kidnapped by New Republic Intelligence officials. These officials claimed he had or was about to steal a MC-80b from FreiTek, something he wholeheartedly denied having any involvement in. He stayed in prison for weeks while the government's prosecution delayed the trial time and time again, claiming it was in fact Het that was delaying the process.

Surprising to Het, he learned he wasn't allowed to defend himself in trial and that he would have to appoint someone to represent him on his behalf. He appointed Jin Solas, a friend of his at the time, to represent him in the trial. Het provided him all the information he needed to have a strong stable defense. He went to trial a few weeks later and was later found not guilty by the New Republic Justice Department and released on Year 15 Day 348. Having served 81 days in New Republic prison, he decided the New Republic was no longer safe for him to live and work in. He believes even to this day that corruption in parts of the New Republic is to blame for his arrest, even citing how the prosecutor against him was later found to be an agent for an enemy government, a fact most New Republicans continue to ignore. He left the New Republic a few days after being released, resigning from the many positions he held. He now considers the government no more than a criminal organization and has been known to occasionally turn down deals with most of their citizens at swap meets.

Short Time in Wraiths, Avance, and Elysia

After he left the New Republic behind, Het looked to the future. He could never return to Tatooine while the New Republic had control over the system so he was forced to look elsewhere. He found hope in The Wraiths, but shortly after joining he discovered the Avance Coalition was breaking apart. He decided to go with a government that formed in the aftermath, the Kingdom of Elysia. While he and other Jawa refugees perform jobs infrequently for Elysia while waiting for his native land's liberation, Het has also brought with him to Elysia the sport of boloball. He is the first league manager of the Kingdom's own boloball league, the Elysian Boloball League, a league entirely funded by the money he earned while in the New Republic.

Het has never said said whether Elysia brought him happiness, dodging the question every time he is asked. He clearly wished he could return home to the warm sands of Tatooine, but he knew he could never return while the New Republic holds claim to it. Whether he was happy or not, Het left the Kingdom of Elysia on Year 16 Day 215 to sign up for Gesenix Mining, the mining corporation under the Black Sun banner.

Awards and Recognition

Award Image

Award Name

Given By

Date Received



Master of Diplomacy and Trading


Year 14 Day 239

Recognized for being ranked by New Republic standards as a level 5 Trader and Diplomat


Master of Computer Operations


Year 14 Day 239

Recognized for being ranked by New Republic standards as a level 5 Computer Operator


New Republican of the Month


Year 15 Day 0

Het Patchateeka was awarded New Republican of the Month through a vote


Selfless Service and Sacrifice

Lukastar Narvaka

Year 15 Day 3

Awarded for the rescue of Rawwyykk Mowwyykk from a shielded Imperial planet


Outstanding Excellence

Kara DuMonte

Year 15 Day 87

Awarded for his work in rebuilding Kerdos Company

Community Award Lg02.png

Community Award

Kara DuMonte

Year 15 Day 87

Awarded for his work on the New Republic holosite

Notable Positions and Titles

New Republic Bursary
Preceded By:
Position Created
Year 14 Day 353 — Year 15 Day 267
Succeeded By:

Kerdos Company
Preceded By:
Kerdos Company Vice President
Year 15 Day 11 — Year 15 Day 159
Succeeded By:
Eli Descartes