Div Mac

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Div Mac
Biographical Information
Race Corellian
Homeworld Corellia
Mother Sara
Father Geo
Siblings Maeln and Gana - sisters
Physical Description
Gender Male
Political Information
Affiliation Corellian Merchants Guild
Positions 2ic


Would often hang around local spaceports earning credits doing odd jobs for traders and Pilots. Some of these jobs would see Div in trouble with Security.

His first official job was with the Trade Federation as a Logistics Pilot. He loved it there and made many good friends that he learned from. He worked his way upto the Position of Director of Logistics in three short years.

After stepping down Div was Freelance for a couple of years traveling the many Bars and Cantinas all over the Galaxy. Div really enjoys his beer and whiskey. He was well known for enjoying a drink while on the job in the TF.

He does not take himself seriously and is the first person to laugh at himself as he can be clumsy and often speaks before thinking that lands him in some tricky positions at times.

Div enjoys the company of females (Twi'Lek Dancers mostly) He is an expert Pilot of any ship or Vehicle.

He has taken part in a lot of Swoop and Pod races in his time. His most famous win was during his time in the TF as winner of the Summerfest Pod Race in Year 12 on the planet Asrat.


Div Mac is Archduke (2IC) of the Corellian Merchants Guild, an item manufacturing company led by Lord Tanner McFadden. The Guild was founded in Year 14 Day 30. He joined them on Year 14 Day 144 and joined after his friend Tanner invited him. Div met Tanner when he was a member of The Corellian Society.

His Current Titles are:

Lord Div Mac

Commander of the Arch-Angel Marines

Champion of Kor Vella

Archduke of the Council


Chapter 1 – The eagle lands

Div was born into this life on a Sunday evening weighing in at the healthy weight of 6lb 6 oz in Coronet on Corellia. His two older siblings were happy to have a younger brother but not more than his parents because Div was like a miracle for them. After they had Gana 6 years ago they were told they would not be able have any more children, so when Sara got pregnant with a baby they were over-joyed. They already had two young girls Maeln aged 10 and Gana aged 6 and were happy but always wanted a boy to weight the scales a bit and suddenly here he was. Geo and Sara knew his name the second they looked into his eyes… Div.

Div had small memories of his younger childhood; his first real memory was playing with his toys in the halls outside his front door aged 4. He would play with his toy cars and soldier figures. Div liked this cause as a young child he found it nicer to be out the house alone. His mother would constantly pop her head out to check he was fine; Div wanted her to just leave him be but every parent reading this knows why she checked on him so often. Div loved his time playing in the halls so he would see people come and go. Even from such a young age Div would always watch others but not just watch, he’d study the way they would walk, where they would go and such. Div’s older sisters were always too busy doing girl things to play with him all the time but he spent a lot more time with Gana than Maeln. Maybe it was because Maeln was just at the age of becoming a young woman that she didn’t have the time for her younger brother but when Gana wasn’t doing anything she and Div would play together. Being brother and sister meant that 85% of these times would break out in a full on fight between the siblings.

Chapter 2 – Learning Curve

Div’s family lived an ok life style. His mother Sara would work two jobs to keep the family in good shape. His father was a drunk, who would sit about in the house or in the local bar. He’d go out sometimes for between an hour or two up to days sometimes, these times would usually be after Geo got a strange visitor or important transmission, but mother would always be glad to see him back.

About these times his mum would take all the kids into town for clothes. Div hated getting new clothes because he liked the ones he had even if the knees in his trousers were being sewed every other day and his tops were getting tight on him. He still liked them so he would not be in a good mood as they’d move through what seemed like a million clothes shops and stalls. Maeln being the oldest would go ahead and look around which left Gana and Div with their mother. Div would have to hold his arms out straight and stand up straight as they both would fuss over what would fit him and looked good, when Div spoke up and said he liked something one of them would roll their eyes at him and move on. The high points of these times was that Div would always get a new Celtic top, Div’s favourite Shockball team.

Div’s first day at school was another clear memory and a good one for him, he remembered playing with the other children and didn’t want it to end.When home time came his mother picked him up at the school gates and asked how his day had been. Div told her one story after another about playing in the playground, drawing pictures in class, what teachers visited his class room and what teachers he didn’t like and meeting so many new people. By the time they walked home Div was only half way through his tales. Div’s first year at school was great but it was his 2nd year his troubles began.

Second year at primary started the same for a few days. Some new children had started at the school, one being Div’s cousin. He tried to chat and play with him and his friends but was ignored and insulted by them. Div Mac was always a larger kid, his mother would say it was just puppy fat and it would full off as he got older but standing there hearing these insults really hit home for Div.

Div even found that the friends he had from his first year here were hanging around these others and would ignore him and some even joined in on the insults. His private mission from then was to lose weight and be able to hang around with the boys that played in the yard. Div would take his ball and play in the halls with the few friends he still had near his home. Years went by but Div was still the same size apart from becoming taller. The bullying got worse at school, he felt like he was up against the whole school but this learned Div a lasting lesson. If you back down from bullies then you will get it worse and they will keep pushing you till you snap or crumble.