Egoism Engulfs Renyl Kilgarth

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Posted by Tala Slatak on Year 5 Day 178

Location Unknown

Your screen flickers into life showing the Order of Krath emblem on a black background. The screen fades and reveals a slim twi'lek sitting upon a command chair of a ship. She waits a couple of seconds, allowing you to see her face. The female stands and looks at the camera.

"Greetings, fellow citizens of the Galaxy. I apologise for interupting your viewing pleasure, especially if you were busy..." Her face offers a pensive look. "perusing the pages of a certain new magazine to be making the rounds." Her face offers a sly grin.

"I am here with one purpose; to pose a question to the one named Renyl Kilgarth. Darling, I have to say I'm positively quaking in my stylish, yet affordable boots! What *are* you talking about? Some random people supposedly causing fear in people, when, frankly, I've never even heard of your little group of bounty hunters, nor your bounty hunters themselves. So, how you can be instilling fear into the "corners" of the Galaxy is, quite simply, beyond me."

The twi'lek walks over to the front of the bridge and looks out of the viewscreen at the ships dotted around the planet nearest her ship. Her pose tightens, she looks somewhat more stronger, and less girly than when she first appeared on your screens. Without look at the camera, she starts talking again.

"Now, the Order of Krath will be something you will fear." She turns back to the camera, her eyes narrowed.

"Importance has several names, I grant you, darlings, but these names are not unknown randoms, but names everybody knows." Her eyes tighten even more. "Thraken Solo; Lady DeMornay; Syn and Tembre Fe'll; Revrac Edalb; and myself, Tala Slatak."

The ships outside the viewscreen all begin to stretch, and then dissapear in different directions, as if a firework display highlighting a celebration.

"We, darling, are people to fear. Start learning them."

With a cold stare from the Twi'lek the screen fades to black.