Elias Pollux

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Elias Pollux
Elias Pollux.png
Biographical Information
Race Anzati
Homeworld Utapua
Siblings Pollux Utai
Born Y 479 BCGT D317 (Age 499)
Physical Description
Gender Male
Height 6’2” or 187.96cm
Weight 83 kg or 183 pounds
Hair Color Brown
Eye Color Icy Blue
Political Information
Affiliation Veilhal Nomads


In Y479 BCGT, a strange woman made an emergency crash landing on Utapau. Not much is known about her, except that she was taken in by some Utai: the Pollux Family. She was in labor, and soon gave birth to a healthy baby boy. Due to complications, she died right after.

The Pollux family named the baby boy Elias. They tried to return him to some Pau'an, thinking he was one of them, but they called him an ugly baby and refused to take him. The Pollux Family raised him instead, trying to make sure that he was prepared for life.

At 50 years of age, only a youth himself, Elias first experienced death. The Utai that had delivered him passed away, old by Utai standards. Before even reaching full maturity, Elias then experienced several more deaths. By the time he was 100, he had become used to it as a part of life.

Elias was well studied during his childhood. He studied art, maths, and history.

Adulthood on Utapau

A budding artist, and lover of maths, Elias spent his adult life following the Pollux family around in day to day business. He helped where he could, but often could be found with some art supplies, watching and drawing. His art was his income, and he was well fed at the end of the day. Because of his apparent mutations, he was still shunned by the Pau'an, and he wanted to be near his own kind more than anything.

Many deaths marked young Elias' life. He saw births and deaths. When he was 250, he became attached to a young Utai more than any others, but it was short lived as he died before he was 15. Elias started to detach from his family after that. Being the oldest in the family was difficult, especially as he seemed so young at times.

Finally, at 450, Elias decided he would leave. He was sick of watching deaths, and seeing people he loved pass away. He started to put aside savings to purchase a ship and leave. In Y2 BCGT, he purchased a ship, but it wouldn't get off the ground. Disappointed and frustrated, he started his savings all over again.

Finally, Elias left the Pollux family behind. His favorite, and the only one he had cared about in a while, was the hardest to leave. He watched the youngster - everyone was young to him - as he took off. Year 19 CGT had been a rough year, with more deaths than normal, and he was glad to leave.

A New Understanding

Having left home without enough food for a long trip, Elias stumbled upon someone who looked like him. That person offered him a meal, and explained a little about his "face straws". They didn't dispel Eli's belief of what he was.

A few days later, Elias stopped at a medical clinic. He was greeted by Aetius Morbus, whom he proceeded to attack. Aetius had handled the situation swiftly, but then had to explain to Elias that he was an Anzat. He also explained the concept of "soup". Elias left the encounter, eager to learn more, and anxious to learn how to stop this plague he had been tricked into.

A Brush with Bacon

Elias kept himself busy with research and new jobs. During the course of this, he'd often forget to go hunting for criminals. Deciding he needed food, he went down to Nimban and found himself a snack. There were two people, a man and a woman. The woman was smaller, and he tried to knock her out to get her out of the way. He accidentally hit her too hard, killing her on impact. The sound made him sick, saving his life narrowly from the Gamorrean companion she had. Instinct took over, and Elias' probies seemed to take over and suck the soup from the large Gamorrean. As he fell, dead, another Gamorrean had appeared. She was not amused, and captured him. She took him to a building, declaring that he needed to turn himself over to the authorities or else. He took her advice and went inside, finding that it was a tavern instead. Spek Toekom followed him in, and they sat down to some food and drink.