Empire at War

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Corellia – Day 94, Year 7 – After the recent outbreak of hostilities between the Galactic Empire and the Trade Federation several other governments have vouched to help defend the Federation. Never before has a war affected so many people.

The Rebel Alliance, SoroSuub Corporation and the New Anzat Order have all offered their assistance to the Trade Federation. Although of these four the Federation controls the most systems, the Rebel Alliance is by far the largest in terms of population numbers. Empireatwar1.png

The combined groups control a larger territory then the Galactic Empire. However, the GE territories are more densely populated and often have a stronger economy, resulting in higher planetary income.


Something that should be noted when viewing the Galactic Empire statistics is the larger influence that the planet of Coruscant has. With a population of over 100 billion and a planetary income nearing the same number it is by far the most important planet in the Empire.

The above numbers do not include groups affiliated with the governments or smaller factions that have a conflict with the GE; neither do the figures include the many hidden systems.

All in all more then half of the galactic population lives in territories of the warring factions.

A story by Darek Xearz

Posted by: Darek Xearz Faction: Enigma Date: Year 7 Day 94 From the Civic Center Enigma Broadcasting Center in city Meccha on planet Drall (70, -32) on Year 7 Day 94 4:45.