ExcelStar Shipyards

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ExcelStar Shipyards
Excelstar logo y9.png
General Information
Motto "Integrity, Reliability and Honesty"
Status Defunct (Year 12 Day 17)
Leader Ryan Roche
2IC Antares Brenner Nuroudo
Owner Ryan Roche
Antares Brenner Nuroudo
Historical Information
Founded Year 10 Day 54
Dissolved Year 12 Day 17
Political Information
Affiliation Independent
Industry Ship Manufacturer
Holosite ExcelStar Shipyards
"Integrity, Reliability and Honesty"
— ExcelStar Shipyards motto

ExcelStar Shipyards (abbreviated "ESS") was an independent ship-production company based in the southern Outer Rim owned and led by young businessmen Ryan Roche and Antares Brenner Nuroudo. The Company had no designs of its own and relied on outside acquisition of datacards in order to produce. The ExcelStar Corporation existed through Year 10-12 until finally succumbing to leadership struggles which led to its demise and dissolution.


Year 9

In Year 9 young Corellian Ryan Roche, who was a Master Flight Sergeant in the Imperial Navy, met up with Hapan Lt. Commander Antares Brenner Nuroudo during a mission they both took part in while in service to the Galactic Empire. During the mission they befriended each other and would later meet regularly in the Imperial Meeting Hall to talk. Both were dreamers of being able to do more than serve in the Empire, and during these times they conceived the idea behind ExcelStar Shipyards. At first, still under the flag of the Empire, they would meet privately to discuss a Company to create cutting edge ships to the galaxy at lower prices than what the inflation of Year 9 offered. They planned the future Company from the ground up, added more people to their plan and searched for a possible location to construct their Headquarters. Knowing the Empire would not allow their members to sell to foreigners, they understood that in order for their dream to become a reality they will have to find a way to escape the grasp of the Imperials.

As Year 9 came to end, Nuroudo was honourably discharged from the Empire and traveled to the Outer Rim alone to find a suitable location for his Company. He then joined the newly formed Terra Stryker Industries led by his friend Adam Diggins in order to learn about Shipbuilding and eventually master the craft. Ryan, hearing the good news of his friend going to promote their Company and leaving the Empire, decided it was time for him to depart. He left his construction duties at the gas giant Scylla, the Empire's newly developed jewel in the Corellian Sector and bought a BTL-A4 Y-wing Longprobe fighter in hope to escape the area. Ryan arrived at the Churba Sector in the Outer Rim and joined the BlasTech Corporation which would later turn into the Pentastar Alignment, led by his close friend Brat Cost Ru. He would not return back to his home the Corellian Sector for the next two years.

Year 10

In the middle of Year 10, both men had already gained some experience in shipbuilding, and, after much planning, decided it was time to gather their people and form the ExcelStar Corporation. Their first base of operations opened in the Elrood Sector in the Khuiumin system, of which they were granted full use by the Pentastarian government. Although the administration endorsed the company, ExcelStar was not considered a part of the Pentastarian government. The Khuiumin system was a remote location in the Elrood Sector which saw little to no traffic and was rarely visited by traders and visitors. Once under Imperial rule, when the people of Khuiumin were liberated by the Blastech Corporation, the system was cut off from major supply lines and was left to handle itself. Pentastar Alignment had an interest in having ExcelStar develop their system and encourage traders and people in the Outer Rim to visit the system and generate income. The Bulk Freighters arrived in the system and the materials were dropped in place; construction had begun on Excelstar's first Shipyard, to be named "ESS-101 'Craft Prime'". The construction of the Craft Prime was a major stepping stone for the ExcelStar Corporation. Workers were happy and motivated to finally work in a shipyard, and employees were starting to receive orders from the public. ExcelStar was known for its policy of selling to all, no matter their political affiliation. This included pirates and smugglers but excluded known petty thieves.

Year 11

In Year 11 ExcelStar had prospered and grown to be a full-scale Company competing with the other independent Ship Production Companies. It had a fleet of Bulk Freighters and other small craft and produced ships of all types according to pre-orders and requests. Raw Materials were hard to acquire and proved to be a major problem during ExcelStar's early stages. Materials had to be brought from outside the Outer Rim and pilots often complained about the long days they had to spend in hyperspace in order to deliver the materials. Eventually, because of ExcelStar's friendly relations with the Pentastar Alignment, Red Star Mining agreed to ExcelStar's plea to sell them materials, although they were owned by the Rogue Squadron government. This made material transportation efficient and rapid, as Red Star's mining operations were held in the Elrood Sector as well. In the height of its glory ExcelStar owned a large SY-4-FI shipyard and 13 other shipyards in various sizes. There was always something to produce and unemployment was non-existent. ExcelStar also produced a Mammoth-class Heavy Hauler and also had contracts for Lictor-class Dungeon Ships. On the surface of Khuiumin, the city of Vlarnya was constructed and made the official capital of Khuiumin and the major corporate offices of ExcelStar. Inside the city, statues of the 2 founders, Antares Brenner Nuroudo and Ryan Roche, were erected, as well as the statues of ESS Directors Tyro Adri and Giselle Montari. The ExcelStar Fleet had two flagships that served as the backbone of the fleet; they were the Namana-class Light Cruisers "ESS-1 'New Sun'", captained by Ryan Roche, and the "ESS-2 'Strength & Fortitude'", captained by Nuroudo. They acted as carriers for the smaller craft and were often spotted patrolling the system's space for unwanted company.

The end of Year 11 also marked the end of the Golden Age of ExcelStar. Disagreements between Managing Directors Roche and Nuroudo led to inefficiency and the retirement of two of ExcelStar's Directors. The Pentastar Alignment merged with the Rogue Squadron government, forming a new administration which had little time to deal with the small system of Khuiumin and diverted resources to its colonies outside the Elrood Sector. With little support from the new government and the discontinuation of Red Star Mining's supply of materials, ExcelStar entered a quiet period. Money flow was cut and funds were low. Manging Directors Ryan Roche and Nuroudo had little to no communication between each other, and employees started to leave the company due to disinterest.

Year 12


Meeting again in the first time since their disagreements in Year 12 Day 10, Ryan and Nuroudo mutually decided that they could not run the company together, and instead of selling it to the public they preferred to see their company dissolved, with all assets divided by the two of them. In Year 12 Day 17 ExcelStar Shipyards was officially dissolved after pending sales were completed. The Shipyards are still owned by Ryan and Nuroudo in an agreement they struck with Rogue Squadron. Today, the relationship between the two Directors seems to have returned to good terms.


Board of Directors

The company was led by a Board of Directors consisting of:

Logistics Branch

The Logistics Branch was in charge of transportation of personnel and materials and the schedule of all fleets and vehicles. It was also responsible for delivering produced ships to their new owners. This Branch was the larger of the two in the ExcelStar Corporation.

Production Branch

The Production Branch was divided into 2 smaller departments, Sales and Production. The Sales Department was responsible for taking orders from the public and listing new sales. The Production Department was in charge of actually producing the ordered ships, retooling stations, and requesting materials from the Logistics Branch.

List of Owners


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