Exelis Crime Syndicate

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Exelis Crime Syndicate
Political information
Motto "Live Fast, Die Young"
Type of government Crime Syndicate
De facto leader Dread Captain Morgan Sathel
2IC Shadow Broker Vagnar Fivkei
Owner Morgan Sathel
Affiliation None
Societal information
Territory Venaari
Historical Information
Date of establishment Year 21 Day 216
Industry Crime Syndicate
Status Active

The Exelis Crime Syndicate is an organization of outlaws based on the planet Venaari, in the Esuain sector. Two distinct factions form the group: the Exelis Hunters, focused on piracy and other high-risk, high-reward illegal activities, and the Exelis Runners, who operate as smugglers and black market dealers. To this day, the Exelis maintain strong ties to Ord Cantrell and Pirate Lord Artemis de Chatillon.


Exelis Hunters

The organization first gained some notoriety after a frightening campaign of piracy conducted in the Stabin sector. Over the course of several cycles, multiple merchant vessels traversing the region were boarded and mercilessly plundered by the Exelis’ black starships lurking in the silent void of space.

The conspicuous loss of wealth and resources suffered by many influential traders affected by the Exelis’ raiders brought the group to its doom. Bounty hunters were hired and dispatched in earnest, and one by one, the Exelis members were captured and executed. A few survivors managed to hide in an undisclosed location in deep space, and eventually made contact with the Kiffar cyborg Morgan Sathel, who had been a prominent pirate captain of the Exelis up until she was captured by the former Dark Lord of the One Sith: Darin Byrch.

Under the leadership of the native of Kiffex, and with assistance from Pirate Lord Artemis de Chatillon, the organization was able to recover and gain control of Venaari. From the free pirate ports of the planet, raids against merchant convoys and helpless lone ships are constantly launched. Raiding excursions, extortion, smuggling, and everything in-between: the Exelis Hunters engage in a variety of illegal activities.

Exelis Runners

The criminal underworld has a thriving black market of stolen goods and captured starships. The Exelis Runners are a part of this illegal economy, trading away all the ill-gotten assets acquired through the parent pirate organization: the Exelis Hunters. The Runners make their home in the Free Pirate Port of Venaari, in the Esuain sector, and maintain ties to the powerful Pirate Lord Artemis de Chatillon and Ord Cantrell.

Whenever buying or selling illicit goods is needed, or when moving assets discretely is essential, the Exelis Runners can be contacted to do the dirty work. The Runners act as smugglers and black market operators, providing pilfered goods and high-risk transportation services to those who are not afraid to skirt the law. The group strives to maintain a wide selection of items and ships at affordable prices. All transactions are kept private for the benefit of the clients. If needed, reputable middles can be used.

From the seedy streets of Venaari, Shadow Broker Vagnar Fivkei leads the Runners and acts as the Exelis Crime Syndicate overall second in command, responding only to the Dread Captain Morgan Sathel.