Niera Crukx

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Niera Crukx
2021-25-1 crukx.jpeg
Biographical Information
Race Thyferran human
Homeworld Thyferra
Mother Lynn Crukx - Williams
Father Jonathan Crukx †
Marital Status Single
Spouse None
Partner None
Born Year -6, Day 56
Died Year 22, Day 68 (Age 28)
suicide by flying into a sun
Languages Fluent: Galactic Basic
Basic understanding: Binary (Droidspeak)
Quote "Don't you point that gun at me, that's rude."
Physical Description
Gender Female
Height 5' 8" (172 cm)
Hair Color Blonde, Silver
Eye Color Blue
Political Information
Affiliation None
Prior Affiliation Exelis Crime Syndicate
Cantrell Conglomerate
The Void Initiative
ASMI Ltd. (Defunct)
Signature Crukx Sig White transparant.png

Niera Crukx (pronounced /niɹa krɤkʼs/) was a 28 years old female Thyferran human who worked under the Exelis Syndicate, assisting in managing the Syndicate's mining operations. She had previously worked at the Cantrell Conglomerate and had been enlisted at the Void Initiative as a first lieutenant. Before that, she was one of the lead security researchers at the now-defunct ASMI (Astrotech Security & Machine Interfacing).


Niera in her early years, attending a university of computer science and mechanical engineering in her homeworld Thyferra.

Early Years

Niera was born on the planet Thyferra in Year -6, Day 56 to Jonathan and Lynn Crukx. The family was decently off and Niera was able to enjoy the comforts of a well-educated childhood. After she graduated high school, she was eager to study computer science and mechanical engineering at a university near her hometown. She aimed to be at the top of her class and managed to pass her final exam. It was there and then that she knew a life in space would be a reasonable goal to try and accomplish.

She would find herself being employed at the Research and Development department of ASMI, and she primarily researched new findings in security. She would also work on improving both the combative capabilities of security droids and surveillance drones and the more practical uses of astromech droids.

During her time at ASMI, she unfortunately got the news that her father, Jonathan, was killed in a terrorist bombing on Year 19 Day 203. The attack was linked to a group of fanatics that continued to resist Imperial rule over Thyferra and happened at a local market Jonathan was visiting. After the attack, security was scaled up and some arrests were made. This did, of course, not bring back Niera's father, and the loss still affects Niera from time to time. To this date, Niera's mother, Lynn Crukx, has been a widow and has not yet attempted another try at meeting another man.

The Accident

One day, while she was working on modifying a droid, an unfortunate accident happened. While correcting a wiring mistake, she got the full brunt of an electrical discharge. The equipment she was wearing should have been sufficient to safely discharge the electricity back to earth, but due to a defect on the suit, it was not able to do that. The bolt hit her heart area and she got knocked out. She was sent to a hospital immediately and they luckily were able to revive her without her having any major lasting damages. It did, however, leave her with a big scar, reaching from the upper part of the sternum to her left shoulder.

This event was one of the major events which chained into the bankruptcy of ASMI. The company had apparently not been the best in securing their employee's safety, in more than one occasion. Niera got the news when she was discharged from the hospital. She had to find a new job and thus wandered the sector for a while, looking for work. Eventually, she found a promising lead to The Void Initiative and submitted an application via electronic mail.

The Void Initiative

After some time, in Year 21, her request to join the Initiative was accepted. She hoped that this new beginning, and with it the new opportunities, would give her another chance to thrive in the galaxy. It was a bit of a gamble, given how she had not yet really dabbled in the military aspects of the galaxy, but she was steadfast and willing to change her ways to survive. In her own opinion, this could also possibly be a gateway to a position in the Galactic Empire, or at least a way to gain the necessary experience to make the jump to the government. At the very least, it would give her an honorable job and the life experience to survive and continue elsewhere, should she need to.

Given her lack of real life combat experience at the time, she was eventually sent to Tatooine to train under the Jawa Nejal K`teefah. The harsh environment of Tatooine provided the ideal place harden her and to develop her blaster skills, which were up until then limited to only virtual endeavours. She learned the basic ways of marksmanship and survival from the Jawa and eventually was sent to survive on her own for a period of time. Niera would spend her time thinning the overpopulation of wildlife and driving back the local banditry. Her time on Tatooine ended at Day 200 of the same year, after she was abruptly called back due to the events that had happened a day earlier, which involved Serena Moon and Jett Blackheart. The Void Initiative was either directly or indirectly involved in the killing of Serana Moon, by offering Jett the means to do so from Day 201 to Day 211 of Year 21. The event questioned Niera's safety and her standing with the Galactic Empire and the rest of the galaxy, and it was best for her to return to base.

Even though she was promoted, something kept bothering her. Given the circumstances, she had to lay low for a while. This gave her time to think about her current position, how things were going and where she wanted to be. She came to the conclusion that she did not want to continue being part of the Initiative. She had no issues with the director, but she thought it would be best to resign from her position. Niera handed in her letter of resignation on Year 21 Day 251 and she had formally left the Initiative on Day 255.

Cantrell Conglomerate

As an escape from the prior events, Niera joined up with the Cantrell Conglomerate through an invitation from Avelyn ca Vella. Though short of time, she spent her days working mainly prospecting asteroid fields, something that was a bit closer to her original computer expertise.

Exelis Crime Syndicate

Continuing her field of mining, Niera found herself among the Exelis Syndicate, led by, at the time, by Morgan Sathel, Xyre Weltmon and Ozzy Vazul. She was ultimately tasked with managing the group's mining operations and resource stockpiles. She adjusted well within the group, and with the aid of unfortunate staff departure, she was eventually trusted with higher ranks and ultimately with the title of The Voice of Exelis.


This is a recording of a live broadcast sent from the Sprint-Class Rescue Craft 'NC Swift Resurrection', at the time locked on to the Venaari Sun, to all Venaari Sysat T-24s in the system. It made use of a special emergency band to reach the satellites. It was recorded by a modified Lookout Droid.

In front of you, you see the image of a relatively young Thyferran girl, sitting on the floor against the wall of the Rescue Craft. She is smiling, albeit with tears steadily rolling down her cheeks. Left of her, a light source was slowly growing in the window. Around her, you see a plethora of items, from a Jawa-customized X-45 Sniper Rifle, to a standard set of Clone Trooper Armor, to some fancy Life Day clothes to finally a few bottles of whiskey and a bowl of pineapple slices. The girl, Niera Crukx, was holding a datapad and beckoned the camera to come closer. “Take a look.” she said as she started swiping through the media on the datapad, with a small stutter in her speech.

You see an image of Niera, in her teens, next to an Imperial officer on Thyferra, herself wearing a Stormtrooper helmet. Next up are a series of family pictures and some of herself while she was working on a droid. They moved on with a picture of a comatose Niera, just after she was shocked by a malfunctioning droid, just before the bankruptcy of ASMI. The following pictures were of her in the Void Initiative. Pictures of herself in power armor, herself with Director Paorach. A video came by of Niera on Tatooine, firing an A280 next to the Jawa, Nejal K`teefah. Galaxy Fest closed in, with pictures showing herself next to notable people such as Morgan Sathel, Xyre Weltmon, Alakoth Gar, Lilith Delcroix, Ozzy Vazul, Mercedes Morgan and Avelyn ca Vella. The slideshow got cut off with pictures of Venaari and the Exelis crew.

“Fuck me, I must’ve just embarked on this journey at the wrong time…” she said, still looking at the pad.” Niera stood up, tossing the pad to the side, with a picture of Morgan and Xyre flicking on the now-broken screen, and leaned forward against the cockpit’s chair, looking at the quickly-approaching sun. “Goodbye… everyone, and congratulations galaxy, you’ve beat yet another soul. And people of Exelis, best of wishes.”

The Thyferran looked back at the camera feed and smiled, sweaty from the sun’s heat and tears rolling down her face as the video feed cut off.

Service Records

Swc exelissyndicate 20x20.png Exelis Crime Syndicate Swc exelissyndicate 20x20.png

Position Time Held (Combine Time) Time Held (Real Time)
The Voice Year 22 Day 54 - Year 22 Day 67 2021/01/19 - 2021/02/02
Authority Year 22 Day 4 - Year 22 Day 54 2020/12/01 - 2021/01/19
Henchman Year 21 Day 321 - Year 22 Day 4 2020/10/13 - 2020/12/01

Swc cantrellconglomerate 20x20.png Cantrell Conglomerate Swc cantrellconglomerate 20x20.png

Grade Position Branch Time Held (Combine Time) Time Held (Real Time)
E-1 Employee Orbital Research and Design Year 21 Day 256 - Year 21 Day 321 2020/08/10 - 2020/10/13

Swc voidinitiative 20x20.png The Void Initiative Swc voidinitiative 20x20.png

Emblem Grade Rank Time Held (Combine Time) Time Held (Real Time)
11TVI 1LT.png O-2 First Lieutenant Year 21 Day 202 - Year 21 Day 255 2020/06/16 - 2020/08/09
12TVI 2LT.png O-1 Second Lieutenant Year 21 Day 106 - Year 21 Day 202 2020/03/12 - 2020/06/16