Exiled Rangers

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Exiled Rangers
General Information
Motto We Fight with the Best, We Die with the Rest
Status Inactive
Leader Sabo Magus
2IC Robert Decca
Owner Sabo Magus
Historical Information
Founded Year 14 Day 62
Dissolved Year 14 Day 128
Political Information
Affiliation None
Industry Mercenary

The Exiled Rangers is a paramilitary unit specializing in bounty hunting, intelligence gathering, and assassination using covert and special operations forces at it's disposal. It was founded on Year 14 Day 62 by Sabo Magus and Robert Decca.


Not much is known about the internal structure of ExR. However there publicly exists three main Directorates, each with a Director overseeing it's operations.

Operations Directorate

Tasked with the planning and execution all covert and overt operations within ExR. Sabo Magus is the current interim Director of this Directorate.

Analysis Directorate

Ordained the information hub of ExR, Analysis' mandate is to analyze all incoming intelligence by examining every piece of intel objectively and making sound predictions and conclusions regarding a target. Analysis is also tasked with maintaining the administrative part of ExR as well as internal security and all counter-intelligence operations. Robert Decca is the current Director of Analysis.

Engineering Directorate

This is perhaps the only non-intelligence part of ExR. Engineering is responsible for all construction and logistical operations within ExR territory. Sabo Magus is the current interim Director of Engineering.