Robert Decca

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Robert M. Decca
Decca port3.png
Biographical Information
Race Hapan
Gungan (briefly in Y13D123)
Homeworld Hapes
Mother Tasha Decca
Father Charles Decca
Spouse None (divorced)
Siblings Anthony Decca
Mackenzie Decca
Kydan Retri
Michael Retri
Children None
Born Year -6 Day 22 (Age 20)
Physical Description
Gender Male
Height 1.75 meters (5'9")
Coloring White
Hair Color Brown
Eye Color Brown
Political Information
Affiliation Trade Federation
Galactic Concordiate
Rank Crewman
Prior Affiliation Imperial Intelligence
Galactic Empire
Imperial Union
Galactic Alliance
Falleen Federation
Exiled Rangers
New Republic
Incom Corporation
  • Galactic Empire:
  • Falleen Federation:
    FFS-1Y.png FFS-1Y
    FSR.png FSR
    DSR.png ESR
    ESR.png DSR
  • New Republic:
    Less1.png <1
    Tib.png TIB
    Boe.png BOE
""What I need is to get out of this cell. I've been locked in here for, for days. You've controlled my every move. You've told, you've told me what to eat, and what to think, and what to say, and then when I show a glimmer of independent thought, you strap me down! You inject me with drugs. You call it a treatment!""
— Robert Decca during his treatment for insanity at IDPSE


Robert Decca is a crewman currently serving the Trade Federation's Navy and Chief Executive Officer and Chairman of the Jatonda Broadcasting Corporation. He was formerly a highly valued agent for Imperial Intelligence and officer in the Imperial Army, a rising star until he became at odds with Imperial Executor Seele


Robert has always been a man of honor and integrity as well as having a strong sense of duty to his government which he undertakes with great pride. He is an advent fan of protocol and formality while performing his duties. He believes protocol to be an important part of military discipline and showing respect for superior officers.


Incom Corporation


Robert Montgomery Decca started out as a New Republic civil officer who headed and founded Torranix Inertial Compensator Corporation's Prospecting Division when he was nineteen and also volunteered for the Republic News Network.
Decca incomsm.jpg
A young Robert as head of Prospecting Division


After a few months working in Incom he resigned his position. He did not make effort to hide his reasons, most people knew he was at odds with the Republic mainly the New Republic Intelligence service and Senate. He was not in agreement with the way the government was being ran so he decided to look for another government in the Galactic Alliance to continue the fight against the Empire.

The Gungan Incident

On Year 13 Day 123 Robert along with a third of the galaxy's population woke up to find themselves transformed into a Gungan. The strange phenomena only lasted a day with the people affected waking up in their normal bodies. Authorities and scientists are totally stumped on this event and are still investigating the cause. Some people think it was a practical joke and that the people transformed were only surgically altered to look Gungan, but some people affected by the phenomena went to see doctors who confirmed that they were infact biologically Gungan in every way.

Falleen Federation


After resigning as head of Prospecting for Incom Corporation, Robert applied for Falleen citizenship and enlisted in the 1st Army as a Acting-Lieutenant and regiment commander. He spent a few months under the command of General Arc Dalton training his regiment for battle. During this time The Federation had opened applications for positions within the Fiefdom. Robert applied to the position of System Magistrate for Rintonne System which was granted by then FIB-Deputy Director Sabo Magus. Unfortunately other people who had entered Fief positions found themselves in conflict with military duties and were often forced to choose military over fiefdom, Robert seeing this ahead of time decided it would be logical to transfer to the Department of Construction which had by that time been under the command of his superior in the Fiefdom, Sabo Magus. He knew since the department's mandate was to build and maintain Falleen planets he would have no issue carrying out his fief duties.


Robert soon proved to be a competent Magistrate and implemented new city designs to raise the employment rate, available housing and overall income of his planets while keeping crime and poverty low. For his continued service to the Federation his superior Sabo decided it was time for a promotion and gave Robert his Commission on Year 14 Day 45 at the full rank of Lieutenant.


Not soon after Robert gained his Commission he would retire from service to aid his superior Sabo in his new paramilitary unit Exiled Rangers as head of the Analysis Directorate. However retirement didn't last long. Robert had noticed his boss was becoming increasingly irrational and emotional and so he resigned to go back to Falleen Federation. A few weeks later Exiled Rangers dissolved.

Back in the Federation

Robert was reinstated back to active service at the rank Lieutenant and position of XO of the 11th Army Division. He served in this capacity for a few months before being promoted to Major just before the Army reorganized into the Falleen Protection Force at which his rank transferred over to Lieutenant Commander.

Work in the Ministry of State=

Added on to his duties in the military Robert took on some extra work in the Ministry of State which included redoing the designs for all Federation ribbons, creating the Civilian and Military Decorations Act and serving on the Citizenship Act Review Board amongst other administrative duties.

Return to Galactic Empire

After a recall by the Director of Imperial Intelligence, Robert resigned from the Federation and returned to his home, the Empire. He enlisted in the Imperial Army. At the time his involvement with Imperial Intelligence was not made public. However after a few months it was made public during an Imperial Monthly Meeting that he was an undercover agent and was awarded the awards he earned whilst undercover.

He continued to serve as an officer in the Army and even became Manager of the Imperial Archives and Recruitment Officer. A rising star withing the Imperial Army, he was selected to take over as a Brigade Executive Officer.

The Fall

After a conflict with Lord Seele, Robert was detained by the Imperial Security Bureau. While they did not charge Robert with any crime, they did legally declare him mentally insane and unfit for duty within the Imperial Army, which Robert believed was done to ruin his reputation and discourage others from interacting with him. Robert assumed that Lord Seele had created false reports that Robert had attempted to solicit a number of Imperials to resign. His own fiance betrayed him and sided with the Empire, completely tossing him to the dogs as he asked that Robert's situation be revealed to the entire Empire, yet again, during the Imperial Monthly Meeting. After Robert was released by the ISB he joined the Trade Federation and made no contact with any Imperial, in an attempt to move on with his life, despite what the Imperial Executor said about his actions. Robert has and will continue to act in an honorable manner towards the Empire, despite all that had transpired.

Robert has no intentions on retaliating with the Empire over his discharge and only wishes to move on with his life, it is up to the Empire if they wish to pursue further action, however they had the chance to do so when Robert was in custody. At the moment Robert is serving as crewman under the Trade Federation Department of Navy. While free to pursue his own interests, Robert founded the Jatonda Broadcasting Corporation in an attempt to provide the galaxy with a much needed service; public broadcast and ability to purchase air time for advertisements.



Galactic Empire

Robert's uniform as First Lieutenant.
Grade Insignia Rank Time Held (Combine Time) Promoted by
[E-1] IIO-2.gif Agent Year 13 Day 95 - Year 14 246 Bureau Chief Elvira Falston
[E-1] ME-1.gif Recruit Year 14 Day 246 - Year 14 248 Voluntary enlistment
[E-3] ME-3.gif Corporal Year 14 Day 248 - Year 14 Day 295 Master Engineer Krakonico Petermind
[E-4] ME-4.gif Sergeant Year 14 Day 295 - Year 14 Day 337 Brigade Command
[O-2] MO-2.gif 1st Lieutenant Year 14 Day 337 - Year 15 Day 57 Brigade Command
[O-3] MO-3.gif Captain Year 15 Day 57 - Yea 15 Day 138 Legion Command

Incom Corporation

Grade Insignia Rank Time held
O-1 No Insignia Junior Pilot Year 13 - Year 13
O-2 No Insignia Pilot Year 13 - Year 13

Galactic Alliance

GNS Team

Grade Insignia Rank Time held
R5 No Insignia Writer Year 13 - Present

Falleen Federation

Grade Insignia Ministry Rank Time held
R4 R4.ALT(A).jpg Defence - Army Acting Lieutenant Year 13 - Year 13
R4 R4.ALT(E).jpg Engineering Acting Lieutenant Year 13 - Year 14 Day 45
R5 R5.LT(E).jpg Engineering Lieutenant Year 14 Day 45 - Year 14 Day 66 (retired)
R5 R5.LT(A).jpg Defence - Army Lieutenant Year 14 Day 92 - Year 14 Day 171
R6 R6.MAJ(A).jpg Defence - Army Major Year 14 Day 171 - Year 14 Day 171
R6 R6.LTCMDR(D).jpg Defence - FPF Lieutenant Commander Year 14 Day 171 - Year 14 Day 241 (retired)

Exiled Rangers

Analysis Directorate

Grade Insignia Rank Time held
O-1 AD-O1.png Lieutenant Year 14 Day 62 - Year 13 Day 66
HC-2 AD-HC2.png Director Year 14 Day 66 - Year 14 Day 92

Azure Empire

Grade Insignia Rank Time held
C-2 No Insignia Director Year 13 - Year 13
HC-1 No Insignia Minister Year 13 - Year 13

Free Port Galactic

Grade Insignia Rank Time held
C-3 No Insignia Admiral Year 13 - Year 13
C-4 No Insignia DIS-Director Year 13 - Year 13
HC-1 No Insignia High Admiral Year 13 - Year 13


Incom Corporation

Division Position Time held
Prospecting Chief Year 13 - Year 13

Falleen Federation

Ministry Department Position Time held
Defence Army Regiment Commander Year 13 - Year 13
Government Fiefdom Magistrate of Rintonne System Year 13 - Year 14 Day 87
Engineering Construction Planetary Engineer Year 13 - Year 14 Day 62
Defence Army 11th Division Executive Officer Year 14 Day 98 - Year 14 Day 174
State Social Development - Year 14 Day 151 - Year 14 Day 241
State Citizenship Act Review Board Administrator Year 14 Day 167 - Year 14 Day 241

Azure Empire

Ministry Department Position Time held
None None Interim-Leader Year 13 - Year 13
Justice Internal Security Director Year 13 - Year 13
Justice Internal Security Secretary of State for Justice Year 13 - Year 13

Free Port Galactic

Ministry Department Position Time held
Defense Navy Executive Officer Year 13 - Year 13
Defense Navy 2nd Fleet Commanding Officer Year 13 - Year 13
Intelligence Internal Security Director Year 13 - Year 13
Intelligence Counter Intelligence Interim-Chief of External Security Year 13 - Year 13

Exiled Rangers

Proceeded by Directorate Division Position Succeeded by Time held
None Analysis Command Director None Year 14 Day 66 - Year 14 Day 92
None Analysis Information Interim-Commanding Officer None Year 14 Day 66 - Year 14 Day 92
None Analysis Internal Security Interim-Commanding Officer None Year 14 Day 66 - Year 14 Day 92
None Faction All Second-in-Command Niall Hughes Year 14 Day 76 - Year 14 Day 92
None Operations All Interim-Commanding Officer Varro Belle (as de-jure) Year 14 Day 77 - Year 14 Day 80


Did you know Robert...

  • created all the currently used awards for Falleen Federation?
  • has been a Director three times during his life all of which have been in security or counter-intelligence divisions?
  • was running prospecting operations for a corporation when he was 19 years old?
  • was nicknamed 'RD' in Falleen Federation for his initials?

Factitious Title

In an uncalled for response made by the Deputy Minister of Defence to a comment Robert had made he was sarcastically called the CEO of Falleen Federation. "Yeah, listen to the CEO of Falleen Federation Robert Decca." -Arthur von Minos