Ezrakh Rhuk

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Ezrakh Rhuk
Ezrakh Rhuk.png
Biographical Information
Race Gand
Homeworld Gand (Planet)
Mother Unknown
Father Unknown
Spouse Unknown
Siblings Unknown
Children Unknown
Born Unknown
Physical Description
Gender Male
Political Information
Prior Affiliation Heirs of Ziost

Year 11

In Early Year 11 Ezrakh Rhuk joined Heirs of Ziost. He was moved into security quickly which he seemed to have the skill set to perform. He then started a path towards reforming the way HoZ operated coming up with a three pronged government set around Governors, Councilors, and Seekers. He was quiet active at this time but deep inside a traitor existed, someone who would soon spring upon his fellow brothers.

Upon approval of the restructuring. He was made Chief Seeker. Upon becoming Chief Seeker he put into a plan to destroy Heirs of Ziost. He knew of an upcoming pilgrimage by Aidon Sadow and knew that that would be the opportunity to strike. As part of his plan he tricked Chief Governor Ku`Bakai Roche into going almost two weeks across the galaxy to pick up ships that did not exist. Thus he made sure no one could stop him. When Aidon went on his pilgrimage Ezrakh set his plan into motion arresting various members of Heirs of Ziost. In about 48 hours he had arrested 6 of the Brothers: Pholomon Sol, Giraf Bokito, Matt Shack, Edward Stuart, Raiden Jin, and Myl Lorian. He attempted to arrest a seventh but Valek Noor was to powerful for the likes of Ezrakh Rhuk to arrest.

Chief Governor Roche plead for the brethren feeling used and demoralized by the betrayal but also steeling his resolve. Stuck so far away there was little he could do but bombard other higher ranking members on vacations and pilgrimages to respond and act. Alas the effort was not enough though finally Aidon returned from his own pilgrimage and was able to work through his contacts to free Raiden Jin and Myl Lorian. Ezrakh though after trying to sell them all finally executed the remaining six.

Year 11 Day 147 scammed Draven Diesel in a deal over some HWK-290s, he was previously already recognized as a scammer on Centrepoint Market by this point.

Year 11 Day 148 Cael Sarn revealed that Ezrakh had also scammed him in a similar deal.

Year 11 Day 148 Kyria Wild offers a 500k bounty on the ear of Ezrakh and anyone else to stupid to live, she includes Jack Rilly and Raxl Soris on this list.

Year 12

Year 12 Day 2 Jhoran Tengaanar reports Ezrakh has scammed him out of a YT-2000.

Year 12 Day 216 the following was sent by Ezrakh to Aidon Sadow and Ku`Bakai Roche:

  • The message received is addressed to Aidon Sadow and Ku`Bakai Roche. Ezrakh is seen on the viewing screen of the video message emotionally broken, looking physically strong yet somehow souless. He nods his head in respect and submission. He looks at the camera with his head still bowed.*

This gand is truly humbled.

  • It is obvious at this point that Ezrakh has discarded the honour of Janwuine that was bestowed upon him many years ago. He has thrown away his right to refer to himself in the first person.*

Many cycles ago this one committed shameful acts, acts wicked and deceitful to which there can be no comparison. In one act this one cut short the lives of four and damaged the hearts of countless others. In committing this evil act, its soul was shattered in to one-thousand pieces, with only a few shards remaining within this one’s body. The rest were scattered to the far corners of the known – and unknown – universe.

Later this gand tried to turn away from the dark soulless path, surrendering all his worldly possessions bar a ship in the hope that ridding the gand of possessions would be the start of the cure, and a way to bring back the fragments of this one’s soul. It failed, the gand was not strong enough.

So began the second chapter, it ended up resorting to piracy to once again attain the physical items lost, forgetting about this one’s fragmented soul. War, murder and extortion became a way of life for this gand. It has killed too many. It does not feel like this gand.

  • A brief period of silence is maintained as Ezrakh remembers those who have been killed; a tear builds up on the underside of his respirator then falls to the ground. Struggling to speak Ezrakh continues.*

Now this gand comes before you, former friends, and former master, humbled and seeking not forgiveness or understanding as this gand has no right to ask that. Instead this one, feeling small and beleaguered asks for your guidance and support to help this one find the shards and repair this gand’s soul.

This gand’s soul is a void.

The Betrayer of Heirs, Butcher of Harayn and Pirate Captain are to be names never used again by this gand, however the scars still remain. This gand will turn away from the ways of evil, wickedness, debauchery, piracy and any other behaviour that causes suffering within the galaxy.

For all the pain this one has caused, it apologises profusely.

This gand will serve you. By following this one’s path its soul will become whole.

  • Ezrakh closes his heavy eyes, awaiting the response of those he betrayed.*

Year 12 Day 217:

The last known communication of Ezrakh Rhuk sent to Ku`Bakai Roche:

This one has turned away from the pirate group, now freelance.

This gand will start to try and make things right.

It feels better already, just working in the right direction feels good.

It will benefit from the wisdom of the Kubaz.

Thank you

No further communication has been received since that date. It is not known if Ezrakh was successful in his change or if he slipped back into the influence of the Dark Side. It is possible his past actions led to his death as well.

Known Ships

The Wolfchen: A HWK-290 with an unknown ship ID number this is the vessel he used to carry those he betrayed first to Kubindi and then later to Amorris. It is possible it was the death place of the four Brothers killed by the Lost One.