Finnegan Phostar

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Finnegan Phostar
Biographical Information
Race Human,Alderaanian
Homeworld Nam Chorios
Mother Dealla Phostar
Father Joseph Phostar
Born Year 0 Day 315
Languages Galactic Basic
Physical Description
Gender Male
Height 6.1ft
Weight 177lbs
Eye Color Cadet Gray
Political Information
Affiliation None


Finnegan Phostar was born in Nam Chorios on Day 315 of Year 0. His parents Joseph and Dealla operated a foster home, housing several different children which varied in ages and species (all of which being non-huMan). His grandparents Diarmuid and Mairead were educators in Alderaan (Planet), with Diarmuid being a professor at University of Alderaan (later a dean), and Mairead teaching at a school (later a headteacher).

Early Life

Child Finnegan Phostar.jpeg
Finnegan aged 4

Phostar grew up surrounded by many children due to his parents' work this led to Phostar often being frustrated due to the chaotic environment and lack of attention from his parents. Phostar was naturally gifted with intelligence something his parents discovered when he was just 6 years old this added to his independence, catalysed by the struggles of his foster siblings resulting in them receiving more nurturing.

Phostar began to act up more as he realised when he did he spent more time with his parents, however eventually he became tired of acting in this manner and instead requested to live with his grandparents in Alderaan after a few months of debate his parents reluctantly agreed and Phostar aged 11 moved from Nam Chorios to Alderaan.

Teenage Finnegan Phostar.jpeg
Finnegan aged 15

Phostar greatly appreciated the peace and educational advancements of Alderaan in comparison to his birth world. This was only strengthened by the change in home environment and professions of his grandparents. The culture shock of the huge human majority on the planet as well as the humancentrist teachings of his grandparents made Phostar view the galaxy in a new light.

Phostar would spend the rest of his childhood and early adulthood on the planet, where he graduated from the University of Alderaan as a Doctor of Philosophy at the young age of 20.

Ruptured Reunion

Following graduation Phostar began taking an interest in ships and piloting them due to the freedom it granted him and thus would spend the next months travelling the nearby galaxy by himself. During university Phostar grew a fascination for different high cultures across the galaxy which spurred his destination making decisions, where Phostar visited many academically and culturally rich planets including Asrat which was holding a conference for scholars across the galaxy to attend.

While attending the conference Phostar was introduced to a local representative of Asrat. The pair would engage in several meetings over the course of Phostar's fortnight stay where the two met with another unknown associate in a lounge. This lounge was where Phostar was reunited with his siblings who he had grown up with including Ledah and Caroline. However this reunion was ruptured when the unknown associate commanded his guards to capture the group.

On Day 337 of Year 24, the ship Finnegan was piloting let out a distress signal until abruptly going off radar.