Fitz Dantilles

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Fitz Dantilles
Biographical Information
Race Arcona
Homeworld Cona
Mother Ghis Laine (deceased)
Father Dano Dantilles (deceased)
Siblings Gerald Dantilles
Born Year -10 Day 171
Physical Description
Gender Male
Height 1.95m
Coloring Brown scales
Eye Color Yellow/Gold
Political Information
Affiliation Mandalore, MandalTech, Galactic Concordiate
Rank [C-4] Ver`alor Cabur
Positions MandalTech Second in Command
Prior Affiliation Kathol Republic, Association for Mayagil Sovereignty. Imperial Union
Awards [SS][BS][LOC-5][MLA-2][DB-24][MVA][PSP][ADK][ANC][DBA][ASP]

Fitz Dantilles is an Arcona from the planet Cona, he has been working for Mandalore for over seven years currently ranked as Ver`alor Cabur , he was also CEO of MandalTech, Mandalore's weapons manufacturer. Though not born amongst the Mandalorians he is considered one of them.

Personal History

Fitz and Gerald Dantilles were born, like almost every Arconan, on the planet Cona. They were the sons of a wealthy Arconan arms dealer and his loving wife. The two brothers were very close and almost inseparable, they did everything together even getting into problems. If Fitz would accidentally kill one of his dad’s Gualamas Gerald would take the speeder and made it seem like someone hit the animal while driving by. But that all changed when the boys turned 8, their father ,knowing their true heritage, wanted them to go to the Tau Sakar sector for unknown reasons while their mother wanted them to apply at the Imperial Academy. The two parents argued for days about the fate of the two brothers until one night their father decided to take action, while the boys were sleeping he loaded them into one of the launch pods his company owned and launched them to an unknown system in deep space. When the boys woke up they were trapped in a pod in an uninhabited part of space without any way to activate the pod’s engines. Two days went by and the pod activated itself and continued their flight through space, nearly two hours later the pod entered the atmosphere of an unknown planet and crash landed on it. Both of the brothers survived the crash landing but Gerald had hit his head and couldn’t seem to remember anything, he didn’t even recognize his own brother Fitz. Fitz tried everything he could to calm his brother but he seemed to have completely lost his mind, the last Fitz saw of Gerald was his brother running out into one of the planet’s dense jungles.

Crash Aftermath

Fitz survived for three weeks in the jungle drinking drops of dew from leafs and eating several insects until he reached a village after twenty three days. The villagers treated him nice and took care of his wounds, thirst and hunger. They introduced him to their leader Tyr DeMeer who told him the true story about his life. His father was indeed an arms dealer but he never said where he got his weapons from, it turned out his father was working with the Mandalorians for years with their weapons manufacturer MandalTech. Tyr DeMeer told him that his father also was a Mandalorian who simply worked off-world thus making Fitz and Gerald Mandalorians. DeMeer told Fitz that his father was a noble warrior from the forest and that he and his father fought several battles together, it was his father's wish that his sons would also become part of the Mandalorian heritage.

The Mandalorians trained Fitz to become a skilled pilot and in a couple of months he took command of the 2nd Fleet after their CO was killed in combat. He served 2nd Fleet as best as he could and later even got command over his own specialized fighter wing, the 4th fighter wing Pr`tsy . After being engaged in several missions with the Pr`tsy fighter wing he decided to work off-world for a while with the Kathol Republic but that didn’t really go as planned, while working as a District Attorney with the Republic he came across some transmissions about a possible military coup within the Republic. Fitz recognised the impending danger and made the decision to flee the sector and return to Tau Sakar.

Second rotation within Mandalore

While being back with the Mandalorians Fitz took up his old job with the navy and helped out in several military campaings such as the Anzat Campaign. During one of the campaings he wandered in the dense jungles of Tau Sakar and found Arconan footprints, Fitz immediately took his S-swoop Buy'ce out of his ship and started tracking the footprints. After tracing the steps for over a day Fitz found his long lost brother Gerald. Gerald was severly wounded and seemed unconscious, he took Gerald back to his ship and took care of him on board. While keeping Gerald in the medical bay Fitz deciced to browse the items Gerald had on him when he was found. Among those items Fitz found the personal journal of Gerald. From the journal Fitz learned that Gerald had regained his memory some years ago and made it back to his parents. He also learned about the unfortunate fate of his parents, his parents had died in an uprising on Cona a couple of months ago, this sparked Gerald to seek out contact with his brother who he hadn´t seen in years. He read that Gerald had angry feelings towards him because he wasn´t there to protect his parents. Fitz couldn´t believe what he had just read and made the difficult decision to bring his brother back to Cona and leave him there. This short but emotionally intense affair led to a burnout and also a Salt addiction. This forced Fitz to take a leave from Mandalore.

Fitz fully recovered from both the burnout and the Salt addiction (though he never recovered from the discoloration in his eyes) and rejoined the Navy, in his absence Mandalore had been revised entirely having a new command structure and fleet structure. He served in the newly formed 2nd Akaata 1st Nuhaatyc Cabure under CO Nathaniel Trent but felt he had grown tired with the Navy and needed a change of pace. This led him to the idea of following his fathers footsteps and enlisted with MandalTech.

Awards and Commendations

Award Image

Award Name

Award Description


Silver Star

The Silver Star can be awarded by any member of Mandalore for benefiting the goverment in an exceptional way. The Silver Star must be given for a specific task, it may never be awarded for general activity


Mandalore Bronze Star

The Bronze Star can be awarded by any member of Mandalore Command for exceptional service to the military. This could include the introduction of new aspects to the Mandalore military or service above and beyond the call of duty in an officers assigned function.


Letter of Commendation

A Letter of Commendation is meant to recognize a soldier´s excellent, effecient, and effective performance in Mandalore Service. A Letter of Commendation shall be presented when the recipient has performed well above the standars set by his or her branch, and is a means to give recognition where the level of service needed for a medal has not been met. A ribbon may be posted indicating that the recipient has recieved a LOC, and shall contain stripes equal to the number of LOCs the soldier has earned.


Mandlore Logistic Award

Mandalore Logistic Award is meant to recognize a Mandalore member's excellent, effecient, and effective performance in Logistic Service. This award can be given multiple times.


Mandalore Duty Bar

The Duty Bars will show the time of service for an Mandalore member. The Triad will award the Mandalore Members with one duty Bar once the member reaches 24 months of service.


Mandalore Veteran Award

This award shall be presented to a Mandalore member, retired or active, which has been a member of atleast 2 years and greatly improved the Mandalores presence throughout the galaxy.


2nd Fleet - P'sh'yea's Pride

This award shall be presented for meritorious and lasting contribution to one of the military units in Mandalore. The contribution should help improve the current standards in the unit and for the branch as whole.


4th Fleet - A'den Kotra

This award shall be presented for meritorious and lasting contribution to one of the military units in Mandalore. The contribution should help improve the current standards in the unit and for the branch as whole.


Dxun Bes'uliike Award

This award shall be presented for any Mandalorian who has been part of the Shockball team Dxun Bes'uliike.


Anzat Campaign Award

The Anzat Campaign award is awarded to all Mandalorians who participated in the military operation against New Anzat Order during year 8 and 9.


Aka Slana'pir

Aka Slana'pir, Mission Get Lost, award is awarded to all mandalorians who participated in the successfull military engagement against the Krath Dynasty. The Mandalorian fleet, together with elements from the Imperial 7th fleet, intercepted and repelled the Krath Dynasty fleet who attempted to raid key Mandalore systems in the Abrion sector. Started on Year 12, D091 and ended year 12 D118.