Flar Gar

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Flar Gar
Chiss 2.png
Biographical Information
Race Chiss
Homeworld Csilla
Mother Not on file
Father Not on file
Spouse Deceased, Name not on file
Siblings Half Brother (1) Korvas Varik
Children Eosphoros Gar
Born Year Day
Physical Description
Gender Male
Political Information
Affiliation The Empire of the Hand
Prior Affiliation Anzatan CommonWealth, Starypan/SunHui Spaceworks, Chiss Ascendancy (Medical), CryoMed Laboratories, Rogue Squadron

Early life

According to one account Flar was born on Csilla just before the great Chiss civil war. He married at an early age and he and his wife moved to a little known colony on the outskirts of Chiss space. While working at a local shipyard, war with fellow Chiss broke out and as a result of the devastation, chaos and confusion. Flar’s wife and Son was listed as missing and over time believed to be killed during the conflict.

It is now a well documented fact that the war resulted in Chiss culture being devastated, Csilla being lost to outside influence.

Flar Gar however decided to join the mass exodus with other Chiss that followed after the fall. At different points in Flar Gar’s life he was blessed with legendary figures that become his mentors.

To mention the few:

Brat Costa Ru; The former Imperial Moff and Intelligence officer that later turned renegade over the actions of then Emperor Vodo Bonias.

The trader Jack T Ladd A well known trader.

The Intelligence mastermind: Zettai Kun, and finally but not least Archon Zei.

Much as been said of Flar Gar over the years. Both the good, the bad, and the ugly however little is still known of him. In more elaborate stories he is from a future. A future incarnation of a Chiss, a time traveler or advance guard, in some versions of the same stories he is in fact both born a commoner and a noble.


Conflicting accounts exist concerning the nature of Flar Gar’s personality traits. Some have gone onto claiming at Flar Gar’s birth he was born without a personality and is likely not to develop one any time soon. Other more charitable accounts put forward the view that Flar is an interesting blend of stoic and passionate composures,with keen interest in Philosophy and the Sciences.

Many accounts list Flar as very loyal to the individual, but not strictly speaking to groups. In fact Flar is recorded in saying as much.

Mid Life

Flar was able to book a package holiday out of war torn Csilla. During one of his “Working Holidays” he managed to secure employment with the Imperial Outer Rim Authority.

Flar learned allot during the early day’s. Flar had great drive and a keen capacity for creative thought. Thinking outside the box. But Flar clearly lacked experience making a number of mistakes.

"'....I recall my first mission. I was traveling with all the new recruits. I was very excited. I was soo keen, I decided to walk outside onto the planet even those my supervisor strictly told me not to. I had a gun to my head before I could blink. I was arrested. Thankfully I was only given a warning. Good time. Insane times ''"
— Flar Gar

Brat Costa Ru offered Flar a chance to work with one of the Imperial out rim authorities main NAT-factions. But Flar declined. After this Brat Costa Ru forwarded his name to Imperial inteligence. He was later accepted and become a field agent.

A matter of Intelligence

Imperial Intelligence:

Many beings in the Galaxy claim to be Intelligence agents. Flar is of course no exception to this cosmic rule. Among many of Flar's claims is his one time recruitment into Imperial Intelligence. A glowing report from Moff Brat Costa Ru, with a note of caution about some of things Flar suggests. He was eventually accepted into the organisation.

Ah, Flar Gar. New Recruit I see. - Intelligence officer

Yes, sir! - Flar Gar

I don't believe that you are. Just the way you carry yourself. No matter. Couple of points Moff Ru has recommended you for intelligence services and re-con missions. He also makes it clear you have some ideas. Some a little bit off the wall. - Intelligence Officer

Thank you, sir. - Flar Gar

Over time Flar grow in confidence and experience learning a steady set of skills. His supervisor was very patient with him. In time seeing what of his ideas was possible and which not.

Flar became in direct contact with Pro-consul Goth. The second in command of the Galactic Empire. Flar considered Goth to be rather rude - and in fact Flar never liked rude people. Over time Flar learned that Goth was taking his mandate of second in command to new extremes, many in the higher ranks of the empire did not approve of Goth. Acting alone and without approval. Flar Gar decided to lunch a series of well targeted Holonet campaigns against Goth. Goth and some of his supporters laughed it off. But behind some closed doors. Goth wanted to get to the bottom of this. Flar offered his services in trying to find out who did it. Unknown to most. It was Flar!

To some this ended in failure. The DownwithGoth campaigns did not succeed in removing Goth. To others it did a good job in discovering who was Goth's supports and who was not, it also made Goth uncomfortable, so say some scholars, and provided Flar with very detailed information.

In the end Flar decided to leave Imperial Intelligence.

"I am leaving Intelligence because I only work for a select few people. That means I only report to a few. I am very picky! What is more I don't consider the new director to be effective and will likely get himself killed"

Six months later the Imperial Intelligence director that Flar was speaking of, Romulus Lupine, a strong support of pro-consul Goth was killed. Flar was not surprised. Goth would be finally removed from office for other reasons, Calor Assam took an unexpected solar trip. Flar however had now moved on, to find new friends. The force directed him elsewhere.

Next Steps for Flar

After leaving the Imperial Outer rim authority and Imperial intelligence, Flar moved to Anzatan Commonwealth. During his time there Flar sent a warning to the King, Wilhelm Von Ismay that his life was in danger. It was to be of no use and Wilhelm was assassinated in year 8. He became restless and left due to poor pay and the way he felt that the non-affiliated groups were being treated.


Flar was a member Starypan/SunHuiSpaceworks as a normal employee in ship productions, but due to his ego, intelligence and hard work ethic, quickly rose through the ranks until he became Deputy Director of Production. While in this role Flar was still actively involved in his own Chiss community, working alongside Nilos driving the Chiss people to unite and reform.

He fulfilled this role for approximately one year when things started to go sour. He had 3 reasons for leaving SSS 1. The pay was poor 2. He disgreed very strongly that SSS was going to be treated the same was as all of the NAT factions. Yet SSS was performing very well and making profits, whereas most of its counterparts were not. His point being quoted as; "why should a group of people working hard and getting good results be treated like the group that was being unsuccessful". 3. He was also currently trying to run for a political office at the time but decided to withdraw, leaving a friend to take his place.

In short he felt it was time to move on and went on a space walk to get some alone time to contemplate what he would do next and decided to take a shot at Intelligence directing. It was at this point he met a member of Rogue Squadron and soon moved into Rogue Squadron space.

Rogue Squadron

Rogue Squadron has always a special place in Flar Gar's heart. When Flar needed an organisation, a family, Rogue squadron helped him. He still continued with his work on Chiss reform while working for Rogue Squadron and there was no issue. Once he joined them he started planning as always and commenced city building. Within time he became Planetary Governor. During his time there, Flar continued with his work for the Chiss cause.

While working Flar heard tell that during a temporary walk out on his behalf, under Nilo's command however the Chiss Ascendency had been looted. Luckily before he had left, Flar had re-directed assets to prevent a successful loot, suspecting a loot was likely. On his return he returned the assets to create Chiss materials extractions.

Flar and Nilos disagreed on a number of political issues. Nilos wanted Chiss to be only Chiss, whereas Flar felt there should also be non-Chiss even in high up positions. Flar's vision and one shared with others woulds see a new the Chiss Ascendency which one day become the empire of the hand, and so it seemed right to no longer be called an Aristocra, a leader within the Chiss Ascendency.

During this time Flar met Simon Eusnomis, when Nilos's Ascendancy was supposed to have produced some medical items for the Federation and failed to do so.

It was around this time he heard rumor from his intelligence contacts that Nilos wanted him killed while he worked tirelessly on a sensitive slab-war mission; giving away his mission and location to possible bounty hunters. Flar kept on with his work and with the info in hand, had Nilos killed for betrayal, in order to protect himself and others. In Flar's mind, Nilos had never been a good leader; he would make friends and then stab them in the back, while using them for his own Chiss agenda. After the death of Nilos, Flar was faced with the decision,fold over Chiss material extractions or run it. This meant effectively leaving Rogue Squadron

He then became a leader of the Chiss Ascendancy, Chiss Materials Extractions was renamed Chiss Ascendency, which annoyed some and finally became the Empire of the hand.

While Flar is no longer a member of Rogue Squadron, he still is on personal, friendly terms with them, regardless of the fact that he is now a leader within the empire of the hand.

The Chiss Ascendancy

Chiss Ascendancy (Medical Company)

Chiss Ascendancy (Community Body)

AKA: Third Chiss Ascendancy

Flar Gar was a founding member within this organsation. They would later become known as the Chiss Ascendancy in exile. The group focused its effects around chiss culture, However because of increase in anti human policies, which Flar Gar strongly disagreed with, Flar Gar walked out taking then the Chiss Material Extractions, a mining company, with him. The Chiss Ascendancy in exile did however recall such policies and for a short time Flar agreed to stay. But would refuse to be part of its governing body. Regardless of being asked, or not.

The Empire of the Hand

Flar went on to join up with Simon and his friend Elas Sacara , whom Flar already knew.He formed The Empire of the Hand. Simon and Elas were a great source of support but he does not consider himself to be their leader and usually the day to day running is done by others with Flar being involved in the decision making.

Leader of Chiss Ascendancy
Preceded By:
Carn`ilo` Sabosen
Aristocra Gar
Year 12 Day 109 Year 13 Day 164
Succeeded By:
Drak`ora Sabosen