Florian Laiden

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Florian Laiden
Biographical Information
Race Falleen
Homeworld Falleen
Mother Gabbi Yuri (Adopted Mother)
Father Elm Aran (Adopted Father)
Siblings Echuu Shen-Jon (Adopted)

Larry Turner (Adopted)
Pocas Nuckie (Adopted)deceased
Xpofer Tomas (Adopted)
Stack Soto (Adopted)
Apoc Starder (Adopted)
Gretchen O'Hara (Adopted) deceased
Adam Nuckie (Adopted) deceased

Allana Aran-Kutol (Adopted)

Jaydon TaVolarian (Adopted)

Sabo Magus (Adopted)

Leo Iscander (Adopted)

Shall Ti (Adopted Nephew)

Pat Kil`astra (Adopted)

Krios Malana (Adopted)

Tika Majere (Adopted)

Siejo Kutol (Son in law)

Calista Kutol(Adopted Niece)

Born Unknown
Physical Description
Gender Male
Height 1.7 meters
Eye Color Blue
Political Information
Affiliation Tal'ShenAran, Corporate Alliance
Prior Affiliation Creshaldyne Industries, Drax Industries, Kathol Republic

Florian Laiden, a proud and prominent Falleen Officer of the Corporate Alliance and an Eldar of The House of Tal'ShenAran.

Florian Laiden, son of Shinye Laiden and Marc Laiden, was a boy born in Falleen, roughly 26 years ago. Born with the bad luck any person belonging to the lower classes has, he was meant to serve, never to command, never to be free, or so it would be thought at that time.

Although his first years were peaceful and calm as the ones of any common child of the Galaxy, he found himself soon to be helping his parents in their serving for the House they were with. And it was far from being good service, even for adults, not to mention for children. His parents were none less than two of the private bodyguards of an House Ruler of Falleen. They were excellent fighters yes, both in unarmed brawls and non-projectile weapons use, and also reasonably good with projectile weapons. Excellent yes, but not invincible as the future would prove. Florian was never very good on such skills, despite practicing and watching his parents every single day. He was a peaceful guy, keener on diplomacy and talking, than in fights, which made him pretty develop an enormous dislike and sense of hate for his home world, as it was constantly emerged in fights between the different clans. Fights he would like to be no part off, but that he unfortunately had to.

In a single night, when Florian was only roughly 14 years old, a child mostly, by Falleen standards, everything in his life changed, for worse it would be thought at first, but maybe it was for good. At this point it’s still unclear what those changes would mean in his life.

He was calmly sleeping in this large room, where along with him, all of the bodyguard staff was sleeping, except for the ones in service that night. They were sleeping yes, but not for long, as blaster shots and screams, started to be heard from the upper floors of the House Palace. The boy knew it, it was the rival House attacking, an harsh move, but courageous nonetheless. Not everyday you see someone attack his enemy at his own heart. But it was no time for such thoughts, for more good and adventuring they were. The boy got up, and dressed himself with his light armor. It was more of a psychological protection, as it won’t stand much in a real fight. He quickly rushed around the room, handling armors and weapons to all bodyguards as it was his task. One by one, as they were equipped, they stormed up to the upper floors to defend the mansion, and the House members they served with so many honors.

Florian’s parents were so worried in defending their Leader, the Leader who didn’t cared of them as servants they were, they didn’t even talked to the boy, nor let him any order. He thought then he was free to do as he wanted too, so he picked a vibroblade, and followed the other bodyguards. It was at one of the main halls that most of the fights were happening, and it was there, in the back of the fight behind a small decorated wal