Tika Majere

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Tika Majere
Biographical Information
Race Nautolan, (Selkath before change)
Mother unknown
Father Elm Aran (Adopted father)
Spouse none
Siblings Echuu Shen-Jon (Adopted brother)

Allana Aran-Kutol (Adopted Sister)

Jaydon TaVolarian (Adopted Sister)

Florian Laiden (Adopted brother)

Sabo Magus (Adopted brother)

Leo Iscander (Adopted brother)

Shall Ti (Adopted brother)

Pat Kil`astra (Adopted brother)

Krios Malana (Adopted brother)

Siejo Kutol (Brother-in-law)

Children Calista Kutol (Adopted Niece)
Born unknown
Died N/A
Physical Description
Gender Female
Height 1.65 meters
Coloring Blue
Eye Color Black
Political Information
Affiliation Corporate Alliance, Tal'ShenAran (Family)
Positions Director
Prior Affiliation Confederacy of Independent Systems

Tika Majere, formerly a proud and prominent Selkath, now a Nautolan and an Eldar of The House of Tal'ShenAran, is a Director of the Corporate Alliance.


Tika cannot currently remember any of her life before joining the CA in year 10. She is not even sure of her age. But it is presumed she is approximately in her mid 20's. What she is sure of is that she is a Selkath with blue skin. She joined Corporate Alliance (CA) Year 10 Day 76. She rose steadily in ranks in the CA, following orders, jumping to any needed organization, doing what was needed and learning what she didn't know. She formed a good friendship with Siejo Kutol, leader of the CA. She eventually advanced to the unofficial 2ic position.


By this time she had been introduced to Elm Aran and his adopted children. She was accepted by them and accepted them and their family in return. When CA was merging into the CIS, things seemed to become too stressed for her personally and she requested a voluntary demotion to allow her to regather herself. Up to this time, she had slowly acquired 2 cities and 2 ships of her own. It was at this time that she felt she needed space to think things through and began accepting extremely long hyper trips gathering far flung ship and such.

Metamorphosis Plague

During the latest and longest trip to gather nearly 20 ships, she was exposed to the Metamorphosis Plague. Falling unconscious for nearly a week, she woke and didn't realize anything had changed. It wasn't until she returned from the mission to visit her friend Siejo, that it was discovered she had been changed from a blue Selkath to a blue Nautolan!