Galactic Shockball League

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Galactic Shockball League
General Information
Status Active
Commissioner Tholme So
Headquarters Stensen`s Colony
Historical Information
Founded Year 18
Champions Season 1 - Calaron Razors
Season 2 - Ongoing

The Galactic Shockball League is the galaxy's premier shockball conference. Composed of three hierarchical divisions - Core Worlds, Outer Rim, and Wild Space - teams of four players move an electrically charged ball down a field, using special equipment including ball scoops to fling the orb and insulating mitts to handle it, attempting to score the most points in 70 minutes of game time.


Season 1

Note: Season 1 did not have Divisions.

Season 2

Core Worlds

  • Calaron Razors
  • Callia Slavers
  • CorSec Panthers
  • Farlax Legionnaires
  • Hutt Space Blitz Krieg
  • Kamparan Guard
  • Manda Mirshii
  • Talravin Interceptors

Outer Rim

Wild Space

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