Galentro Heavy Works

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Galentro Heavy Works
General Information
Status Active
Owner Pentastar Alignment
Historical Information
Founded Year 13 Day 16 as Horizon Tactical Armaments
Year 13 Day 237 reorganized
Year 16
Political Information
Affiliation Pentastar Alignment

Krath Alliance

Industry General Manufacturer

Early History

Galentro Heavy Works was founded from the ruins of the company Horizon Tactical Armaments. After months of neglict it was finally shelled and given away. Now in a private partnership with Creshaldyne Industries it hopes to one day rise to become a predominate manufacuring corporation.

About Us: Galentro Heavy Works (GHW) is a nationalized corporation. We are driven to become one of the main private vehicle suppliers in the Galaxy by offering superior quality and costumer service. GHW is neutral in the galactic conflict and thus will not discriminate against any party on either side of the conflict. GHW is deticated to the principles of providing a healthy work environment, and quick delivery of products.

Services: We provide services primarily to private enities but from time to time provide vehciles to the general public. To inquire about our services and to know what we provide please send a DM to Solarius Masha.

Employment: GHW is looking for talented individuals looking to work in a friendly/family setting. Advancement is quick for those who show initiative and activeness. When you join GHW you are given a black slate, a fast ship, and a friendly environment.


Unknown at present.