Ganondorf Dragmire

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Ganondorf 'Beardo' Dragmire
Ganon during the height of his Industry career
Biographical Information
Race Hapan
Gender Male
Homeworld Unknown Regions
Mother Unknown
Father Unknown
Spouse Unknown
Siblings Unknown
Children Unknown
Born Unknown (Presumably age 30)
Imperial Service
Branch Mind seal.pngMinistry of Industry (last)
Positions None

Prior Service
Mind seal.png Ministry of Industry

Magnaguard Manufacturing

  • Lansono Production Hub Manager

Coalition for Progress

  • Full-time employee

Imperial Information Service

  • Deputy Director

Imperial FM Radio

  • Station Manager

Imperial Archives

  • Archivist

Imperial News Bureau

  • Deputy Director

Navy.pngImperial Navy
Naval Public Affairs Office

  • Naval Public Affairs Assistant

1st Assault Group, 2nd Imperial Fleet

  • Squadron Pilot
Awards Service Badges



Ganon was serving Magnaguard Manufacturing as the de facto production hub manager for the Lansono system. Ganon has worked in many branches throughout his one year career, starting with the Imperial Navy to COMPNOR and lastly Ministry of Industry. Having worked in Military, Government and Industry, Ganon is a well rounded individual who has suffered loss but also has enjoyed success making him a very adaptable and experienced person. He is known for reviving and reorganizing Imperial FM Radio, making it once again the nationalized radio station of the Empire.

His Nickname

While at the Goose & Guinar bar and grill, the Executor, Guinar Ndengin has a few times called him "Beardo" and once in an holo-mail addressed to him thus permanently making his nickname 'Beardo' after Ganon showed him a hologram of him and a long beard.

What's his past?

Ganon joined the COMPNOR SAGroup when he was old enough. He often gave the SA salute "Hail to the Emperor, the Empire, and the New Order. May its righteousness never falter."
Ganon as a SAGroup Cadet

Past service

Ganon was a squadron pilot for the Imperial Navy until Lord Admiral Blackrain spoke to him and wrote a recommendation for him to join COMPNOR. When asked by the Grand Vizier what he wanted Ganon replied "Sir I love the Navy, but I also love the Empire. I am fueled and empowered by the strong desire to help others and improve the quality of the Empire"


Little is known about his life before enlistment likely a doing of Ganon himself. Ganon hails from the unknown regions, a dark and mysterious part of space only few dare to travel to.


Ganon enrolled into the Imperial Academy. He originally intended to join the army, but after long talks with his would-be employer, friend and confidant Syrus Slane who saw potential in this recruit and inspired him to enlisted in the Navy instead. Ganon citing reasons for this decision being the fact that the navy has a long history of undying loyalty and tradition. After his graduation he enlisted into the Navy and shorter after NCOMD approved his employment to the Naval Public Affairs Office to be Slane's assistant. Since then the young enlisted has written one article on following protocol dubbed "PROTOCOL AND YOU" and helped in writing the history of the Navy by interviewing retired Admirals such as Machkhit, Kaine, and Slicer.

After leaving the Navy he joined COMPNOR full time under the Coalition for Progress to further use his talents for the Empire. In COMPNOR he acted as a representative for the Coalition for Progress as many of those who work there full time are. He made sure people are aware of the rules and policies of the coalition and helps mediate between Imperials and Coalition command. Considering himself as an instrument of COMPNOR to push the pure human agenda, Ganon had a general view on aliens as sub-human and unworthy of certain tasks a human could do easily and is one of the bigger supporters of speciesism in The Commission, though recently during retirement he changed his views on aliens..

After only serving for a short time in The Commission, Ganon was approached by Guinar Ndengin about transferring to Magnaguard Manufacturing to eventually lead a main production hub. Soon after the offer Ganon resigned from COMPNOR and took a short vacation before returning and joining the Ministry of Industry for a career in production and extractions.

Expulsion from Imperial Service

Having been fed up with his dead end career in Magnaguard and his inability to transfer to another NAT or branch on standing orders from the Grand Vizier, Ganon got into a heated argument with his superior Tyris Elensar which ended in his demotion to Senior Workman and arrest while on duty and was dishonorably discharged from Imperial Service on Year 13 Day 78, 8:46. He was released on a neutral planet on Year 13 Day 93, 14:09, Tyris' final departing words being "Eternal Galaxy from which we came, receive Senior Workman Ganondorf Dragmire May God have mercy on his soul."


Ganon retired from working in the galaxy and went to finally live with his people on Hapan.

Galactic Empire

GE Seal.png Imperial Personnel File

Serial number: Unknown.
Rank: Senior Workman.
Paygrade: E-4.
Positions: Production Hub Manager.
NAT: Magnaguard Manufacturing
Directorate: Production and Extractions
Branch: Ministry of Industry.

GE Seal.png Service Record

Navy.png Military Ranks

Imperial Academy – Recruit (E-1)
Imperial Navy – Crewman (E-2)
Imperial Navy – Flight Corporal (E-3)
Imperial Navy – Flight Sergeant (E-4)

COMPNOR Seal.png Central Government Ranks

COMPNOR - Junior Clerk (E-4)

Mind seal.png Industry Ranks

Ministry of Industry - Senior Workman (E-4)
Ministry of Industry - Clerk (E-5)
Ministry of Industry - Senior Workman (E-4)

GE Seal.png Qualifications

Resource Allocations
Inventory Management
Licensed Radio Station Operator
Level 4 Prospector
Department Management
Employee Management
TIE-series Pilot
Squadron Leader

Ribbons, Awards, and Commendations

Awarded Imperial Academy Basic Graduate by Santiano Salazar upon graduation
Awarded Duty Bars 6 Months by Krakonico Petermind on behalf of Galdarzz Aalon on Year 12 Day 264