Greg Yoff

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Greg Yoff
Biographical Information
Race Nautolan
Homeworld Glee Anselm
Mother Biee Yoff (biological)
Kathlen Stewart (adopted, disowned)
Father Haruk Yoff (deceased)
Born Year -6 Day 250
Religion G*nk
Physical Description
Gender Male
Height 1.72 meters
Coloring Green
Eye Color Green
Political Information
Affiliation Black Sun
Shobquix Industries
Nautolan Society
Rank O-1 Surpervisor
Apostle of G*nk
Count of Yofftopia
Prior Affiliation Star's Nova
(Old) United Rebel Front
United Rebel Front
Sector Rangers
The Guild Bank
The Phoenix Foundation
Confederacy of Independent Systems
Aliit Tracyn`senaar
House Stewart
Awards Member of Trinity Squad TrinitySquad ribbon.jpg


Early Life

Born Year -6 day 250, in Duluth, on the watery planet of Glee Anselm. Greg Yoff, nicknamed for the actual spelling of Grego`ti Yoff, was born to a freighter pilot, Haruk Yoff, and small merchant Biee Yoff. While his father traveled the galaxy, Biee began to stay home to teach and care for Greg. At the age of just two, the naturally curious born Nautolan, lost his father in an alleged “accident” where the company ship his father was piloting, was hijacked by pirates, as they were transporting goods. News hit the Yoff family in Glee Anselm, it hit them very hard. Biee became sheltering of young Greg. While the community also mourned the death of Haruk, after some time the community began to question Biee being over protective of Greg. The Yoffs never left the city., as Biee feared for their safety. At the age of four, Greg began to attend basic school in Duluth. During this time it was common for the Yoff family to come close to bankrupt, as Biee would reportedly go out and buy ryll, although this was never confirmed. Greg’s problems at home, didn’t reflect in his schooling. By the age of six, Greg, who was excelling in school, took to the streets of Duluth to begin selling goods for extra money for the family. His mother would soon be disappearing day in and day out. No one would know where she went, until she appeared randomly days later. Biee later attend rehab for her addiction to ryll. Greg fended for himself, with no support from age 6 to age 10. For those four years, Greg sold items, whether they were stolen or not was never determined or questioned, as Grego`ti Yoff was known in Duluth for honesty and his morals. Greg put himself through school until the age of ten. Biee was released from rehabilitation. Greg was approached while selling a blaster, by a human, Falnor Urthadar, a Coruscanti military man. At age ten, with the support of Urthadar, Greg left Duluth to attend the Naval academy of United Rebel Front, a military force in the Xapph Sector. Biee tried to stop Greg from leaving, but as curious and determined as Greg was, he left for Neelgaimon to further his studies.

United Rebel Front

Upon arrival to Xapph, Greg attended the URF Naval Academy. Greg continued to excel in his studies. Greg looked to take care with learning both space and ground combat tactics. Moving swiftly thorough his studies and training, Greg was able to graduate by the age of 15. Greg was officially enlisted into the URF Navy. Greg became a new lover of military life. During leave times from training, or operations within Xapph, Greg boosted his reputation as a trader. Greg was able to trade millions worth of goods, in a short period of time.

At the age of 17, after an accident in training, Greg was shifted to recycling until his health and injuries improved. On a very hot and humid day, Talia Kracken, who was supervising Greg’s recycling, came onto his holoprojector. The Thyferran casted a message about loss of power to all vehicles, ships and facilities within the Neelgamion system. Apparently an EMP was launched, causing massive problems for Greg. With his ship shut down, he was forced to wait for help to arrive. While waiting, mercenaries began to land on the planet, arresting citizens who opposed them. The leader of this group of bandits was the General himself, Falnor Urthadar. The Star’s Nova Mercs raided the cities on Neelgamion. Greg fled and hid until Talia arrived to pick him up.

Three days after the EMP was launched, URF members were forced out of Xapph. These members, were true to their cause, ‘’Power and greed will never outweigh honor and loyalty.’’ These loyalists were forced out of of Xapph and into Elrood. Under the trust of each other, URF was reformed, under these loyalists.

Greg soon found himself in industry, producing ships to help their cause. Greg continued to flourish as a trader. Life became difficult, supplies ran low as well as cash. Greg grew tired of the poor conditions, and donating his savings, a whopping amount of 17million credits, was donated to their cause. Greg soon found himself in search of adventure again, and it seemed to him, URF wasn’t going to give it to him.

Sector Rangers

At the age of 18, Greg left to pursue a military role, in which he found himself enlisted into Sector Rangers as a Sergeant. Greg used his military knowledge to impress his superiors, but never enough to rise up the ranks. Greg only was enlisted for a short time, he became depressed. Doctors were unsure of the cause of his depression, Greg felt suicide would be the only suitable option to solve his problem. No medical reports show that Greg attempted suicide, all that was discovered was, while in a SR barracks, via surveillance cameras, it showed Greg putting a DD6 to his temple, later the video shows fellow SR staff restraining Greg and disarming him. Greg was transferred off to a remote facility until his condition changed, and was discharged from the Sector Rangers.

Back Again

After two months in a remote facility, Greg was released, and headed back to a “less dangerous” job with United Rebel Front. Greg became a regular hauler for the company, as his mental condition was unknown. Greg, who got his act back together, was looking for something, besides sitting in a cockpit traveling the galaxy. After contact from an old friend, Greg soon found himself in a difficult position in his job base. On a sudden occurrence, Greg lost power to his ship, and his identification card was revoked by friendly stations in deep space. Greg panicked. His mind began to race of possible outcomes to this situation. Greg, who somehow made it back to his Barloz-class freighter, fled Elrood for his own safety.

The Guild

Still only 18, Greg contacted an old friend, Xanxus Drol. Greg moved swiftly up the pay scale working for Xanxus’ bank. As his wealth increased, so did his spending habits. It became a somewhat regular sight to see the 18 year old Nautolan, drinking with fellow co-workers and his boss in taverns on Emmo. At one of their get togethers, Xanxus offered Greg a position to run production lines for The Guild Bank. And as an 18 year old, he happily accepted. Greg’s wealth flourished as the company did. Xanxus disappeared, and so did Sandro Rossario, Xanxus’ second hand man. Somehow ownership of the company was transferred, to outside investors, this lead the bank into bankruptcy and the eventual collapse of the once great company. Barely 19, Greg was back on his own, looking for the next big job opportunity to come his way.

The Foundation

The next big chance came to Greg from Jedi Master Davik Kaihso. Greg who was in a state of confusion and disarray, while looking for work, joined up with the Jedi. Greg helped develop a foundation for smaller factions, and he would head its production of the group. The Phoenix Foundation was the name that was decided upon. Still only 19, Greg led his own small production team, to help produce for this foundation.

Greg's Departure

Shortly after turning 20, Greg held a press conference to update on the group, as well as what they plan to do in the future. At this press conference, Greg made a decision, that would alter his relationship with Kaisho.

Greg stood on the podium, as a camera broadcasted the press conference to the rest of the Foundation, and its allies. After describing updates and progresses of the company, Greg had prepared something else in which he read.

“Ladies and Gentlemen,

Thank you all for coming. I have an announcement to read to you and I’m not quite sure how to do it. It seems as though it has come time, I feel as though something is missing. What that is I have not determined. But something isn’t right. With major successes and failures, we have progressed fluently, but I feel like it is time. At this time I would like to say I am fully for this Foundation and what it stands for, but it seems as though I am going away from it. Unfortunate circumstances have not helped this at all. My health has become a concern for me as well as my mother’s current standings in Duluth on Glee Anselm. My family is not in the best stable condition at the moment. And my depression had seemed to go away, but pops up now and again. Based off of this, for me a decision needs to be made. Based on what I feel, I feel like my choices are justified. I hear by resign as Director of Production for The Phoenix Foundation, effective immediately. I feel as though my health will alter decisions and possibly limit my activities inside the Foundation. I would like for Koby Navarro to assume the position of Director, mainly due to the fact I feel his health priorities won’t alter his involvement, as it has slightly done with my role. I want to thank all of you for the opportunities. And I wish that you all remain safe, and have good fortune. As I move on, I can't say I'm sure what my future has in stored for me, I guess we will find out at the same time."

Greg stood on the podium, a couple tears managed to get passed. He walked out of the room, and boarded his personal ship, which ascended from Emmo, and swiftly left.

Aliit Tracyn`senaar

Greg approached Kathlen Stewart on what it would take to become a Mandalorian. He already had experiance in how her clan worked, having worked with her while he was with the Foundation. After she began to give him a brief overview of the resol'nare, he decided that this was a path he wished to follow. On Year 14, Day 362 Kathlen adopted Greg into Aliit Tracyn`senaar, taking him in as her son, her ad.

With joining Aliit Tracyn`senaar, not only did Kathlen become Greg's buir, Greg also gained a little brother in James Gav. Kyla Royer, who he had also known from his days within the Foundation, was now his cousin. Aiko Constantine and Nileri Ateisa Rosiir also stood beside him as family. They weren't the only ones, though. With being a mandalorian, he now had vode across the galaxy.

Independent Military

Upon his departure from Phoenix Foundation, Greg worked his way into the ranks of the Confederate of Independent Systems Military. This spell saw his active and eagerness used and abused by Commanding officers, giving him unsatisfactory tasks. A change in the Military leadership saw Greg leading his own group as an officer. His assigned task force seemed less than pleased with their new Nautolan leader. The task force’s failure to comply saw Greg’s willingness to lead shrink, and thus lead to his resignation and departure of Confederate space.

Calling of the Sun

Following Greg’s departure from the Confederate of Independent Systems, Greg set up a job with the Black Sun, using his connection to Kathlen Stewart to gain access to the trading syndicate. Greg worked diligently, following orders and completing a variety of tasks, lead to his usefulness inside the massive trade syndicate.

The G*nk’s Calling

Greg continued his work till one night, he dreamt. A G*nk appeared and told him the true path. Greg began to begin his research on G*nk, and another vision came to him. He followed this vision and now lives through G*nk.

Family, Honor, Profit

As Greg’s usefulness furthered, so did his role. Climbing the ranks, until he was able to reach the moment to join the Family. During his oath and commitment to the Family, Greg renounced his Mandalorian ties to Aliit Tracyn`senaar, in order to serve only one true Family. Currently serving the Family as an O-1 Trucido, Greg also serves The Collective as the Minister of Entertainment and Gaming on the Continuing Committee.

Personal Life

A family life is something that was never thought much of. Greg is currently the Owner and Manager for Iego Arch Angels, a boloball team which currently plays in the Black Sun Boloball League. Greg is also the Count of Yofftopia, his own little paradise in the southern part of the galaxy. As a renown trader, Greg’s trading skills have provided him with contacts and friends from all over the galaxy, no matter their affiliation.

Status: Alive