Kathlen Stewart

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Kathlen Stewart (Deceased)
Biographical Information
Race Mirialan
Homeworld Naboo
Mother Merriam Stewart
Father Lawrence Paschall (Biological)
Dain Stewart (Step-Father)
Partner Alexander von Ismay (Deceased)
Siblings Alyva Roscoe (Died Year 14 Day 237)
Aylee Stewart
Lily Stewart
Children Greg Yoff
James Gav (Born Year 14 Day 334)
Born Year -13 Day 248
Died Year 18 Day 281 (31 Years Old)
Physical Description
Gender Female
Height 5'2"
Eye Color Blue with Purple specks
Political Information
Affiliation House Ismay
House Stewart
Prior Affiliation DroMor Motors
Alderaan Mining Corporation
Aliit'alor of Aliit Gav
Phoenix Foundation
Phoenix Vu`Traat
Aliit'buir of Aliit Tracyn`senaar

Kathlen Stewart was a Mandalorian and the Aliit'buir of Aliit Tracyn`senaar.

Growing Up On Naboo

Kathlen Stewart was born on Naboo in Year -13 Day 248. She was raised by noble parents, Dain Stewart and Merriam Stewart. Her mother was from Naboo and had once been a queen, long before her birth. Her father was from Corellia had retired from the senate not long before she had been born, as well. They had a wish that one day, Kathlen would follow in their footsteps, and return their family to the glory of politics. They craved the power, and the spot light.

Her younger sister, Aylee Stewart, was born in Year -7. Kathlen became very close to Alyee, trying to keep her from falling in line with her parents mentality. She knew her parents favored her more, because she was the oldest. She tried her best to make things equal between herself and her sister. Kathlen noticed early that Aylee liked to experiment with the more exciting things in life. Aylee liked to do things that weren't exactly seen as socially acceptable by their parents. There were a few times when Aylee was brought home by the local security because of her antics.


When Kathlen had turned 16, her grandmother had given both her and her sister a Lapiz Necklace. The blue gemstone was set in a silver pendant. "My mother had a large Lapiz gemstone that she found on Hapes. I had the stone broke down into two equal pieces. I hand them to you two, knowing you will cherish them forever. Like you will cherish each other."

Kathlen was sent to study with some of the best teachers Naboo had to offer. She was to be the best and brightest Naboo had to offer. A fine specimen of knowledge in all things that would help them carve her way to the top. That is what she became. She studied hard, so as not to disappoint them, however she grew bored and wanted to see more than just the walls around her. During her studies, she found a teacher her parents hadn't known about. He was a wookiee, whose name was too hard for her to pronounce. He taught her Shyriiwook, and that other races are really no different in the end. Under his teaching, she became more accepting, more understanding.

Leaving Naboo

Aylee: Please don't go. Don't leave me alone with them.
Kathlen: I can't stay here any more. I will always have my necklace. I will always remember you no matter where I am in the galaxy. You're smart Aylee. You can leave here too.

Soon, the time came, when she had learned the true intent of what her parents wished for her. Their form of politics was manipulation, lying, and hatred of alien races. They were out to gain what was best for them, and didn't care about the people they were supposed to be serving. On Year 13 Day 84, she made the most selfish decision she had ever made in her life. She loaded up the Nu she had received as a gift from her father, and left Naboo and her sister, never looking back.

Roaming Space

Not long after Kathlen left Naboo, she found a random escape pod floating in Chommel space. Upon scanning it, she found that there was a life form within it. She was shocked when she retrieved a younger Twi'lek female from the pod. There was no identification on her, but her injuries were severe enough to need to be looked at. She knew the closest hospitals were on Naboo, but she needed to be as far away from there as possible. Instead of going back down, Kathlen treated her the best she could, and headed for Chamm II. Upon arriving, she left the woman in a hospital there. Later, after over a year and a half, she ran into the Twi'lek again. Kathlen didn't remember her at first, but was surprised when woman remembered the events that had transpired. Tali Zarana was even more surprised that in such a big galaxy, she could meet the woman who saved her life.

Kathlen roamed space for a time after this. Making stops at various taverns across the galaxy. She met many interesting people, and learned a few things that her class rooms couldn't teach her. One day, she managed across a man who was looking for employees. He went by the name of Kast Derrnon and he ran The Alderaan Mining Corporation. Seeing as she was running low on credits, she took him up on his offer, and headed to the Bosph Sector right away.

Alderaan Mining Corporation

Kathlen's work started out simple. At first, she was just building cities on Bosph I. Following the same template everyday, with no change to the routine. Again, boredom would strike, and she would call on Kast to let him know she was headed out for a vacation. She would take random trips around the galaxy. Picking up items she would randomly buy from various sentients. Then, she would head back, and start it all over again.

Eventually, she was asked to head over to Otunia I, and she began building AMC's industrial section. Once the factories where built, she was asked to head the production of various items. Day in, and day out, working the production lines. This too began to bore Kathlen, and she would find herself wondering the galaxy again.

Jaster Gav

Kathlen's Engagment Ring

During one of her random trips throughout the galaxy, she found her self at the Blue Moon Cantina, where she met Jaster Gav. She became intrigued by the Mandalorian. Soon, a friendship grew between the two. They began to meet on a more regular basis, and soon she had met his family, his Aliit.

As time went by, a romance blossomed. The two soon fell in love. Their time together also became harder to come by. Jaster's work schedule became more demanding. Their time, while rather short, did become more precious. As of Year 14 Day 122, Kathlen found out she was two weeks pregnant with their first child.

After returning from an unusually long deployment on Day 200, Jaster made his way back to his family. Upon doing so, he asked Kathlen to be his wife. He presented her with a ring that had once belonged to his mother. A Corellian gem on a gold band. On Day 228, Jaster Gav and Kathlen Stewart were married in a small, mando'ade ceremony. Their closest friends and family were in attendance for the celebration. The ceremony itself was officiated by their vod, Srota Ron.

Things came to the end at the beginning of Year 15. When it became clear to Kathlen that Jaster had made his way back from his current missions, and hadn't sought out his family, Kathlen cut ties. The start of her happy life had crumbled at her feet.


Keeping her Naboo look as a Diathim

After going a few days of constantly being sick, Kathlen set up an appointment with Dr. Aiko Constantine. On Year 14 Day 122, she met Dr. Constantine in her office. After a series of tests, it was concluded that Kathlen was a couple of weeks pregnant with her first child.

By Year 14 Day 129, she began to morph into a Diathim. After a study of tests were done, it was concluded that the hormones of her pregnancy had brought forth a change in her very DNA. It brought out the DNA she had shared with her biological father, Lawrence Paschall. Just the day before, her half-sister Alyva Roscoe had changed as well.

During an incident with Finar Ambrose, Kira Morbus, and Xalitus Swindler, Kathlen was injured to the point of needing medical attention. She spent the remainder of the night in a bacta tank. Doctors and med droids proceeded to run a numerous amount of tests on her and the baby. During the tests, it was concluded that the sex of the baby was to be a boy. Further testing would need to be done to figure out the race of the child, however, this would be something that wouldn't be able to be done until after the birth of the boy.

The Birth

The Birth Announcement of James Gav: Let it be known, that as of late last night, Jaster and Kathlen Gav welcomed their son, James Gav, into the world.

As of year 14, day 334, around 22:00, Kathlen went into labor a month early. With her options for a doctor limited, she contacted Kira Morbus and had Kyla Royer and Mesh`la Daryc meet her at the doctors office. She had no reason to believe that the Anzati would do anything to her or her child, however, she felt better having her vode near by if they were needed.

Delivery was quicker than expected, and with no complications. The quickness is probably contributed to the fact that Mrs. Gav was in labor for a majority of the day and didn't realize it. The baby was healthy, small, but healthy. His eyes were the steel grey of his fathers. His hair, however, wasn't characteristic with his two parents. With what little hair there was, it was still noticeable that it was red.

A small blood sample was taken to test the genetics of the child. Questions surrounding his genetic make up had apparently been there since the mother's race changed to the form of a Diathim. While doing this testing, it was remembered that the visage of Mrs. Gav was but an ability she had gained once her race changed. Her normal, everyday look was no longer the true form that she carried. While she had given birth, that visage disappeared, and the bird like features of the Diathim came forth. The scales were red, and looked to be like they were tipped in black. When the tests returned, it showed that the boy had inherited very few to almost no traits of his mothers Diathim side. It appeared he would be more human like his father. The red hair just happened to be the small part of his mother's dominant side that made it through.

Meeting her Sister

As she became introduced to Jaster's family, she began to find odd similarities between herself and his vod, Alyva Roscoe. The similarities were to much for it to be coincidence. The two began to inquire of their pasts.

Kathlen knew that the man she called her father was not her biological father. She had found this out one night, when her mother had gone into a drunken stupor. She rambled on about a man, who shined like the stars, and was as beautiful as any man she had ever seen on Naboo. She continued on about how she had cheated on Kathlen's father. When she found out she was pregnant, the man ran off so fast, she swore he was flying. "Lawrence Paschall. The most beautiful man to have graced his face on Naboo. I swear I saw him again two years later..." She had passed out at about that point.

After she recanted the story to Alyva, it became apparent that her drunken mother truly did see the man again. For it was around the time Alyva's mother had become pregnant with her. Alyva, however, had managed to know slightly more of their biological father. She knew he had to have been of an alien race, for when Alyva went through the Metamorphosis Plague, she had found that a base line DNA had stayed within her system. It was an alien DNA, that was unlike the Naboo DNA she was born with, or the Human DNA she had changed into. It wasn't until the discovery of Millius Prime that the DNA was identified. Their father was Diathim.

On Year 14 Day 237, word reached Kathlen that Alyva had grown ill, and died suddenly. There was no other info that she could gather. With this, Kathlen lost her sister, and her unborn niece. All she could do was go for Kyla Royer, Alyva's ad (Mandalorian child). Her niece was already a part of her aliit, but now, Kyla was the last remaining thing that connected Kathlen to her sister.

Derra Tournament

The First Annual Tournament of Derra was formulated by Rochi Zaraki on Year 14 Day 6 after the outbreak of the Great Animosity Plague. The tourney was held on Derra IV under the only volcano on the planet. Kathlen signed up for the tournament and made her way to Derra IV. She equipped herself with a A280, her customized Relby K-23, and a full Corellian Powersuit.

She went in un-experienced, having never been in battle before let alone a simple fight. Her first, and only opponent was a well experience Mandalorian, Mesh`la Daryc. The mando'ad started across the field from her, in his green and orange armour. After tactical errors on her part, the round ended quickly. Quicker than even she expected. It became a learning experience, and a stepping stone for things to come.

Becoming A Mandalorian

By this point in Kathlen's life, she already knew in her heart where she belonged and what she was. She was a Mandalorian.

Aliit Gav

With Jaster being away for work longer than any one had anticipated, the aliit began to grow uneasy. On year 14, day 164, Kathlen went to Mand'alor Kai Oryk and formally made it known that Aliit Gav had decided that they wanted her to become their Aliit'alor. While unsure of herself at first, she knew what she was doing was right for her vode. She had no wish to take the aliit from it's creater, but she did so anyway. She hoped, that when Jaster returned, he would stand beside her as Aliit'buir and help her lead their family the best way they could, together.

Many left the aliit, feeling that its new direction was not in their best interests. Kathlen took this in stride, and held her head high. She now had to build from the bottom up, and knew the task was going to be daunting. She took pride in knowing her sister, Alyva Roscoe, and nieces, Ashara von Ismay and Kyla Royer, still stood beside her. Three women with whom she trusted her very life with, and would do anything for.

Year 14 Day 200 was the day Jaster returned. He came back to see his brother gone, and most of the aliit as well. What now stood in front of him, wasn't the Nabooian "little girl" that he had met, but a Diathim Mando'ad. A woman who had brought together the people she cared about. After bringing him up to date with the events that had conspired while he was gone, he expressed his desire to have his position back. He knew that this wasn't to be, because the women in front of him trusted Kathlen with everything.

Kathlen knew the day would come when Alyva would finally choose to leave the aliit. Alyva had married an Ismay. Alyva had slowly started to drift away from her old life, and became more accustomed to the new one. She lost her way as a Mando'ad, and claimed her self Dar'manda. Kathlen had hoped that one day Alyva would re-find herself, and her mandalorian heritage. Sadly, this would never happen.

Kathlen adopted Kongo Orikan into the aliit on Year 14 Day 324. She brought him in as her new ad. Her son. Her aliit was growing again. She felt pride in knowing that she was doing everything she could for her family. Within a few weeks it became apparent that Orikan had put himself close to Kathlen and Mesh`la to bring more unrest to the mandalorian culture. With finding this out, and putting together what evidence there was, Orikan was arrested. He was sent back to Krath to await trial for his crimes against Krath and Aliit Breviin.

Once her marriage ended, Kathlen decided it was time to move on from Aliit Gav. She wasn't going to move on from the life she had formed as a mandalorian, so she decided it time to create her own clan.

Aliit Tracyn`senaar

Aliit Tracyn`senaar aliik (sigil)

Aliit Tracyn`senaar was founded by Kathlen following her separation with Jaster Gav. She decided it was finally time to step away from Aliit Gav. She gave the rest of the clan the option of going with her, or staying with Gav. She would not force them to choose, for it was not right to make them pick sides in a family squabble. To her surprise, most of them followed.

Life as a Mercenary

After leaving Alderaan Mining Corporation, Kathlen began her life as a mercenary. She picked up odd jobs here and there, taking contracts mostly as a pilot. She would transport goods or ships from various locations, and transport them wherever needed.

Her list of employers included:

Phoenix Foundation

While fulfilling a contract she had of transporting some ships for the Anzatan Commonwealth, Kathlen came into contact with Davik Kaisho. At first, Davik hired her to make use of her services as a pilot. While doing the job he had paid her to do, Davik brought forth the idea of the Phoenix Foundation.

He was bringing together an organization that he hoped would help benefit others in the galaxy. He wanted to make it easier for people, like herself, to find work. He had also expressed interest in helping her build her aliit, and giving her a space to recruit as she needed. It had also become apparent that all of those years she spent studying on Naboo would finally be put to good use. She began to help him with the formal arrangements of the paperwork he needed for the Foundation. What she became good at, was setting up the press releases that needed to be written out.

Phoenix Vu`Traat

As she continued her work within the foundation, Davik came to her about starting her own business. He offered to back the venture, providing the funds to start it. All she had to do was lead it. Kathlen was given full freedom to do with the business as she chose. With this, Phoenix Vu`Traat was born. Kyla Moved over with her and became her second in command. It was a common sense move. The two were more like sisters now than aunt and niece. However, it didn't take long before there was a falling out between Kathlen and Davik. With this, Kathlen pulled Vu`Traat from the Foundation, breaking all ties with the former group.

Vu`Traat had a growing client list. Jobs began to come in faster than their employees could handle. It was then that Kathlen and Kyla decided that it was time to move on from the venture. They finished their last remaining contracts, and then closed their doors.

The Death Hunt

Aliit Breviin declared the start of The Death Hunt.[1] With this announcement, Kathlen set out with Kyla Royer, and Kira Morbus to the planet of Malastare. The hunt was to begin on Year 14 Day 260.

Their strategy was planned out before they even hit the planet. Kathlen was to start hunting while the other two searched for the crystals that were needed to finish the hunt. Fourteen hunters set out, looking for fourteen crystals. Kathlen's group found five. Kathlen raced to finish the kills needed to finish before anyone else could, but she hit a snag. As she searched the planet for the creatures needed, she kept coming up shy of the ones she needed. With only two groups of creatures left to find, the winner was declared.

A Change of Pace

Kathlen with her new look

With the ending of her marriage, and the shut down of her business, Kathlen began looking for new opportunities. She had many options and invitations ahead of her, but wasn't quiet sure as to where to go. She knew she needed a change of pace. Something totally different than what she had experienced before. Who would have known that the change of pace she would go for would be that of her now former brother-in-law, Alexander von Ismay.

Kathlen and Lex had previously talked about her taking up a business venture with him. At the time, however, she turned him down. As they began talking about her running DroMor Motors for him and Black Sun, other conversations began to surface. They were slowly becoming closer, something she had never expected to happen. It didn't take long before Kathlen became like one of the many other girls before her, and started dating an Ismay.

With the change in business ventures, came a change in her look. With Kathlen being a Diathim, she was able to change her presence as she desired. She cut her long locks into a short pixie cut.

DroMor Motors

DroMor Motors Logo

Known Languages

  • Spoken and understood:
    • Basic
    • Mando'a
    • Sith
  • Understood only:
    • Shyriiwook


The circumstances of her death are unclear, but Kathlen was rumored to have been captured and slain by Syn, the leader of the Eidola Pirates, in Year 18 without explanation or ransom.