Mesh`la Daryc

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Mesh`la Daryc
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Biographical Information
Race Anx
Homeworld Concord Dawn
Mother Sarad Daryc
Father Kot`lor Daryc
Spouse Satele Daryc
Children Temseti Wolf (adopted)
Born Year -13 Day 148
Died Year 19 Day 181 (32 Years Old)
Quote Kyr'amu ori'adate akay val kyrayc, bal kyr'amu ori'adate tug'yc.
Physical Description
Gender Male
Height 1.7 meters
Coloring Fair
Hair Color Red
Eye Color Green
Political Information
Affiliation Mandalore, Aliit Du'trachek, Galactic Concordiate
Title Aliit'alor be Du'trachek
Rank Ver`alor Al`verde
Prior Affiliation Imperial Union, Aliit D'ael'mor
Awards Detailed Below

Mesh`la Daryc was a young Mandalorian warrior who wore a set of green and orange Heavy Battle Armour and Helmet. He served his entire career in the Mandalore Military.

Early Life

Mesh`la Daryc was born on Concord Dawn on Year -13 Day 148 to a pair of Mandalorian hyperspace explorers by the names of Kot`lor Daryc and Sarad Daryc. He spent a great deal of his childhood making frequent trips around the galaxy with one parent, or staying on Concord Dawn with the other as one always needed to maintain the Daryc Homestead. By the age of 12, an adult by Mandalorian standards, his parents began leaving him alone to maintain the homestead while his parents were away. Three years later on Year 4 Day 290, his parents died when aborting hyperspace travel into a black hole while plotting a route to Kessel. He spent the next 4 years struggling to support himself without a source of income when on a trip into town he saw a recruitment poster for the local police force. On Year 8 Day 15, he enrolled in the local police academy, one year later he officially joined the Concord Dawn Police.

Police Corruption

The police force sat well with young Mesh`la who had always believed that laws should be there for the greater good. He served with pride up until Year 11 Day 355 when he encountered a fellow officer in a firefight with a squad of battle droids. Calling for backup he drew his service blaster and charged in to help his brother-in-arms. He and the officer he went to aid survived but 3 other officers who arrived as backup were not so lucky. Angry and wanting to know how a squad of illegal battle droids could have made it through customs enforcement he began a personal investigation into the matter. Several months later, on Year 12 Day 130, he found the answer to his question. A fellow officer, in charge of customs enforcement, was taking bribes from droid smugglers. He spent the next 2 weeks gathering proof before taking it to his commanding officer. But, what he did not find out was that the corrupt officer in question was the son of his commanding officer's estranged sister. He was told to drop the matter, but he could not let up. After all this time Mesh`la had grown to utterly despise battle droids and wanted to make sure this never happened again. So he sent a message up the chain of command and went to arrest the corrupt officer himself. He was betrayed, the superior he sent the message to had warned his commanding officer and when he entered the corrupt officer's personal residence there were 4 other men waiting with him. Stripped of his weapons, his pride, and most importantly his armor, and forced into early retirement Mesh`la traveled back to his family homestead hoping to get his affairs together and earn back his dignity. When he arrived there was nothing but burned remains. His fellow officers had razed his property to the ground for daring to oppose the corruption in the force.

Joining the Military

With nothing left for him on Concord Dawn, Mesh`la took a transport to Okyaab 3 to enroll in the Mandalore Academy there. On his 25th birthday, he arrived at the academy where he excelled in military affairs graduating with honor on Year 12 Day 150. He soon joined his first unit as a member of the Mandalore Military where he still serves to this day.

Derra Virus

During the second outbreak of the metamorphosis plague called the Derra Virus, Mesh`la was transformed from a Human into a Kiffar. This changed again with the discovery of the Anx species.

The Great Hunt

At 00:00:00 of Day 17 Year 14 Mesh`la entered into the very first Mandalorian Great Hunt of modern times. Fighting for the glory of himself and his teammates he slaughtered every creature he could find with a pair of ELG-3a Pistols. He fought valiantly, taking some minor wounds from particularly aggressive creatures. Luckily his armour prevented most of the damage and he was free to fight on for the entire length of the hunt. On Day 33 of Year 14 the hunt ended and Mesh`la and his teammates held a final score vastly superior to the other competitors and were named the first Great Hunt Champion. Due to the large number of 62 Banthas encountered during the slaughter, Mesh`la took upon himself the self-appointed title of Slayer of Banthas.

Derra Tournament

Confident from his victory in the Great Hunt, Mesh`la traveled to Derra in order to enter into the First Annual Tournament of Derra in which he fought two rounds losing to Dunta Star in his second.

Fight vs Kathlen Stewart

For his first fight on Y14 D96 Mesh`la faced off against a Naboo, at that time, woman by the name of Kathlen Stewart. Kathlen was a young but enthusiastic fighter but she was no match for Mesh`la's superior Mandalorian training and armor. In a few short exchanges of blaster fire, the fight was over with Mesh`la victorious.

Fight vs Dunta Star

In his second, and final fight, Mesh`la had to face off against known Force Sensitive and fellow Kiffar Dunta Star. This match was much more even than the first and the two fought to a stalemate until halfway into the match when they agreed to stop administering medical treatment between bursts of fire. The fight continued for some time with each fighter slowly wearing down his opponent. Mesh`la made clever use of his jetpack in order to keep Dunta from getting out to a range in which he could use the Nightstinger he carried, but it was simply not to be as eventually, Dunta recovered his Force capabilities. Upon recovering from his use of deflection powers early on in the match Dunta called upon the Force in order to leap a great distance and hit Mesh`la with a devastating attack with his Nightstinger. Mesh`la managed to get one final use of his jetpack in to propel himself inside Dunta's minimum range for a blast with his shotgun but Dunta quickly brought his own close-range weapons to bear bringing Mesh`la down even though he could barely stand himself.


Following his defeat Mesh`la limped home to Mandalorian Space where he started training extensively in order to become a better warrior for the next time he fights.

Aliit Du'trachek

Following the revival of the Mandalorian clan Du'trachek on Concord Dawn, Mesh`la's home-world, he left the haven he had taken amongst the membership of Aliit D'ael'mor and joined the clan of his home-world.


On Y14 D264 Mesh`la adopted a Selkath by the name of Temseti Wolf bringing him into Aliit Du'trachek.


After returning from a top-secret mission, Mesh`la discovered that his wife Satele Daryc had taken their children and left him disappearing for parts unknown never to be seen again. The shame caused by the loss of his family was so great that on Year 19 Day 181 at 10:10 Combine Galactic Time, he flew his personal vessel into the sun of the Concord Dawn System dying instantly.



Award Image

Award Name

Given By

Date Received

Mandalore Distinguished Service Medal. This award is granted in recognition for exceptional and/or long meritorious service to the Warrior Eminence, the Triad, and Mandalore.

Distinguished Service Medal

Mandalore Ka'ra

Y14 D38

The Mandalore Betterment Award is awarded by Mandalore Commanders or above to soldiers who have shown exceptional dedication and service in their assigned function. This award is most commonly, though not always, given to soldiers and commanders for service to their unit.

Mandalore Betterment Award

Be`Mando`ade Cabur
Andrew Panzer

Y14 D234

The Silver Star can be awarded by any member of Mandalore for benefiting the goverment in an exceptional way. The Silver Star must be given for a specific task, it may never be awarded for general activity.

Silver Star

Al`verde Xun Vixx

Y14 D38

The Bronze Star can be awarded by any member of Mandalore Command for exceptional service to the military. This could include the introduction of new aspects to the Mandalore military or service above and beyond the call of duty in an officer's assigned function.

Bronze Star

Alor`aan Grevendar Togl

Y13 D233

Fourth Commendation. A Letter of Commendation is meant to recognize a soldier´s excellent, efficient, and effective performance in Mandalore Service. A Letter of Commendation shall be presented when the recipient has performed well above the standards set by his or her branch and is a means to give recognition where the level of service needed for a medal has not been met. A ribbon may be posted indicating that the recipient has received a LOC, and shall contain stripes equal to the number of LOCs the soldier has earned.

Fourth Letter of Commendation

Various Commanding Officers

Y12 D334 (1st)
Y13 D31 (2nd)
Y13 D233 (3rd)
Y14 D96 (4th)

The Mandalore Logistic Award is meant to recognize a Mandalore member's excellent, effecient, and effective performance in Logistic Service. This award can be given multiple times.

Mandalore Logistic Award

Be`Mando`ade Cabur
Andrew Panzer

Y14 D234

24 Month Duty Bar. The Duty Bars will show the time of service for a Mandalore member. The Triad will award the Mandalore Members with one duty Bar once the member reaches 24 months of service.

24 Month Duty Bar

Mandalore Ka'ra

Y14 D164

The Mandalore Creativity Award is presented to a member who has invented ideas for Mandalore that were implemented.

Mandalore Creativity Award

Alor`aan Grevendar Togl

Y12 D334


Aka ne'tra ca Award

Unit Award

Y13 D109

The Great Hunt Champion Award will be awarded to the winner of the Great Hunt.

Great Hunt Champion

Mand'alor Tyr DeMeer

Y14 D38

The Great Hunt Team Award will be awarded to the winning team of the Great Hunt.

Great Hunt Team

Mand'alor Tyr DeMeer

Y14 D38

The Great Hunt Participant Award will be awarded to all participants of the Great Hunt.

Great Hunt Participant

Mand'alor Tyr DeMeer

Y14 D38

Positions Held

Aliit'alor be Du'trachek
Preceded By:
Mesh`la Daryc
Year 14 Day 47Year 19 Day 181
Succeeded By: