Temseti Wolf

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Temseti Wolf
Temseti Wolf.jpg
Biographical Information
Race Selkath
Homeworld Manaan
Father Mesh`la Daryc (adopted)
Born Year -7 Day 208 (21 yrs old)
Physical Description
Gender Male
Height 1.68 meters
Coloring blue
Eye Color black
Political Information
Affiliation Mandalore, Aliit Du'trachek, Galactic Concordiate
Rank Tratur Ruus`alor
Awards [MBA][LOC-4][MLA-2][DB-6][GHT][GHP]

Temseti Wolf is a Selkath Mandalorian and member of Aliit Du'trachek.

Life on Manaan

Temseti grew up on his home world of Manaan the son of a starship mechanic and a nurse, picking up a variety of skills related to their careers. However, the life of a civilian was not for him and he frequently struggled with it. One day his uncle died leaving him a YV-666 and a Horizon Star Yacht. At the next opportunity, Temseti left Manaan and traveled to Okyaab 3 in order to enroll in the Mandalore Academy.

Becoming Mandalorian

Upon reaching the academy on Okyaab 3, Temseti met two Mandalorians by the names of Xun Vixx and Mesh`la Daryc who took him under their wing and guided him. He eventually joined their military unit and has served with them showing great honor and courage. Through their influence, he learned what it meant to be Mandalorian and holds those ideals close to his heart.

The Great Hunt

When Mandalore declared the first Great Hunt of modern times Temseti decided to join Mesh`la Daryc and Korlan Mereel in forming a hunting team for their unit. While Temseti did not win the tournament in full he was a vital member in helping his team win the team competition.

Aliit Du'trachek

Sometime after the reconstitution of Aliit Du'trachek, Temseti decided that he would like to enter the clan in the traditional way and asked Mesh`la Daryc to formally adopt him into the clan.