Finar Ambrose

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Finar Ambrose
Biographical Information
Race Herglic (previously Cathar, Hutt, Diathim, and Aleena)
Homeworld Cathar
Spouse Xalitus Swindler
Siblings Val Ambrose, Kiie Cristal-via a roundabout Mandalorian adoption ceremony of her nephew, Stonewall Lee, Andy Longshot (brother from another mother)
Children all biological children thought to be deceased, Stonewall Lee (adopted son-Mandalorian custom), Kyber Nights (deceased, adopted son-Mandalorian-custom), Vongese Tal`darasuum (Huttly minion), Chaakar`naast Tal`darasuum (Huttly minion), Wolfgang von Schlavendorf (Huttly minion),
Physical Description
Gender Male
Height 3.0 meters
Eye Color Yellow
Political Information
Affiliation Order of Krath Hospitallers and Krath Academy, Veritas Press (board member), The Kalsi Ascendency (honorary member), The Hutt Cartel (wanted)
Title Baron (The Kalsi Ascendency)
Rank Headmaster of the Krath Academy (OOK)
Prior Affiliation Solus`oya, Mando`ade, Veritas Press, The Galactic Stock Exchange, The Hutt Cartel, Order of Krath, Krath Dynasty

Finar Ambrose is a Herglic, who, until recently, had spent most of his life as a proud and noble Cathar, prior to being transformed into a Hutt by the Metamorphosis Plague.

Early Life on Cathar

Finar Ambrose was born and raised on Cathar in the times before the Clone Wars ravaged the galaxy. By the time the wars had made it to Cathar, Finar was already an adult, and had a spouse and at least one known child.

During one of the many skirmishes on the planet, Finar's entire family was thought to have been destroyed in a bombing run by Republic Forces. Vowing vengeance, Finar began conducting a series of covert raids on Republic bases and soldiers. He soon learned that in addition to his natural predatory instincts, he also had an affinity for explosives; taking this newfound skill, Finar set off to leave the planet and bring terror to Republic forces across the outer rim of the galaxy.

Life Amongst the Stars

While travelling from planet to planet during the remainder of the clone wars and the time period shortly following its close, Finar struck many military and civilian targets alike that had any association with the Republic, who he viewed as the cause of all of his grief. During this time period, Finar met an unknown representative of the future Mandalorian clan Kyr`galaar Solus`oya who attempted to convince him to join the Mandalorian culture. After some persuading, Finar was convinced to take the trials that this particular clan had implemented in order to become a member. Finar passed these trials with such ease and aptitude, that he was asked to become an instructor in the ways of the Resol`nare. Unwilling to yet give up on his path of vengeance, Finar declined, and opted to continue his life under the Mandalorian custom of Cuy'val Dar or "those who no longer exist."

As such, with his newly acquired Mandalorian status, and his impressive array of both stealthy combat and explosive ordinance skills, Finar continued on his path of destruction; pausing only momentarily to begin offering his skills to the highest bidders sometime after the close of the Clone Wars. It was during this time as a freelance guerilla-for-hire, that Finar met a young Andy Longshot and after working together, convinced the Nautolan to join him in his Mandalorian ways.

A New Return to an Old Past

After many years of pain at the loss of his family, Finar began to slowly realize that his path of vengeance had done little to salve his internal wounds and slowly he let his terroristic guerilla ways and returned to the public face of Aliit Solus`oya. Upon his return, Finar was almost immediately asked to become the third in command of the growing clan, and was subsequently offered the title of Projo`buir; which he readily accepted. Finar also became an instructor for any new Mandalorians who desired assistance in learning the ways of the Resol`nare.

While serving with Aliit Solus`oya, Finar helped bring many new up and coming beings from across the galaxy into the Mandalorian fold, and assisted in training them in combat and teaching them the ways of the Resol`nare. One of these individuals, a bright young human name Stonewall Lee with no family and seemingly no where to go in the galaxy, joined Finar in Solus'oya and has ever since then stood by Finar's side. After seeing this devotion and willingness to work and learn, Finar, using official Mandalorian customs, adopted Stonewall Lee as his son.

During this time, Finar began to do some freelance work as a transport pilot for Veritas Press. He did not officially join the organization at this time, but did serve loyally alongside other Veritas Press employees, happy to assist in "legitimate business" as he liked to call it.


After serving for some time as Projo`buir, Finar became disturbed at the large lack of unity and infighting between the two groups of Mandalorians who were serving two different Mandalores. Noting that at one time, the Mandalorian people had been a feared and respected culture in the galaxy, Finar realized that in the recent years they had become a laughing stock to many who saw them as weak. As time went on, this troubled the aged Cathar more and more, and he eventually set about to establish a secret Mandalorian society dedicated to the preservation and reunification of Mandalorians throughout the galaxy. This organization, he hoped, would become a feared group, that was known to act without remorse when it came to the defense of their own, no matter what side of the Mandalore-divide they fell upon, striking out at non-Mandalorians, and working towards the re-unification and re-establishment of the Mandalorian Culture across the galaxy. As with any secret society, Finar set out to recruit the best and the brightest Mandalorians that he could find, and along with his old friend, Andy Longshot, formed Kyr`tsad, named after an ancient feared Mandalorian organization of the same name.

Unfortunately, after recruiting several Mandalorians to the cause, the group was betrayed by one of Solus`oya's own, a being known as Tor Kendal who Finar had originally helped educate and bring into the Mandalorian culture, who Finar had attempted to recruit into Kyr'tsad, attempted to seize the opportunity to cast both Andy Longshot and Finar in a poor light to the rest of Aliit Solus'oya, by altering facts and manipulating Finar's outlined goals in an attempt to discredit the proud and loyal Cathar. Kyr`galaar realizing that he had not been included in the implementation of a secret society, and going against his claims of wishing to treat all people, Mandalorians and non-Mandalorians included, labeled both Finar and Andy Longshot as dar'manda, without a soul, and cast them out of Aliit Solus`oya with only mere hours in notice, and no chance to explain the true ideals of their plans; telling both of them that if any more of their fellow Kyr`tsad followers were located that they would be severely punished if not killed for their multiple and blatant violations of the Resol`nare. This was all in spite of the fact that the charges against the two were never clearly presented, and neither individual was allowed to stand up for themselves in the way of the Mandalorian culture, which Kyr`galaar so strongly wished to live out. One of the few Mandalorians that were not part of Kyr'tsad from Solus`oya who did not immediately follow Kyr`galaar's footprints blindly was Stonewall Lee, Finar's son, who chose instead to weigh the options and not act blindly.

Almost immediately, Finar was set upon by fellow Mandalorians from both sides of the Mandalore-divide and was requested to form a new Mandalorian clan with the same goals as Kyr'tsad. Finar, however, declined to do so at the time, once again taking on the status of Cuy`val Dar, while outwardly taking on the mantle of being labeled dar`manda.

Veritas Press and Beyond

Almost immediately, Finar was offered an official position with Veritas Press, which he readily accepted, after explaining the entirety of the situation to the leadership of the famed news organization. Finar started out working for a subdivision of Veritas Press known as the Veritas Engineering Corps or the VEC. Here he took on several routine transport missions, and after showing an aptitude in this field, Finar was given the reigns to the entire VEC organization with the task of upgrading, streamlining, and managing it. Under Finar's careful watch, the VEC went from a few odd pilots here and there conducting the occasional odd transport mission for other Veritas Press employees, to a respectful division of Veritas Press, even surpassing the famed news articles that Veritas Press had grown famous for, in overall activity. Finar recruited and helped train numerous pilots who went on to advance in rank both in the VEC as well as other areas of Veritas Press.

Vice President

Having seen Finar's success with the VEC, Finar was soon offered a position on the Veritas Board of Directors and shortly after that the position of Vice President of the entire Veritas Conglomerate. After some deliberation and much prodding from good friend, and Veritas CEO Kiie Cristal, Finar accepted both nominations and the responsibilities that came with both positions. As second in command of the organization, Finar helped to oversee not only the VEC, which he had left in the very capable hands of his comrade Alexander Darkstar, but also the famed writers of Veritas Press, and internal security. Finar also continued to train and direct all new staff that came into the Veritas Press fold.

After a while, Finar even went on to become acting leader of The Galactic Stock Exchange, where he met Ardu Nillian a young up and coming being with a knack for the galactic stock market. While helping to directly oversee the Stock Exchange and working to improve their membership and activity, Finar was called back to the Veritas Press main body to assist in the dealings with a number of employees who had begun to steal vessels and abuse their positions within Veritas Press. Using his connections with now known Dark Star Hellions Nomad Andy Longshot, along with several other individuals throughout the galaxy, Finar, Kiie Cristal, and the Veritas Staff were able to detain all of the known perpetrators and imprison them in a Veritas holding facility until their tie of punishment was completed.

A short time after his bout with the Metamorphosis Plague(see below), Finar, now a Hutt, got the itch to move out into the galaxy on his one large gastropod foot, and after speaking with other Veritas Press leadership, he resigned his post as Vice President of the Veritas Conglomerate. Finar still retained his board membership, and to this day, still remains active in Veritas activities, just on a more volunteer basis; helping to work internally with new members and working to insure that the workings of a respectable news source do not become too dry and stagnant. Finar is now known to slither into the board room and coat the entire room, occupants and all, in a thick layer of Hutt slime, simply to liven up the dull proceedings that might otherwise be taking place.

During his time as the visible Vice President of Veritas Press, Finar, already a Hutt, was approached by a younger male Cathar identifying himself as a fellow member of the Ambrose family, of which Finar believed himself the last surviving member. After a few checks and multiple late night discussions, Finar was overjoyed to learn that his younger brother, Val Ambrose, had somehow survived the ordeal on Cathar and after his own bout with cruel galactic forces was now once again free to move about the galaxy. Finar quickly offered a job with Veritas Press to his brother, and soon saw him become the leader of the VEC, the organization Finar had originally started with, and take it to new heights.

A Showdown of Epic Proportions

As a self-proclaimed respectable member of society, Finar attempted to abstain from displays of combat for combat's sake, only stepping out to engage in battle when it was in the defense of another being, and constantly striving to avoid conflict and live in peace with other beings as much as possible.

One day while in the Blue Moon Cantina, Finar was attempted to rather end a rather hostile situation that was taking place between two of her patrons. The situation was beginning to grow out of hand when Finar drew a small blaster from the folds of his robe and brandished it in an attempted display of force to hopefully dissuade any more foolishness taking place. Unknown to Finar was that famed Hapese high protector Tara Tylger was also in the cantina during this time, and his brandished weapon did not sit well with her. A rather destructive interaction took place, and Finar, who while able to somewhat hold his own, was eventually beaten down by the cybernetic warrior.

A Preemptive Strike Goes Bad

While serving as Vice President of Veritas Press the Derra Virus and the Metamorphosis Plague began to plague the galaxy. Knowing that he was nearing the end of his life, and that his immune system was beginning to fail, Finar took it upon himself to attempt to protect himself from the spreading diseases and purchased a supposed vaccine from a back alley pharmaceutical dealer on the planet of Lorell. What Finar did not know was that this supposed vaccine had been made with mutated Hutt DNA, and that upon self-administering the vaccine, he had unknowingly introduced the mutated DNA to a safe and fertile atmosphere in which it could grow and mutate.

After several days of being deathly ill, Finar awoke one morning to realize that sometime in the night he had physically been transformed from an aged Cathar, long into the sunset of his life, to a much younger Hutt, given the Hutts' overall longer lifespan. While shocked and upset at first, Finar attempted to remain upbeat about the entire situation, and while still maintaining much of his Cathar ideals and history, began to investigate the culture of the race he now occupied. It was during this same time, that Finar discovered his newfound love for the strong alcoholic beverage known as Boga Noga, which he consumed regularly.

While presenting an outward façade of happiness at his new transformation, deep down, Finar was very troubled by the alterations that had overcome him and the speciesism that became much more apparent as the galaxy's negative view of Hutts was forced upon him.

Searching out History

As Finar began to investigate the ways of the Hutts, he began to loosely associate himself with an old Hutt organization, known as The Hutt Cartel. During his time spent with the leadership of said association, Finar was approached by a member who identified himself as part of the ruling council and was asked to assist in the tracking down of several internal spies and information leaks that they suspected of having.

Finar quickly developed a plan to stage a supposed coup against the leadership of The Cartel, in an attempt to flush out any would be feigned-loyalists. The plan itself worked amazingly, allowing the Hutt to reveal several would-be conspirators against The Cartel. Soon after his reports were filed with Cartel leadership, he was branded a traitor and accused of attempting to overthrow the leadership of The Cartel and quickly ostracized by The Cartel as a whole, being labeled "Enemy #1 of our Illustrious Cartel."


After serving with Veritas Press and her affiliates for some time, Finar eventually became overtaken by a sense of wanderlust. Having discussed this need with his fellow leaders in Veritas Press, Finar tendered his official resignation from the post of Vice President of Veritas Press. Finar agreed to still maintain his membership on The Veritas Board, with the promise of continued involvement with the internal working of Veritas Press, mainly Veritas Games & Theory; serving as an as-needed source of entertainment. He focused on maintaining internal morale of other Veritas Staff members through a series of games, parties, and other activities that he could facilitate from the cockpit of whatever ship might be carrying him on his ambling wanderings throughout the galaxy; thus allowing him to stay engaged with those he had grown to know and work with, while still satisfying his urge to wander.

Following the Calling of the Goddess

As Finar traversed hyperspace lane after hyperspace lane, he began a rather unintentional bit of soul searching and self experimentation in an attempt to come to an understanding and hopeful reversal of the change that had overtaken him due to the Metamorphosis Plague mishap. Having little to no luck with any efforts, both legal and illegal, to attempt to undo or alter the effects of his self-induced Metamorphosis Plague alteration, Finar opted to begin to cross the galaxy and travel to the planet where the entire virus had seemingly originated from, Derra IV; it was Finar's hope that here he might be able to uncover a secret to his affliction and possibly find someone who might be able to cure him of it.

While traversing the hyperlanes, in a deeply self-induced state of relaxation, Finar was overcome by a fearsome yet comforting vision of the great Lady Krath. In this vision she gave Finar a taste of her vision and power, urging him to follow her will or be forever lost, condemned to wander the galaxy, an unwitting pawn of Krath's will, without any of Krath's generous blessings. Once Finar came out of the trance he immediately sought out the followers of Krath, the Order of Krath, and submitted himself to the teachings of their wisest of sages so that he might better learn the ways and will of Krath.

While serving with Krath's loyal followers, and drawing himself closer to the will of the goddess, Finar took it upon himself to serve the balance that is Krath, teaching younger generations of the galaxy's faithful in the ways and dangers of the galaxy. At the same time, Finar also took command of a Medical Frigate in an effort to help bring balance to a galaxy that was now erupting in chaos and death.

Krath's Leading

Through emotions, I have Serenity.

From Chaos, Harmony is produced.

Amongst passions, Balance is found.

From the depths of hurry, we are patient.

In a sea of ignorance: Krath is wisdom.

From pain, wisdom is born.

There is no power; only Krath.

There are all sides; there are no sides; only Krath’s will.

Peace and justice comes to those who are willing

To seek it and grasp it through whatever Krath grants to them.

No darkness, all darkness; No light, all light; through all, understanding.

I have Peace; for I know Emotion.

I have Power; for I have Knowledge.

Through Passions; I am at calm.

I embrace my Mortality; for I have known Death.

I am balanced through Krath.

Krath Academy

After a period of time in which Finar was able to show his dedication to the order, he was approached by leadership of the Order of Krath who asked him to consider taking over the reigns of the Krath Academy, which was suffering from a lack of interest and activity. Finar considered the options for some time before hesitantly agreeing to step out of his quasi-retirement and back into active work with the young of the galaxy.

Finar quickly adjusted to his new role and began to actively work to recruit young up and coming beings to serve the Order and her affiliated sister organizations. Finar's true passion however, lied not in recruiting younglings, but instead in training them up to become the greatest that they could be.

Secret News Unearthed

After parting ways, at least officially, with his position with Veritas Press, Finar was shocked to be informed by his long-adopted son, Stonewall Lee, that Lee had been searching records on Corellia and had unearthed a relation to Finar's previous employer, Kiie Cristal. Corellian records seemed to indicate a direct bloodline relationship between Stonewall Lee and Kiie Cristal, effectively making Kiie Stonewall's aunt, and only known living blood relation. Given this information, Finar and Stonewall set out and were able to determine that through the use of the Mandalorian adoption of Stonewall by Finar, and the remaining of that relationship as in tact, that Kiie and Finar were now, at least on paper, considered in many cultures to be siblings; much to the chagrin of Kiie, ex-director of Imperial Intelligence.

Gift from the great god Krath

One night in early year 14, Finar was lamenting his sickening huttly visage once again; this time in the dark of the night while he studied the ancient tomes of the Order of Krath he was overcome by a dark shadow. Striking fear into the massive hutt's small heart, he began to shiver unconctrollably when suddenly out of the darkness emerged a being flashing in lightning and fire. . .Krath himself. No one, not even Finar is sure what was said during that encounter, the only thing FInar knows is that he awoke several days later lying in a large pile of disorganized, scattered and shredded tomes in a completely new form. The only thing that he could remember was a brief glimse of Krath and the words:

"With my blessing, receive my gift, bring my will faithful servant."

and then a sudden flash of bright light. Looking at himself, Finar was shocked to see he was no longer a Hutt but had been transformed into some sort of unknown glowing angelic being, in his mind, a true angel of Krath.


Early in Year 14, Finar went to go meet his honorary brother, Andy Longshot, for an unknown reason. When he arrived, Finar suddenly found himself quickly engaged to and shortly thereafter married to Xalitus Swindler, a known Dark Star Hellion; unsure what else to do, and trusting his brother fully, Finar proceeded forward with the marriage. While initially against it, Xalitus slowly accepted it and their strange union resulted in a blossoming friendship in the strangest of places, between cleric and swoop biker. A strange but strong friendship indeed.

Other Activities and Affiliations

  • Throughout the course of his lifetime, Finar has helped to negotiate/organize the release of several individuals who had been illegitimately detained by everyone from puppet governments to bounty hunters to rogue pirates; succeeding in helping to secure their release almost every time. It was during one of the few failed attempts, that Finar's close friend, Alexander Darkstar was captured and killed. It was also after a successful rescue attempt that Finar was granted the honorary title of Baron within The Kalsi Ascendency, after assisting in the rescue of Jack Kalsi after he was taken hostage by a traitorous family member.
  • Finar is known to collect rare and hard to find starships, and will often cycle through his collection every few months, happy to know that he has owned a rare ship, before passing it on to someone else.
    • Finar has been known to give away these ships from time to time to newer beings in the galaxy that have shown exceptional promise and dedication to their cause, whatever it may be.
  • Finar has been known to associate with numerous different Mandalorians from both sides of the Mandalore-divide, regardless of their affiliations.
  • Finar still secretly maintains his customized Beskar`gam; although, now as a Hutt he is unable to properly wear it.
    • Finar's last tie to Soluy`oya is his adopted son, Stonewall Lee, who still is currently a member of that group, but who also is still willing to associate with Finar despite the turmoil that arose.
  • Finar is known to operate within a large number of circles and has had successful dealings in the past with several governmental agencies, pirate organizations, smuggling rings, legitimate businesses, and other syndicates throughout the galaxy.
  • Finar claims to have a fully operational secret base, located within the uncharted regions of the galaxy, somewhere near Csilla, whether this is true or not has yet to be seen.
  • After leaving his guerilla ways of the past, Finar claims to not have personally killed another being, a sign of his reform; however, Finar has been directly linked to being the guiding hand behind the scenes in a number of deaths throughout the galaxy. So while he might not administer the killing stroke, he is known to orchestrate its implementation and the following forgone conclusions that follow.