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This article is about the existent criminal syndicate. For its defunct predecessor, see The Hutt Council.
Hutt Cartel
Hutt Cartel Logo Y10.png
General Information
Motto "Scum and Villainy"
Status Active
Leader Voragga Zuuma Ajurr (Sultan)
Dash Ghent (Majordomo)
2IC Tobba Nokko (Retired)
Qaun Wain (Grand Vizier)
Feth Ophoxi (Grand Vizier)
Owner Hutt Conglomerate
Historical Information
Founded Year 3 Day 81[1] (see: Hutt Council)
Year 10 Day 57 (re-established)
Dissolved Year 22 Day 259
Political Information
Affiliation Independent
Industry Criminal Sultanate
Holosite The Hutt Cartel

The Hutt Cartel, also known as The Cartel or the Zuuma Kajidic, is a criminal sultanate led by Hutts which employs mercenaries and smugglers of various species. Although its foundation date occurred on Year 10 Day 57, the Cartel claims symbolic descent from the earlier Hutt Council organized by the legendary Angobba the Hutt circa Year 3 Day 81.[1] The perennial ruler of the Cartel is the vile gangster, Voragga the Hutt. His second-in-command is Tobba Nokko. The ramshackle organization is staffed by a diverse lineup of repugnant henchmen including Gamorrean thugs and Rodian enforcers. Currently, the Kubazi assassin Qaun Wain serves as the Majordomo of the Cartel and thus supervises its day-to-day operations, with the Duros star-pilot Feth Ophoxi as his Grand Vizier.

The Cartel is rumored to possess a large independent army, and the Cartel offers this private military on the open market. The Cartel's military is a superficially loyal and poorly-equipped security force that consists of dimwitted guards, outdated vehicles, and obsolete starfighters. The Cartel also specializes in obtaining illicit goods that have been prudishly outlawed by the various galactic regimes. If an individual wishes to obtain contraband such as deathsticks, insanity-causing holopuzzles, or Giggledust, they should consider the Hutt Cartel as a possible source. Last but not least, special customers occasionally receive the pleasurable services of the organization's Twi'leki dancing girls.


Voragga Zuuma Ajurr formed the Cartel from the ashes of the forgotten Hutt Council.

From the darkened alleyways of Mos Eisley to the crowded spaceports of Corellia, the scoundrels who lurk in the galaxy's underworld come in all shapes and sizes. Some are Human, and some not. Some thrive within the Core Worlds of the Galactic Empire, while others subsist in the backwater systems of the Outer Rim. A few are deadly assassins, while most are cowardly thugs. Common to all, however, is the desire to make a fast credit, regardless of how many innocent sentient beings are harmed in the process.

The Hutt Cartel is a wretched hive for such ilk and is seeking the scum of the galaxy to augment its ranks. To join, one must be willing to fraternize with Zygerrian slavers, spice-smugglers, bounty hunters, gun runners, Rodian enforcers, slimy double-crossing no-good swindlers, and anyone else the Hutts do business with. The Cartel bumps uglies with the lowest of the low and you must accept that. Above all, one must be willing to serve and to obey the vile gangster, Voragga Zuuma Ajurr, the grand overlord of this criminal sultanate.

Filthy and corpulent, Voragga the Hutt rules the Cartel with an iron fist from his desert alcázar on a wind-swept planet in the Outer Rim. Renowned for his carnal appetite and penchant for lolly-licking Twi'leki slave girls, Voragga is a shrewd businessman and a powerful voice among the Hutt clans. However, both Voragga and his more reputable cousin Tobba Nokko would never condescend to manage the daily operations of the Cartel. Instead, they hired an underpaid majordomo to dutifully steward their business affairs. As majordomo, the steward oversees certain projects on behalf of other individuals; in this case, those individuals are the Hutts. Under his tenure, the group has expanded its lucrative activities from selling Zeltron pornography to peddling the finest death-sticks in the galaxy, one hundred percent pure.


Disreputable Origins

Angobba Desilijic Lucar founded and governed the earlier Hutt Council in Year 3.

During a more civilized age when the Old Republic reigned, the dominion of the Hutts encompassed a dangerous swath of the galaxy between the Mid Rim and the Outer Rim Territories. A grand Hutt Council controlled the region by overseeing the activities of the Hutt clans — kajidics — and their business syndicates. Their capital was located in the Y’toub system and was called "Nal Hutta" (which translates as Glorious Jewel in Huttese). The terrestrial bog-world of Nal Hutta was owned by the Hutt kajidics who also ruled its orbiting satellite, Nar Shaddaa, colloquially known as The Smuggler's Moon. Nal Hutta and Nar Shaddaa were once the centers of a popular galactic trade route. This was before the dark times, of course, before the Empire. With the rise of Emperor Charon's Galactic Empire and the encroachment of Eidola Pirates into Hutt Space, the Hutt Council led by Angobba Desilijic Lucar lost its power and disappeared by Year 5. This decline only changed with the emergence of the Zuuma kajidic led by Voragga the Hutt.

Renowned for his carnal appetite and penchant for lolly-licking Twi'leki slave girls, Voragga had been an esteemed member of Angobba's Hutt Council. Allegedly, he had been the strategic architect behind the Council's bloody feud against Dark Prince Qel Dar's Black Sun crime syndicate. Thanks to an earlier business alliance with Rahm Zarkov's fearsome Lumini Pirates in Year 2, the Hutt had a large coffer of Imperial credits, and he decided to establish "a cartel or, at the very least, a restaurant chain" from the charred ashes of Angobba's collective.

Joining Voragga in his impulsive endeavor was his shrewd cousin, Tobba the Hutt, the leader of the Nokko kajidic. A rare exception among the Hutt clans, the Nokko kajidic abstains from criminal affairs. The associates of the Nokko kajidic dwell in small outposts dispersed throughout the galaxy and their livelihood is derived from commercial pacts with other species. Their kajidic became famous for their financial skills as venture capitalists and they specialized in gaining "absolute returns" on their investments. However, due to widespread prejudice against the Hutts, rumors still persist that the Nokko kajidic specializes in money-laundering, spice-smuggling, gun-running, chattel-slavery, and other shady matters. Together, the Zuuma and Nokko kajidics forged a business alliance and restored the Hutt Cartel to its rightful place as the parasite of galactic trade.

Thus, under the auspices of Voragga and Tobba, the Hutt Council was re-established and the Cartel was hastily launched. However, neither Voragga nor his cousin Tobba would condescend to manage the mundane day-to-day operations of their sultanate. Instead, they hired an underpaid majordomo to do so. Specifically, a majordomo is the head person of domestic staff and serves as an absentee owner of a typically large residence, plantation, or corporation.

Early Misadventures

Circa Year 10, the Hutt Cartel was tentatively headquartered on Kailor II in the Lytton Sector situated within the Core Worlds, a vibrant region that contained some of the most prestigious, well-developed, and heavily populated planets in the galaxy. Voragga Zuuma Ajurr quickly exhausted his limited finances to acquire a slow fleet of shabby freighters such as YT-1300s, YT-2000s, and YT-2400s in order to provide transportation for his inexperienced, less-than-intelligent employees. Offering high salaries and low expectations, Voragga levied a motley crew of petty thieves, interstellar vagabonds, and former convicts to serve his every depraved whim. Notable recruits from this era included Asmo Bodan, Dessel Katarn, Elden Payne, Galen Kesser, Kun Zhi Hui, Mac Vasco, Turien Malakait, Xander Ffnargon, and Vosh Omega.

During this era, an equally-inept crime syndicate known as the Galactic Intelligence Agency unwisely attempted on Year 10 Day 184 to establish a foothold on a neighboring planet in the Kailor system. Annoyed by their clumsy incursion, Voragga surreptitiously declared war upon the Agency. After infiltrating its ranks, the Cartel publicly unmasked the Agency's schemes to embezzle various businessmen and succeeded in black-listing its prominent leaders from the trading community. As a more vindictive rebuke, a Cartel henchman — Azalus Outmian — executed one of the Agency's personnel, cut off his ear with a vibro-knife, and placed the gory appendage at the entrance of the Agency's Command Center. Shortly thereafter, the Agency dissolved on Year 10 Day 188 and Voragga hosted a victory banquet at his desert alcazar.

The Special Prize

On Year 11 Day 72, Voragga announced via a subspace transmission that a "special prize" giveaway would be held for recruits on Kailor II. Excited and greedy, over a dozen Cartel recruits hurried to the specified location. These recruits included Hanzo Lunati, Savin Marnazo, Jaz Vek, Sarvind Windfield, Zukuto Kasani, Jax Pavon, Xela Stihl, Galen Kesser, and others. Voragga's reputation for stinginess made each hasten to be the first to arrive as no one wished to leave empty-handed. Tellingly, wiser veterans of the Cartel politely declined to come, but nonetheless thanked Voragga for his immense generosity. After the greedy minions arrived at the designed facility to receive their "special prize," a hitherto unseen array of newly-installed door-locks barred their departure. Confused and frightened, the henchmen desperately tried to exit but could not do so. Voragga explained via the facility intercom that vibro-blades, stun-cuffs, and various utilitarian devices had been randomly positioned throughout the monolithic structure. In a predictable twist, the Hutt revealed that only one individual would be permitted to exit alive after eradicating the other goons. A torrent of wrathful curses, mercy pleas and philosophical musings spewed forth from the trapped goons in the facility. Chuckling over the intercom, Voragga informed them that such outbursts were truly useless and to utilize their now-precious time in order to survive.

In the ensuing frenzy, over a dozen recruits frantically attempted to murder each other. One individual bravely hid aboard a YT-1300 freighter parked in the facility's Docking Bay but was eliminated by other killers who likewise had open access to the starship. Another pathetic creature briefly forestalled his doom by sealing himself within a long corridor of blast-doors using a lock-installation kit. Unfortunately, others had found lock-breaking devices and eventually reached him. In the most pitiful case, one Cartel henchman tried to cuff a Gand opponent, but utterly failed to do so due to his own clumsy inexperience. He wept aloud and begged Voragga via the intercom to allow him to escape. His Gand adversary emotionally consoled him before taking his ear with a vibro-knife.

Three of the trapped "contestants" — Hanzo Lunati, Zukuto Kasani, and Xela Stihl — secretly formed a temporary alliance in order to defeat the other goons skulking in the labyrinthine facility. Despite their formidable alliance, one thug proved to be stronger, stealthier, and craftier than all of the trio's combined efforts. Constantly shifting from room to room and employing a variety of creative ploys, this skilled thug known as Galen Kesser surprisingly dispatched Lunati, Stihl, and Kasani. In the final showdown, Kesser convinced Kasani that he was now resigned to his ignominious fate and feigned surrender. When Kasani over-confidently approached his presumed location, Kesser stealthily ambushed him in a chamber filled with storage crates. With his last breaths, Kasani cursed Kesser, Voragga, the Cartel, and life in general.

Several days passed. On Year 11 Day 76, when the screams and sounds of struggle had finally subsided, the facility's blast-doors were unlocked and gingerly opened. Many ear-less corpses were found inside. The lone blood-spattered survivor — Galen Kesser — was declared the obvious victor. Later, kneeling before the Hutt overlord, Kesser pledged eternal fealty to Voragga and the Cartel. The legacy of this strange contest on Kailor II would reverberate for years thereafter in the Cartel's malodorous ranks. Many spoke in awe of Kesser's prowess, while some observers insisted the contest had been unfairly rigged.

A New Home

Later in Year 11, Emperor Vodo Bonias soon expanded his iron-fisted hegemony to the Kailor system. With Imperial fleets now monitoring the system and armored stormtroopers patrolling the planetary streets, the Cartel decided to shutter its operations and, using the major rimward hyper-lanes, speedily relocated to the Outer Rim Territories.


List of Sultans


Biographical Details


Tobba the Hutt Portrait.png
Tobba the Hutt
Former Sultan

His Excellency Tobba Nokko is an imperious merchant, a distant cousin of Voragga, and the ruler of the Nokko kajidic. Together, Voragga and Tobba became the robber barons of the hyper-lanes. He was a key figure in the Cartel hierarchy until his retirement banquet on Year 10 Day 115. Tobba felt there comes a time when the jewels cease to sparkle, when the credits lose their luster, when the throne room becomes a prison, and all that remains is an old Hutt's desire for solitude. Tobba returned to Nal Hutta and quietly dwells in the marshy bogs of his youth.

Year 10 Day 57Year 10 Day 115

Voragga Zuuma Avatar.png
Voragga the Hutt

His Excellency Voragga Zuuma Ajurr is a festering mountainous pustule who fancies himself to be a high lord of petty criminals. He was a member of the Hutt Council circa Year 5 and witnessed its painful decline as well as the encroachment of Teniel Djo's Eidolan Pirates into its territory. He became openly critical of Kavvel the Hutt's later reign as leader of the Council and abruptly departed for the Unknown Regions. Half a decade later, he re-emerged from obscurity to form the Hutt Cartel from the charred ashes of the Council on Year 10 Day 57.

Year 10 Day 57Year 22 Day 259

List of Previous Majordomos


Biographical Details


Azalus Outmian Portrait.png
Azalus Outmian
Former Majordomo

Azalus Outmian was artificially created in one of Voragga Zuuma Ajurr's genetics laboratories in an ill-fated experiment to engineer the perfect warrior-slave. Splicing Noghri and Falleen DNA strands, the final product proved to be a dangerously uncontrollable life-form. Trained by the Cartel's war-masters and forged in Voragga's gladiator pits, Azalus emerged a savage killer and roamed the stars murdering the enemies of the Hutts. As his reward, Outmian was appointed by Voragga as his loyal majordomo and proved to be an adept administrator.

Year 12 Day 76Year 12 Day 164

Feth Ophoxi Portrait.png
Feth Ophoxi
Former Majordomo

Feth Ophoxi is a star-pilot from the toxic planet of Duros. After spending his youth aboard a spice freighter, he joined the Tamerin Foundation. Following its annexation by the New Anzat Order, Ophoxi was a line officer in the Royal Azantan Navy until the murder of Regent Wilhelm von Ismay. Resigning his commission, he became a freebooter and was hired by Voragga to oversee his crime syndicate. A year later, Feth was waylaid by Mandalorians and incapacitated. He nominated Qaun Wain as his successor and briefly served as Voragga's Grand Vizier.

Year 12 Day 164Year 13 Day 241

Qaun Wain Portrait.png
Qaun Wain
Current Majordomo

Qaun Wain is a bipedal Kubaz assassin with an abnormally long snout, greenish-black skin, short bristly hair, and several rows of razor-sharp teeth. For many years, he cut a bloody swath through the Core Worlds as an unpredictable blaster-for-hire for his sultan Voragga Zuuma Ajurr and amassed a grisly collection of severed ears as a result. On Year 13 Day 241, he succeeded the Duros star-pilot Feth Ophoxi as the underpaid majordomo of Voragga's Cartel and immediately began expanding its corrupting influence to even more sectors of the galaxy.

Year 13 Day 241Year 22 Day 259

Alleged Murders

Alleged Kidnappings

  • Jennifer Sheppard (Year 10), a Hapan scientist.
  • Jun Marr (Year 19), a Duros archeologist.


Main article: Timeline
Recorded Date Event
Hutt Cartel Logo Y10.png Year 3 Day 81 The Hutt Council is founded by Angobba Desilijic Lucar and Ollo Shan.[1]
Hutt Cartel Logo Y10.png Year 3 Day 101 The Hutt Council pledges fealty to Emperor Charon and declares war on the Dark Empire.[2]
Hutt Cartel Logo Y10.png Year 5 Day 294 The Eidola Pirates murder Regnar Lodbrog, the Hutt Council's former governor of Tatooine.[3]
Hutt Cartel Logo Y10.png Year 5 Day 347 After losing its Imperial patronage, the Hutt Council goes bankrupt and is liquidated.[4]
Hutt Cartel Logo Y10.png Year 10 Day 57 Voragga Zuuma and Tobba Nokko form the Hutt Cartel, the formal successor of the Hutt Council.
Hutt Cartel Logo Y10.png Year 10 Day 115 Tobba Nokko announces his retirement and travels to the marshy bogs of Nal Hutta.
Hutt Cartel Logo Y10.png Year 11 Day 72 Under the pretext of "a prize giveaway," a pit fight occurs in which a dozen thugs murder each other.
Hutt Cartel Logo Y10.png Year 12 Day 76 Azalus Outmian, a genetically-engineered Noghri-Falleen warrior, is chosen as majordomo.
Hutt Cartel Logo Y10.png Year 12 Day 164 Voragga Zuuma Ajurr appoints Feth Ophoxi as majordomo of his criminal sultanate.
Hutt Cartel Logo Y10.png Year 13 Day 241 Following an ambush by Mandalorians, Qaun Wain succeeds Ophoxi as Voragga's majordomo.