Wolfgang von Schlavendorf

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Wolfgang von Schlavendorf
Wolfgang von Schlavendorf.jpg
Biographical Information
Race Jawa
Homeworld Tatooine
Mother Khea Kl'Ark
Father Tteel von Schlavendorf
Siblings Frederick von Schlavendorf
Born Year -8, Day 95
Quote ‘The ups and downs of an economy are similar to the ups and downs of life. They are unavoidable, but what matters is your knowledge to ride the ups and survive the downs.’
Physical Description
Gender Male
Height 0.97 m
Eye Color Unknown. Yellowish Glow
Political Information
Affiliation Industrial Automaton

Partner: Veritas Press

Positions 3IC of Production
Prior Affiliation Former Director:The Galactic Stock Exchange

Wolfgang von Schlavendorf, (known to friends as Wolf, Wolfy, or Wolfie) is a male Jawa who grew up on the planet of Tatooine in a sandcrawler. Former Director of The Galactic Stock Exchange, he is now 3IC of Production at Industrial Automaton.



Early Years

Born in early Year -8, Wolfgang grew up living in a sandcrawler with his family. His father, Tteel, was a trader like most Jawas, but was very successful. He taught Wolfgang valuable trading skills that would benefit him later in his career and in multiple threatening situations. Besides this training, he received no real education, yet had a knack for learning information early. He spent his early teenage years trading for books and information about the governments and businesses of the galaxy. His family never approved of this as they saw it as a pursuit of useless knowledge.

Wolfgang's first deal on his own at the age of 13 resulted in his first droid that he prizes more than anything else, a RX Pilot which has never left his side and was the first of his now large collection of droids. His skilled trading caught him many lucrative deals near the age of 15 when he traded for a Sentinel Droid which protected his family multiple times later from Tusken Raiders.

Blitzen, Wolf's RX Droid

At the age of 20 his life was changed forever. His father was repairing the front of a sandcrawler when the breaks gave in and he was crushed along with his brother and mother who couldn't flee in time. Wolfgang was in the middle of a trade and his desperate attempt to save his family failed. He decided to turn his back on the tragic memories of Tatooine. He negotiated the purchase of a beat up YT-1300 with the small fortune his family had made from trading and took off to explore the galaxy.

The Galactic Stock Exchange

After 2 years of exploring the galaxy Wolfgang met a Muun Businessman by the name of Ardu Nillian. He told Wolfgang of The Galactic Stock Exchange and convinced him to take up an apprenticeship under him. Wolfgang started his first official job on Year 14 Day 57 and never looked back. He worked under the great guidance of Ardu, Kiie Cristal, (huttly master) Finar Ambrose, Val Ambrose, Jorus Serto, and Lord Mustafa to learn the skills of a galactic businessman. He quickly joined the Veritas Directorate as the GSE's Division Adjunct (DivXO) under his mentor. On Year 14 Day 125 Ardu Nillian retired from the GSE and handed control over to Wolfgang.

Under Wolfgang's guidance, the GSE, still a small group, underwent substantial growth as the company's client base was expanded. Wolfgang's focus on recruitment, development of the GSE's Stock Price Index, and coordinating the construction of Trading 2 Station continue as he strives to make the GSE a major participant in the trading game. His success has led to his appointment to be an advisor to the core group of the Veritas Conglomerate known as the Terrefel Reiki.

Wolfgang resigned on a temporary leave of absence from his role as GSE Director on Year 14 Day 290, handing over control to Veritas Vice-PresidentJorus Serto during the leave. He returned to full activity after his leave on Year 14 Day 316 and accepted the role of GSE Auxiliary Director (2IC). On Year 14 Day 355 he reassumed his former position of GSE Director as Jorus Serto left the company for elsewhere. He has returned his focus on recruiting and expanding the GSE's client base to allow the company to become a major competitor in the Trading Station Market. His ambitious plans for the Stock Price Index were temporarily put on hold, but have been brought back to the forefront with Wolfgang hoping to bring a new service to the galaxy that no other company can provide.

On Year 15 day 56, Wolfgang was appointed as Veritas Press's 3IC/Chief Project Coordinator by Veritas Chairman Lord Mustafa, but he did not hold the position for long. On Year 15 Day 76, Wolfgang resigned from his position as Director of the GSE.

Industrial Automaton and The New Republic

After a few months of failed personal endeavors to create his own droid company, Wolfgang's friend, Het Patchakeeta of FreiTek Inc, contacted him about possible positions within the nationalized companies within New Republic. Following his love of droids, Wolfgang joined New Republic's droid company, Industrial Automaton, on Year 15 Day 158 and became 3IC of production.


Wolfgang can be seen wearing a simple robe like the average Jawa. He carries his Datapad and multiple tools in a messenger back slung over his shoulder with his Jawa Ionisation Blaster always nearby. His bright yellow-glowing eyes shine from underneath his hood and are the only distinguishable feature on his face. People don't admire his Jawa-like smell, but he recognizes his race and hopes to show the galaxy what Jawas can really do.

Abilities and Personality

Wolfgang's great trading and diplomacy skills have allowed him to acquire a large collection of droids while continuing the success of his company. His great piloting and repair skills have allowed him to have considerable success traveling the galaxy and earning extra side money when it was required. His skilled trading has also created an extensive droid collection of which is his pride and joy. His dream is to collect at least one of every type of droid. He currently has 36 droids and 29 types of droids. Many of these droids are unique and he's been known to spend extensive amounts of money to snatch that rare droid he wants.

Personality wise Wolfgang is light-hearted and outgoing. He loves to have fun with and occasionally joke with his co-workers and friends, namely his former 2iC Curtner Seaton, former 2iC Solegot Solus, former Veritas EIC Khorde Devarian, Veritas CEO Kiie Cristal, former Veritas Vice-President Jorus Serto, His Huttly Master Finar Ambrose, Neria Derycke, and his Jawa friends Uli-ah Gafsa and Het Patchateeka. His goal is to bring energy and excitement to a conversation or trade and enthusiastically works with clients to make sure the job is done right in whatever he is doing.


GSE Rank.jpg Director of The Galactic Stock Exchange (Year 14 Day 125 - Day 290, Year 14 Day 356 - Year 15 Day 76)

Veritas 3IC.jpg 3IC/Chief Project Manager of Veritas Press (Year 15 Day 56 - Year 15 Day 76)

Notable Positions and Titles

Director of The Galactic Stock Exchange
Preceded By:
Ardu Nillian

Jorus Serto

Year 14 Day 125-Year 14 Day 290

Year 14 Day 355-Year 15 Day 76

Succeeded By:
Jorus Serto

Curtner Kalson

Auxiliary Director of The Galactic Stock Exchange
Preceded By:


Auxiliary Director
Year 14 Day 77-Year 14 Day 125

Year 14 Day 316-Year 14 Day 355

Succeeded By:
Solegot Solus

Curtner Kalson

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