Val Ambrose

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Val Ambrose
Biographical Information
Race Togorian
Homeworld Cathar
Mother unknown
Father unknown
Spouse none
Siblings Finar Ambrose, Kiie Cristal-via a roundabout Mandalorian adoption ceremony of her nephew, Stonewall Lee, Andy Longshot (brother in arms and mentor)
Children none
Physical Description
Gender Male
Height 3 meters
Coloring White
Eye Color Blue
Political Information
Affiliation Veritas Press


Val is a large Cathar and has scars from melee combat all over his body. He wears an old storm troop armour and wields a Rykk Blade.

Val's Custom Rykk Blade

Val has a set of storm trooper armour which he acquired after fighting and killing 5 of them and was able to piece 1 set together from the 5 troopers battle armour. The armour is colored black and red and he had special gloves made to fit his claws as to add to there strength and sharpness.

Val loves to work on tech stuff, once he gets an idea he will go days without eating or sleeping to complete a task he has set himself. An instance of one of these tasks was to modify his Rykk Blade into a spear with a added handle to make it more like a Japanese naginata, that he heard about from the human world.

He speaks some basic, but usually in the form of a growl, understood by only those closet to him, who recognise his moods.


Val was born on Cathar around the time of the clone wars and at a young age was already starting to go on the blood hunts with the older Cathar hunters. He was highly skilled in melee combat and often went on hunts alone to get in close without being seen, one of his special skills.

As he was on one such hunt his clan was hit by a Republic Forces bombing run and when Val got back he found his home destroyed and a few republic scouts looking through the wreckage. Through them Val found it was a group of mercenaries that had hidden there base close to the Cathar camp, to use them as a shield and the republic had thought they were bombing them not the Cathars.

Val grabbed his blade and went straight to the mercenary base finding them getting ready to move out. He attacked them with all he had. It was almost night and with the surprise attack Val was able to cut down a little over 100 of them before they got organized and managed to wound him to the point he couldn't move.

They kept him alive as they hoped to sell him as a slave/guard but once his wound healed he attacked them again, but even with the slave collar on he still put up to much of a fight and was frozen into carbonite and sold as a trophy to a Hutt in the exchange.


Some 40 years later the hutt was killed and his things were to be sold off and so they were sent to another exchange boss, a Quarren named Quoto.

While there Val was freed by a Zeltron slave girl Named Reena Varss and she helped him regain his strength. Reena helped equip him with weapons and they were able to break into the hanger and fly away to freedom after cunningly aquiring a ship. Reena and Val had similar ideas in this respect, which brought them closer together.

Smuggling Days

Travelling as a Mercenary
Val's Smuggling ship

Val and Reena decided to become smugglers to try and earn something.

While smuggling with Reena, Val got a contact on Tatooine to help them with a Tusken Raider problem and after that started as a mercenary for hire, up until the time he found his brother Finar. It was not up until then that he realised that the word he had head that there was a Cathar named Ambrose in a news group, known as Veritas Press, so Val headed to them to find out who it was. It was his older brother Finar, but due to the Derra Virus Finar was turned from a Cathar to a Hutt. Finar even a Hutt was still Val's brother and Val joined his brother in Veritas Press.

Veritas Press

After meeting his brother Finar, Val started to use his engineering skills to live on and not his combat skills in Veritas Press's Engineering corps.

Val soon became notorious for his work and soon and quickly worked his way up to DivEX of the organiastion. Veritas Engineering Corps was his home an more importantly to him looking after the logistics and construction division of t. He took this as a sign of his new life started to build ship yards,space station and fleets for VP and soon the whole galaxy. people raved of his talent for his engineering skills.