Kyber Nights

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Kyber Nights
Kyber Nights.jpg
Biographical Information
Race Falleen
Homeworld Trigalis
Physical Description
Gender Male
Political Information


He was born on the planet Trigalis under the name Kyber Nights. He lived out a healthy childhood with not much excitement until he decided to leave home in search for education and a legitimate job

Kyber Nights's career started out in the slums of Nar Shaddaa as a pickpocket. He had no permanent home and nothing to call his own except for a lone pistol he took off a body some local mercs had killed.

Over the years he noticed his family starting to diminish, one by one, ever so slowly. This went on for about a decade until he was the last and final member of the Nights family. Some committed suicide, homicides (living on Trigalis and all) and finally the bounty hunters had gotten his brother who was a spice smuggler.

He was a young Falleen wandering the streets. When he was about eleven he found some work with a local spy operation. He worked that job until he lost both of his hands and badly fractured his spine. he was caught in a terrorist bombing when attempting to dispose of the bomb it went off and blew his hands off and injured his spine. He had to get prosthetic hands and the first third of his spine was replaced. After that he bought his own ship, clothes, and weapons. He took off planet and moved to Coruscant, where he found a small apartment just below cloud level. He got a job as a banker and met a human named Lily in whom he fell in love with and married one year later. They had one child who is still alive but has unknown whereabouts. They had a second child right before Lily's death occurred. Lily died in a speeder accident ten years ago. They had been married five years when that happened.

He grew depressed and moved to a deserted (former stronghold) base on a distant and desert like Outer Rim planet. He lived there until he moved to Ryloth and was tricked into slavery. A brave human named Revan came to his aid when he saw Kyber being beat by his master. Revan saved him and they had many adventures together as a pair. Kyber taught him everything he knew.

After their parting, Kyber decided he would go back to school. He came out of Coruscant University Mastering Computer Operations and Majoring Trading and Economics.

Kyber now works in the underground as a slicer and smuggler. Although those professions don't pay a whole lot, he still owns a large sky level apartment on Eraidu. He now works as a slicer under the organization--


A wickedly smiling face appears on your datapad screen. It is the face of a large and dark green Falleen. All words he says to you are "Nice try," he winks and your screen goes black.[1]


Kyber started out looking for who had control of the freighter he'd piloted for a long time. On Year 13 Day 208 he made a plea to have his piloting status returned. The response would have dashed many men's spirits, Banquo Knox replied quickly that he was on his way to see him.

The story takes a sadder tale in the betrayal that had occurred. Ched Malfizzle revealed that he had made over the BFF-1 Bulk Freighter The Mouse Deal ( Ship Registration ID# 245519) to The Galactic Stock Exchange after they had requested the return of it and several other ships. Four hours after he had made over the ships, The Mouse Deal was apparently sold to Dark Star Hellions for the sum of 27 million credits according to Mr. Malfizzle.

Ximaro Jix essentially confirms it is a Hellions ship when he renames it a day after Kyber's post asking for piloting status to Hellions Prison De La Kyber and makes note that he will not get piloting status back.

Shortly after Hellions President Jix had confirmed this Mr. Malfizzle would state that originally Mouse had lent the ship to Kyber. After Mouse death it had passed to Ched. He then continued to let Kyber used it. He expressed sorrow that he had thought returning it to the GSE the ship and Kyber would be safe. In his regret he stated he wished he'd kept the ship. He went on to state "I don't care in the slightest about the bulk. I just care about the life on-board that we were helping out of kindness. Again, Kyber, I'm sorry and I will get to the bottom of this."

Now Mr. Nights seemed to be keeping high spirits, despite what will undoubtedly be a death sentence due to his many threats against the Black Sun in the past had this to say "I can't wait to go see Banquo! It's going to be so much fun! We're gonna have a great time time. And yes, even with my death on the horizon I'm being a smart-ass." [2]