Kyr`galaar Solus`oya

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A Defel whose past is as shadowy as his form, Kyr`galaar Solus`oya is a relatively private individual. An orphan in the Outer Rim of the galaxy, he was found by Kyr`galaar Vhett and taught the ways of the Resol'nare until Vhett was satisfied with Solus`oya's knowledge and desire to adhere to the tenets of the Mandalorian way. At this time, Kyr`galaar Solus`oya was adopted into Aliit Rang'pitat, a large and very active Mandalorian clan in the galaxy. As Kyr continued his studies of the Mandalorian culture, Rang'pitat merged with Aliit Vhetin which changed the clan name to Rang'Vhetin and the clan changed its policy to allow sub-clans within the larger clan due to the number of active members. Kyr`galaar Solus`oya then followed his adopted brother in starting the sub-clan Aliit'ika Solus'oya in an attempt to strengthen his brothers and sisters in Rang'Vhetin. Following this turn of events, his clan brother and Aliit'buir was killed in a NavComp accident that sent his ship into a sun.

Early Career

Kyr`galaar Solus'oya was appointed as successor of Vhett in a holomessage left behind when his Aliit'buir died. As the new Aliit'buir of Aliit'ika Solus'oya, Kyr vowed to put the clan and its members above his own recognition. Looking to the other members of the clan, Kyr began setting up stockpiles for his members to make sure they would be cared for in case a similar accident, or even an attack, were to take his life as well. Intending to make good on his predecessor's promises, Kyr then joined Subpro Corporation to help that company increase it's value and its place in the galaxy since some of the company's members happened to be clan members.

Recent events

As time passed, Rang'Vhetin and Solus'oya began discussions on what could be done for the benefit of its members and to strengthen the clan as a whole. As Aliit'buir of Solus'oya and a member of the Rang'Vhetin High Council, he put his two credits in and agreed that an organization owned and run by the clan may be the most beneficial plan for the clan and its members. Continuing to do his best for Subpro while these discussions continued, he was surprised to be approached to lead this new clan venture. Since the clan always comes first, Kyr`galaar Solus`oya agreed to do what was best for the clan and left Subpro to start Iron Skin Shipyards on the behalf of his clan and his people with the intention of treating even the non-Mandalorian personnel as if they were indeed clan members for the benefit of all concerned regardless of his own personal recognition or value in terms of galactic wealth.

Current Status

Kyr`galaar Solus`oya continues to lead Iron Skin Shipyards with the same beliefs and principles he was taught by his former Aliit'buir as well as Aliit'ika Solus'oya in the hopes that their members and his people are placed first and foremost as they should be.