Kyla Royer

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Kyla Royer
Kyla Tattoo.png
Biographical Information
Race Corellian
Homeworld Corellia
Mother Caroline Abbi Royer (Biological), Alyva Roscoe (Adopted) (Died Year 14 Day 237)
Father Liam Joseph Royer (Biological)
Siblings Finley Joseph Royer, Jessa Katarina Royer
Born Year -12 Day 136
Physical Description
Gender Female
Height 5'9"
Eye Color Brown with golden flecks
Political Information
Affiliation Aliit Gav, Phoenix Vu`Traat
Title Aliit'ver'alor of Aliit Gav
Rank Al'verde of Phoenix Vu`traat
Prior Affiliation Confederacy of Independent Systems

Growing Up

Kyla Royer was born on Year -12 Day 136. She was born on Corellia but moved to a farm on Hapes at the age of two. She is the middle daughter to Liam Joseph Royer and his wife, Caroline Abbi Royer. She has an older brother, Finley Joseph who is two years older and a sister Jessa Katarina, three years younger.

Growing up, Kyla was best friends with both siblings and was her daddy’s little girl. As a young girl, her father took her with him to work at the local winery, where he would show her different tricks of the trade and get her to help him with various tasks. As the years went on and Kyla became older, Liam wanted his oldest daughter to follow in his footsteps and take his place in the winery. Her opinions had changed, however. She grew more and more distant from her parents; her father especially. At 17, Kyla rebelled by leaving Hapes and all she had ever known to venture out on her own; much to Liam and Caroline’s dismay. She began doing odd jobs around the galaxy to give her just enough credits to make it to the next place.

Her First Marriage

While she was away, she met, fell in love with, and married Nico Ryan. He was a Corellian she worked with for a short time. For many years she ignored the abuse she endured from Nico before a close friend, Ethiriel Beorn, finally made her realize that this was not something she needed to live with. After three years of marriage and a miscarriage, she finally stood up and left him without a word.

Kith Cafe

Kyla was left The Kith Café by her longtime friend Ethiriel Beorn, after he passed away. Kyla spent all of her time there when she’s not on missions, baking all of the sweets herself and prided herself in having some of the best caf and tea in the galaxy. The café consisted of an old style chalkboard that featured the entirety of the menu, with all drinks and specials, along with slate tables and chairs. The front of the café was a glass wall with double glass doors and hosted a few tables out on the patio.

Srota Ron

Six years after having left home , just after her 25th birthday, Kyla decided it was time to go back home. Not quite ready to face her parents just yet, she applied to the Hapan Navy, but was rejected due to some previous ‘employment’.

Having been rejected, Kyla found herself annoyed and frustrated in a cantina when Srota Ron made his appearance into her life. Not sure what to think of him at first, she kept her distance until he suggested a job offer. She applied and was accepted into the Confederacy of Independent Systems. After a short time in working with CIS, Kyla was promoted to Airwoman First Class.

After a few months of getting to know Srota better, they began to date. It wasn't long after when he asked her hand in marriage to which she agreed. Quickly remembering her past failed marriage, Kyla broke off her engagement to him, fearing being hurt once more.

Revan Jones

A few months after having broken off her engagement with Srota, Kyla found a relationship where she least suspected, Revan Jones, her dar'manda. Things began to get serious between her and Revan after some time and, even though they moved on slowly, she eventually moved in with him and became the mother to his young son and daughter.

Revan and Kyla moved into a house that she had designed from the ground up and began their life as a family. One evening, after a romantic dinner and a walk on the beach behind their house, Revan dropped to his knees and asked for Kyla’s hand in marriage. Three weeks before the wedding, Kyla walked out of Revan’s life, leaving her engagement ring and a note on his pillow.

Since having broken off her engagement to Revan, Kyla left The Mercenary Guild and went to work with Alyva Roscoe in Genetech, a Droid production and transport business that she was trying to get up and running. On Year 14 Day 237, Kyla got a message from her aunt, Kathlen Stewart, that her buir had suddenly passed. Stricken with grief and unbelief, Kyla hid in her Cafe for days grieving her mother’s death.