Harassment charges against Vodo

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Charges against Vodo by General Diablirus Balseraph

Von: [name and mail address edited]

Datum: Year -1 Day -184 17:-9:17

An: swsim-empire@swsim.com

Betreff: [swsim-empire] Harrasment

<the image of General Diablirus appears on the imager. His face, normally concealed beneath his cold, visored helm, is now only concealed with outright anger>

Members of the Empire: I have just recieved some rather disturbing news. It seems one of my female officers was made to feel humiliated not only in the pressence of her peers, other guardsmen, but in the pressence of , and with expressed consent and encouragement by, several flag officers and the so called Emperor himself, Vodo, who in fact encouraged this. This is not the first time for this behavior by him, but the second in the case of this particular officer of mine. What will be done about this...? Well, my officer was intuitive enough to save the ICQ chat buffer, which she will forward to me for my review. Members of the Imperial Royal Guard that participated in this act, you may as well turn in your armor and equipment, because you are guardsmen no more. Flag Officers, you know exactly who you are, and once I do, so will the rest of the Empire as well as the Sim Masters. You are a disgrace to the rank and if I see you, I will personnally rip such rank off and step on it. As for Vodo. No holds barred, you are a peice of rat filth. I personnally know of two others you have done this to. And to think, you had the audacity to tell this officer of mine that there are no sexual harrassment laws in the Empire. You are no Emperor, Vodo, least of all mine. That is the close of that subject. Those of you that participated in this event, you may as well erase my name from your ICQ rosters, because I never want to speak, see or hear from you. Diablirus out. <the image fades>

Vodos response

Von: [name and mail address edited]

Datum: Year -1 Day -184 16:34:19

An: <swsim-empire@swsim.com>, [name and mail address edited]

Betreff: [swsim-empire] Harrasment-Emperor's response


~A holo transmission of the Emperor appears, and he has a big smiles on his face~

Tests of faith....~smirks~ I believe all that were in the Imperial Chat remember the spoken test of faith. I thank you Balseraph, you have seen to it that the tests be kept and be made part of regular transmission. All present were told she was being tested and her faith was unmoving. She herself stated, "I am faithful my lord". ~laughs~ She then claimed humiliation and she was released of the chain around her neck. She was asked to dance. She refused. I should have killed her right then. If I asked O'dwyer to dance with a chain around his neck, he would have done it. Because his faith is unmoving, his faith is solid, he is a f***ing marine. Former Captain Hel has proved to me that she is incapable of holding a position. The rebel interrogators could do far more damaging forms of humiliation, and she would fail. I consider that to be a liability that I am unwilling to invest time or resources into. ~women tied in chains can be seen behind him, aboard his vessel, they are dancing women bought from a Hutt Spice addict on Nal Hutta~ ~narrows his vision toward the view screen~ Balseraph, does the methods that the Empire has at it's disposal bother you? Perhaps we should allow ourselves to shake the "bad" guy reputation and hold hands with the rest of the galaxy. Perhaps you might like to suggest that as we hold hands, we all sing "we are the world". Perhaps you would even like to lead the galaxy in that song of united spirit? ~laughs~ Fool, this is the Emperor that I have created!! One that is feared, where even the officers themselves knows the recourse if their faith lacks a solid nature needed to work for me. The fact remains, harassment isn't illegal in the Empire.

Your statement to the group shows your pleasure in seeing that the officer is intuitive enough to save a ICQ chat buffer. What a shame that she lacks the intuitiveness in listening to her Emperor and preventing humiliation. Perhaps these events will allow all to understand that I am no "saint" I am evil, I am darkness, I am YOUR EMPEROR!! ~he stands, the view camera allowing itself to zoom out so you all can see the full length of the Emperor~ ~he lifts one of his arms up~ Victory or Death!! Victory or Death!! Victory or Death!!! Victory or Death!!

~caption at the bottom of the holo-transmission encourage all to participate in the Victory or Death chanting~


-Imperial Warlord Vodo -Emperor

Another response by Vodo

Von: [name and mail address edited]

Datum: Year -1 Day -183 16:-4:-9

An: "Empire mailing list" <swsim-empire@swsim.com>

Betreff: [swsim-empire] ***Transmission***

'***Transmission, Kachin Sector Checkpoint, Kachin Sector***

I have a few comments for all of you.

1). General Balseraph has just demonstrated why he will never amount to anything more but a General in the Empire. He has taken a situation that he knew very little about and turned it into a bashing match within the Empire all because he was angry about something. He needed to think with a straight head and he did not. He then decided he would run for Emperor. Or did he decide that before he threw the first stone?

2). Everyone that has offered a perspective or a comment on the situation that was not directly involved is speaking off PURE ignorance. NONE OF YOU have any clue as to what happened, as to what didn't happen and to what should have happened. Without knowing or understanding a situation all comments you have to offer are truly MEANINGLESS. Which means you all are speaking from ignorance. Which is not a bad thing in itself. It just means you all have alot to learn.

3). As usual, I have nothing but compliments for Chief Of Operations SPYTEK. He offered a perspective based on what he knew. NOTHING. His perspective was neutral in nature, he did not join a side, mine or the plaintiff. However, he did state that he does not condone whatever behavior was said to have taken place.

4). Regardless of what happened, this is a simulation and a game of a Imperialistic form of government. As someone pointed out to me earlier, that simply means a totalitarian form of rule. Which means a dictatorship, by one man who controls a nation of people. He does not leave it up to them to vote on matters, to make decisions on matters or to offer perspectives on matters that do not concern them.

The Empire is MINE. As the Emperor, I control ALL in the EMPIRE. If ANY of you do not like what the Empire is about, then you are in the wrong business and you need to join an organization that resembles your ideals a little better. As the Emperor, I reserve the right to (in character) do anything that I deem necessary. Lord Vader killed Admirals in his Navy when they came out of lightspeed to quickly. The character Vodo is not a nice man either. He is cold, evil, deadly and without feeling for others. Vodo condones all forms of torture and all forms of psychological warfare. I lack all moral standards, I do not feel guilty. I simply do as I wish, when I wish and to who I wish. AGAIN, if you all wish for a government where you make the laws, the rebels are looking for officers just like you. Do no think that the Empire is losing anyone, because there is always someone available and more than willing to replace you in your position.

You all speak as if harassment is illegal. As if that is an illegal tactic used in the EMPIRE. Well, it's not illegal. Why? Because all forms of manipulation are legal in obtaining ones objective. Remember, you all are looking at it from a real life perspective where harassment is not a good thing and something that is not tolerated. Well, this isn't real life and in this world, no one knows that harassment is wrong, because this galaxy is under the iron fist rule of the EMPIRE. For you to claim that it is illegal is illegal by the SIMULATIONS RULES AND STANDARDS. You do not mix real life events in with the simulation. As far as the game is concerned, if you are a Intelligence Army Officer in real life means nothing here in the simulation. Things are done differently in real life than they are done here. If you do not like how things are done here, I suggest you all go somewhere else or back to real life..

5). Captain Hel will be sending out a message later this evening stating that NOTHING happened, that this was ALL a miss-understanding. Do you know what that means? ALL OF YOUR COMMENTS are MOOT. Isn't that sad? You all jumped to conclusions about a matter after only hearing it from a third party that wasn't even present when the alleged accusations took place? The actual person that Balseraph had claims about is speaking out and she is telling you that nothing happened and that it was a miss-understanding.

What does that mean for all of you that spoke out like ignorant Tusken Raider? Nothing, I am willing to let all of your ignorant comments pass. But this is the ONLY time that I will let this pass. If I hear anymore on this matter and I hear that this issue is still be spoken as something that took place, you will feel the wrath of the EMPEROR. I will remove you from the EMPIRE and you will be without a ship and without resources needed to survive. Then you will not be able to play this game any longer. For those of you that kept a clear head, you all are to be commended. And those of you that kept a clear head have been promoted to replace those that felt it necessary to spam me and send me derogatory messages.


Consider your words wisely if you wish to speak, because SPYTEK, PIETT and myself will be watching to see if the person speaking is anyone in their direction command. And then you will be dealt with.

For those of you that voted for Balseraph, he has only 2% of the necessary votes to overthrow me. *laughs* It will not nor can it happen.

Long live the EMPIRE, and remember I AM the EMPIRE.

May the dark lords of the Sith have mercy upon your souls.......


(all references to ME as Vodo only means I am in character. I do not condone harassment RL.. but I do condone it within the context of the game)

-Imperial Warlord Vodo -EMPEROR

OOC notice

This predated the founding of the Star Wars Combine and the PG-13 guideline was not in effect back then.