Hawke Tanor

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Hawke Tanor
Hawke SIth lord.jpg
Biographical Information
Race Corellian
Homeworld Corellia
Father Ryim Alseir
Mother Tanya Alseir
Spouse None
Other Family None
Born Year -9 / Day 9
Languages Basic
Religion None
Motto None
Physical Description
Gender Male
Height 1.91 m
Weight 104 kg
Eye Color Brown
Hair Color Black
Galactic Status
Social Status Trader and Lone Wolf
Political Status Shady
Affiliation Neutral
Title Mailed Fist of Corellia

Hawke is a loner, still looking for the apprentice that craves the Dark Side as he does. His close friends are few, with many acquaintances and business partners while dabbling in various organizations.

Hawke Tanor was born the only child of middle class parents on Corellia. His formative years were spent in the Corellian system, making occasional trips to various other worlds within the system with his mother. His life would be shaped by the events of his childhood.


Hawke was born Hawke Alesir. His childhood was not a happy one. His father Ryim Alseir, was perpetually drunk and couldn’t keep a job long enough for the family to have anything of worth, much less enough food to go around. Ryim regularly beat Hawke and his mother, Tanya. His father was a large man so Hawke was nearly powerless to do anything to protect himself, let alone his mother. The abuse went on throughout his childhood but became increasingly worse as Hawke grew. Hawke believed, in the back of his mind, as he got older and bigger, his father felt threatened by him. Hawke constantly thought to himself ‘One day, I will get him for how he treats Mom and me, one day.'

Hawke came home from school one day and his mother left a note stating she couldn't take it any longer and was leaving. This news devastated Hawke and he sat at the table reading the note over and over. That night – after getting paid and staying out drinking most the night, Ryim returned home and stumbled in through the door. Ryim screamed for Tanya but got no response. He walked through the living area to find Hawke sitting at the table with a note in his hand. Ryim slapped Hawke in the back of the head and ripped the note from his hands. Ryim read it and swore at Hawke with a final ‘Good riddance, good for nothing woman!’ Hawke was furious at his father’s comments and abuse. He couldn’t take it any longer! He jumped up and started punching his dad, over and over, until he realized that he had knocked his father unconscious. While Ryim lay there and bled, Hawke took what credits he could find and left. Hawke was 15.

Gang Life

Hawke was a mere 15 years old when he left home to make his own way in the galaxy. He had never excelled in school, and, upon leaving home, left school behind as well. Street life on Corellia was no joke. Though he was a class A citizen of the Galactic Empire, he was not part of Corellia's elite. In order to survive, allies and friends were required. Hawke was a bit of a loner. A scrap between him and a pair of thugs attempting a mugging would bring him into contact with one of his few early allies. As Hawke attempted to duck the two thugs, he received timely assistance from three Class C citizens: Looma Karwt , Pyrene Pellegrino and Lirik Chume. This began an on again, off again friendship with the trio, which would benefit Hawke immensely as he fought for his existence on Corellia's streets.

Shortly after this chance meeting, Hawke managed to meet up with a leader of the Crawlers. The Crawlers were a street gang. Their motto was "Take what you want and don't look back." Hawke was integrated into the gang, and taught the art of theft and stealth. He felt at home. The Crawlers were his family. While there were secrets that were kept from him, he did not mind as he was able to do as he chose, without limits.

However, the Crawlers run as a gang was coming to a close. They were making huge profits selling deathsticks and illegal weapons on world. As Hawke was walking back to the gang hangout, he bumped into a man. This was no ordinary man, something about him was off. The stranger explained how a life of crime wouldn’t pay and that eventually Hawke would get caught most likely spend time in a labor camp or even executed for his crimes. During this meeting, Hawke couldn’t figure out what it was about this man. Something seemed ‘off’ about him but he couldn’t figure it out. Why had he stopped him? Why did he tell him these things?

And then, BOOM! Hawke almost fell down from the blast. He looked to his right and saw that the Crawlers hangout was being raided by Imperial Forces! Blaster fire erupted. Panic set in….. What to do? Do I help? This is my family – only family that ever truly cared about me….. What happened? Why, all of a sudden, did they get on the hit list? Hawke’s mind was racing….he felt helpless, surely if he went in to help, he would end up in jail or worse……..He turned back and the man was gone, slipped down a back alley. Confused and unsure of his next move, Hawke quickly walked down the alleyway, thinking about what happened. How did they get on the radar? How many of his brethren had died that day?

Hawke soon found out what happened at the hangout, the Crawlers were moving illegal weapons and deathsticks within the city. They had grown complacent and thought they had made it when a contact the Crawlers were selling to turned them in; an Imperial Spy working undercover to catch them. Luckily, that stranger on the corner stopped Hawke in time to keep him from getting caught that night. Hawke was on his on yet again....

Out in the World

Coronet Spaceport exterior.jpg

After a week or so, Hawke started working at the same starport as Looma, a job Looma helped him acquire. Hawke did menial tasks at the spaceport, cleaning, fueling ships, carrying luggage of important people and he felt hollow. He was ready for something more, needed to get off Corellia somehow. One day as Hawke was fueling a ship and loading cargo in the YV-666, a woman paused when she walked by him. He sensed the woman looking at him and turned to see who was staring him down. She was a beautiful Nautolan, light purple skin with an athletic build wearing what appeared to be a form of Jedi robes. The Nautolan nodded at him and after a brief pause, she boarded her ship. Hawke didn't know what to make of this moment but he brushed it off and finished up the fueling.

Hawke had been working at the spaceport for a few weeks, when he was falsely accused of stealing by the foreman. He and Hawke scuffled over the accusation and both were discharged from their employment at the spaceport. Hawke was back on the streets.

Becoming a Man

Hawke.jpg Hawke alone in Corellia

Weeks later, after the spaceport incident, Hawke was sleeping outside a tavern in Coronet City. The owner found him sleeping under the awning to get out of the rain. The owner, Tanor, kicked him to wake him up. Hawke jumped up, knife at the ready to fight off his attacker. Hawke looked at Tanor and thought better of the situation as Tanor stood 6’6 and weighed in at probably 300 lbs. Tanor asked why he was sleeping in the back of the bar. Hawke was trying to think quickly but ultimately said, ‘I have nowhere to go and no money to do anything.’ He felt quite embarrassed after blurting out that statement. Then, Tanor laughed at him. Not sure how to react or what to do, Hawke lunged at him. BIG mistake! Tanor quickly grabbed his arm and slung him against the building. Hawke’s nose was now bleeding from the impact to the wall and he let out a loud grunt as he hit the building. Tanor pinned him to the wall, took his knife and said ‘Look kid, I can help you but you have to learn some respect. I don’t give nothing out for free but can teach you how to survive on the edge. Don’t know where you been, don’t want to know but I got a job that you seem fit to perform – Are you up for it?’ Tanor released him and looked at the rusty blade that Hawke had brought to bear. Tanor said ‘Mighty fine weapon you got here, huh? Looks like it needed to be out of the rain more than you do,’ as he laughed again.

On this day, Hawke Tanor was born and he began working for Tanor Crowwen. He made special ‘runs’ for him. He would deliver sealed trunks, packages, bottles, etc. It was not the most exciting position in the galaxy but he made money, had food to eat and a place to stay. For the few years, Hawke ran ‘packages’ all over Coronet – he realized that most likely it was illegal but as long as he didn’t do anything stupid, he would be fine. Tanor taught him how to survive, when to talk tough, when to show respect and when to fight. He taught him how to fight as well, taught him how to use a knife, a blaster and even took time to show him how to pilot a ship. Tanor took care of Hawke and Hawke took care of Tanor. Great working relationship that truly felt more like a father-son relationship. He learned that you had to know the right people to get where he wanted to be.

However, even this could not last. Someone caught up with Tanor Crowwen. One day, Hawke returned to the tavern to find his employer dead, he had been murdered. The safe was gone, desk was empty and most of the container had been rifled through with the contents missing. Hawke had to leave, he knew this would lead to an investigation, if the Imperial troops even cared to do their job. With Crowwen dead, they may just borad the place up and leave it since no on really cared what happened in this area of Coronet City. Fearing being caught up in the investigation of his surrogate father, Hawke fled the world, headed to any place where the Empire's reach could not get to him.

Nar Shaddaa

Nar Shaddaa Streets.jpeg

One of the few places even Imperial's feared to travel was Nar Shaddaa. The "Smugglers Moon" as it was known, was the hive of every illegal activity in the galaxy and was an ideal place to hide from anyone. Hawke found himself there after escaping Corellia and the mess from Cowwen's murder. Hawke was in a foreign place that seemed harsher than on Corellia, streets he didn't know and no friends or allies. The creds earned on Corellia were running thin and he needed to do something to get himself going again.

While Hawke was sitting at a table in a cantina drinking his Corellian Ale, a stranger offered him a seat in his booth. Hawke decided to join the man for a drink to see what he had to say. The man introduced himself as Solomon, later Hawke would know him as Sol Mazer, and they talked for a while. Sol was curious about Hawke and Hawke, not having been around anyone that cared about what he said for a while, obliged by revealing his life to him. Hawke wasn't sure why but he felt comfortable talking with Sol, so he laid it all out there for him.

During the conversation, Sol provided Hawke a chance to change his fortune. Sol was offering a job, he would provide a ship for Hawke to leave Nar Shaddaa and rendezvous with his partner, Nah Olos. Between Nah and Sol, they taught Hawke everything he needed to know about the transporting business, how to handle himself; how to get into and, more importantly how to get out of, situations that could cause him harm.

After a short period of time, Sol and Nah let Hawke in on the situation behind their 'transport' business. They were actually running the Smugglers Guild and wanted Hawke to do more than just transporting. He was pleased to hear this so Hawke accepted the offer and started working on other areas within the guild and not just transporting.

For the first time, Hawke was making good credits with each job he finished. The credits he made were enough for him to purchase a YT-1210 that he christened the Corellian Condor. It was the first thing Hawke had really owned. He was extremely grateful to his employer for the chance he had been given.


Hawke was working as a transporter and smuggler after purchasing the Corellian Condor while also buying/selling in all manner of goods. Buying ships, selling them with free delivery to clients; buying vehicles, selling at a higher price with delivery was working well for Hawke. He worked tirelessly to make credits; whatever, wherever, he didn't care. Easy jobs, hard jobs, getting into shielded planets, he did it all.

Hawke Condor.jpg Hawke in the cockpit

Hawke spent many months aboard the Corellian Condor without setting foot on a planet surface. Working as a smuggler and carrying illegal weapons, he couldn't afford to land anywhere and be subject to searches of his ship. Living in the ship gave him time to work on his plan for life. As always, he would have visions while sleeping that led him to believe that there was much more coming in his life. But, he never could figure out why he had these dreams, what they meant or if it would come true.

Using his instincts in his daily dealings, he knew which transport jobs to take, which customers were trustworthy or not and used those instincts to keep him alive. He had 3 simple rules that he followed daily and with every job - 1.Negotiate the deal, never change the deal; 2.Cargo doesn't matter, never look at the cargo; 3.Complete the deal without fail. Living by these rules made life easy as Hawke worked through the day to day. Something always nagging at him, him knowing that more was to come but what was it, how did he find out what it was.....

Learning of the Force

While making a trip into the Kathol Sector, Hawke had a vision. The vision seemed to show him meeting with someone. The meeting seemed to have extreme importance. Hawke took time out of his trip to find this sentient. Upon finding him, the sage sentient informed Hawke that he was Force Sensitive. This discovery made many things fall into place for Hawke. He had always known he was slightly different, that things in his life were not the same as others around him. He immediately began to make preparations for a serious change in his life,

The Jedi Order

Upon his discovery, he reached out to the Jedi to see what they could do to help him train. His decision was to join the order and try to become a great Jedi. Shortly after joining, he met his new master wihtin the order, Dorian Tecto. Tecto was an odd Jedi himself and Hawke felt that they were matched together by the will of the Force. Tecto was a Sith previously and had turned away from that order to become a Jedi. As Tecto and Tanor became closer, Hawke started to recognize that his master was not completely convinced of his position. Hawke could feel the conflict within his master but dared not to reveal this to him.

As always, he followed his master and trained in the Force.

Jedi Hawke.jpg Hawke on assignment on some backwater planet

Fall to Darkness

During the assignment on Tatooine, Hawke could feel the change within his master, something dark growing and his strength seemed to grow. As the strength grew in his master, Hawke could feel the burning desire for power; he felt the spark of the dark side and craved more power. Tecto began making decisions and comments which lead the Jedi Council to believe he was back on the path to darkness. Fearing for his apprentice, the Council ordered his arrest. However, their fears were more than justified. Tecto had already fallen to darkness and Hawke followed willingly as he craved the power of the dark side.

Fearing for his apprentice, the Jedi Council ordered the arrest of the now fallen Jedi, Tecto. Upon arrival to arrest Tecto and try to save Hawke from falling into darkness with his master, they realized that it was too late. However, their fears were more than justified. Tecto had already fallen to darkness and corrupted Hawke as well. As the Jedit approached, Tecto lighted his lightsaber in anticipation of the battle. A battle ensued, Jedi Masters and Knights versus the fallen Jedi. As the battle worn on, Tecto pushed Hawke from the battle which allowed the Jedi Master to arrest him but it ensured that Hawke would get away. In the confusion as the Jedi were arresting Tecto, Hawke slipped away unseen. He was trapped on Ossus with no way off the planet. Hawke, still in his Jedi Robes, headed to the Starport avoiding everyone he could not to get captured. Upon entering the Starport, Hawke made his way onto a HWK-290, sliced into the controls and took off leaving Ossus behind. Hawke was concerned about his master as he was captured by the Jedi but there was nothing he could do about it. He made his way back to the Corellian Condor to get as far away from the Jedi as possible.

Wanted for questioning by the Jedi, Hawke remained out of sight for a while. While in exile, Hawke continues to build his fortune, falling back on his trading background. Moving illegal weapons, helping to outfit small elite squads to sell on the market to help those in need of fighting off the bandits or creatures on their home world. Hawke is seeking to learn more, feels the need to reach out to the Empire to work his way into the Sith. After joining the Empire, they neglected to see the strength in Hawke and he was assigned to the Imperial Navy; working on monotonous tasks, scanning systems, flying TIE fighters preparing for battle. All the while craving the power of the Dark Side, wanting to join the Sith but the Empire kept him in the Navy not allowing him to reach his potential. After a few months, Hawke realizes this is a waste of time and leav es the Empire.

Following the Sith Path

Peace is a lie, There is only Passion

Through Passion, I gain Strength

Through Strength, I gain Power

Through Power, I gain Victory

Through Victory, My Chains are Broken

The Force shall set me Free

Hawke knew that belonging to a group, like the Empire or anyone else, wasn't important. The important aspect was following the teachings of those who came before him, those that were true to the Sith of old. The items he acquired were teachings of how to ensure the Sith would continue with the goal of destroying the Jedi.

Hawke continued to gain wealth through buying/selling legal and illegal weapons, ships, tech, information, anything that will bring in credits. He needed the credits to pursue the Sith artifacts that he needed to fulfill his destiny to become a Sith. He didn't need the Empire to become a Sith, he worked on finding Holocrons, Books, Tomes, Scrolls or anything imbued with Dark Side power.

Artifact hunting

Hawke purchased information to start his search for artifacts throughout the galaxy. Spent time at each location searching for anything he could find that wasn't already located by other Sith or even the Jedi trying to keep those secrets hidden away.

Force test.jpg

Hawke purchased most of the artifacts across many years as he continued to gather more teachings of the Dark Side. As Hawke was studying the sorcery of the Dark Side, he realized that he could use the sorcery during combat but he would never be an expert. After realizing that he was not going to become an expert in sorcery, he maintained his knowledge for use when needed but it was time to switch to Lightsaber combat.

During this time, he came in contact with a great blademaster, Sekou Tau. Sekou forged The Cardinal Swords of Tau of which Hawke received Ngomlilo, around D297, Y18.

Cardinal Sword red v2.png Ngomlilo

As Hawke stayed in touch with Sekou Tau, the master blademaster reached out to share with Hawke the new Vampiric Focal Pistols, "Thuzelo" and "Ithemba"; these pistols bonded to Hawke as a powerful Dark Side Master.

DL-56 SpecialPair v2.png Thuzelo / Ithemba

Lightsaber construction

First, he had to work on constructing his lightsaber. During his time with the Jedi, they wouldn't teach him how to construct his own lightsaber. As Hawke was gathering artifacts, he was also gathering the crystals for his saber, the parts needed for construction and working on the rituals needed to create his lightsaber. Hawke has to travel into caves to gather his crystals, had to defeat a Rancor without assistance and then getting back to his ship to start the ritual of construction.

Hawke larger small saber hilt.png

Once all of the crystals were attuned, the ritual started. It was not easy and took many days to complete the ritual for constructing his lightsaber. On D253, Y19, Hawke's 'saber was in his hand, finally complete.

For the next few months, Hawke visited several worlds seeking out creatures for hunting, wanting to feel the up close and personal battle between man and beast. Only armed with his lightsaber, he took down many creatures and bandits during this time. All manner of creature have been killed up to the Rancor, the Rancor is the largest beast Hawke has killed to date. His hunting has provided many trophies but his ultimate goal is to take down a Krayt Dragon.

Shizian Hawkbats

In Y13, Hawke became the owner of the Shizian Hawkbats of the Knights of the Fountain Shockball League. The Hawkbats were Champions of the League in Y16.

KotF Shockball Champions.png


The Tarrasque is an Ardent-Class Fast Frigate. Boasting enough cargo space to carry his important smaller ships and vehicles while also carrying his personal army wherever he goes.

Ardent v2.png

The Corellian Condor is an YT-1210 and his pride and joy of all ships owned. The freighter was the first ship he purchased due to it's cargo space, he transported many legal and illegal cargo containers to his clients.

Corellian Condor.png

Other ships in the fleet include a recently purchased T-65 X-wing Starfighter, Spitfire, with an unknown DOM and small designation, it appears to be one of the older X-wings in the galaxy. His YT-510, the Titanium Ghost, is the fastest ship in his personal fleet. His YT-2000, Zero Patience was purchased soon after the Condor. His Firespray-class Interceptor, Defiant Minotaur and the YT-1300 Icarus are others in his collection that he is proud to own.