Hawke Tanor

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Hawke Tanor
Hawke Tanor.jpg
Biographical Information
Race Corellian
Homeworld Corellia
Father Ryim Alseir
Mother Tanya Alseir
Spouse None
Other Family None
Born Year -9 / Day 9
Languages Basic
Religion None
Motto None
Physical Description
Gender Male
Height 6' 3"
Weight 235 lbs
Eye Color Brown
Hair Color Black
Galactic Status
Social Status Trader and Lone Wolf
Political Status Shady
Affiliation Neutral
Title Mailed Fist of Corellia

Hawke Tanor was born the only child of middle class parents on Corellia. His formative years were spent on Corellian system, making occasional trips to various other worlds within the system with his mother. His life would be shaped by the events of his childhood.


Hawke was born Hawke Alesir. His childhood was not a happy one. His father Ryim Alseir, was perpetually drunk. The few times he did have work, he immediately spent his money on more Corellian spiced ale, his favorite beverage. This forced Hawke's mother, Tanya, into work as well. Her usual work was as a stewardess on interstellar and in system flights. This allowed her to escape her physically abusive husband. On her systemal trips, she would take her son with her, fueling a love for the stars, and the independence space provided in the young Hawke.

Hawke's relationship with his father was strained from a young age. While Ryim never laid a hand on his son, due to perhaps as much fear as love, Hawke sympathized strongly with his mother's plight. His father rarely provided anything for the dinner table, other than explosive bouts of cursing at his mother. As Hawke grew, the insults to his mother and even himself weighed heavily on his mind. He vowed to himself that one day, his father would pay for the insults to his mother.

Out in the World

Early in year 6, Hawke returned home from school to find a note from his mother. The note informed Hawke that his mother was no longer able to take the abuse from his father. She had left the house, never to return. Hawke rightly blamed his father for her desertion. When Ryim got home that night, thoroughly drunk, he found Hawke sitting in the living room. The drunken man bellowed for his wife. When he read the note, he took out his frustrations on Hawke, slapping the teenager across the back of the head. That was a mistake. Hawke's pent up anger against his father found an outlet and he fought back. In Ryim's drunken state, he was no match for his enraged son. Hawke pounded his father into a pulp. Leaving his father bleeding and broken on the floor, Hawke gathered up what few credits were in the house, and left.

On His Own

Hawke was a mere 15 years old when he left home to make his own way in the galaxy. He had never excelled in school, and, upon leaving home, left school behind as well. Street life on Corellia was no joke. Though he was a class A citizen of the Galactic Empire, he was not part of Corellia's elite. In order to survive, allies and friends were required. Hawke was a bit of a loner. A scrap between him and a pair of thugs attempting a mugging would bring him into contact with one of his few early allies. As Hawke attempted to duck the two thugs, he received timely assistance from three Class C citizens: Looma Karwt , Pyrene Pellegrino and Lirik Chume. This began an on again, off again friendship with the trio, which would benefit Hawke immensely as he fought for his existence on Corellia's streets.

Shortly after this chance meeting, Hawke managed to meet up with a leader of the Crawlers. The Crawlers were a street gang. Their motto was "Take what you want and don't look back." Hawke was integrated into the gang, and taught the art of theft and stealth. He felt at home. The Crawlers were his family. While there were secrets that were kept from him, he did not mind as he was able to do as he chose, without limits.

However, the Crawlers run as a gang was coming to a close. They were making huge profits selling deathsticks and illegal weapons on world. They were sure of their position until one of their contacts sold them out to the Imperial government on Corellia. Hawke narrowly missed being at the headquarters when it was raided. The raid shocked and unsettled Hawke. For a time, it straightened him out. However, money was scarce and thus Hawke returned to his old habits. For a time, he worked at the same starport as Looma, a job Looma helped him acquire. This arrangement came to an abrupt end when his foreman falsely accused him of theft. He and Hawke scuffled over the accusation and both were discharged. Hawke was back on the streets.

Becoming a Man

Hawke.jpg Hawke alone in Corellia

However, the loss of the job would result in Hawke becoming a man. He lived on the streets, sleeping under buildings and on porches. One such porch was the porch of Tanor's Tavern, a low class bar, notorious for shady dealings. The owner of the bar, Tanor Crowwen, observed this and felt the boy could be of some use. One morning, Hawke was awakened by Tanor's boot prodding him in the ribs. At first, Hawke attempted to fight but the older man was far stronger and wilier than the half-starved teenager and Tanor easily laughed off the youth's combat. He would fill the role of father for Hawke for a time, so much so that Hawke legally altered his last name to Tanor out of respect for the older man.

Tanor was also slightly on the shady side. He tasked Hawke with making delivery runs all over the small town. However, he was not a selfish man. Tanor taught the teen how to fight, how to stay alive, and how to fly. He also paid Hawke for his work. For the first time in his life, Hawke accumulated money. He learned how to deal with sentients, when to fight, when to negotiate and when to flee. However, even this could not last. Someone caught up with Tanor. The tavern keeper was murdered in his own office. This caused Imperial police to begin an investigation of Tanor's dealings. Fearing being caught up in the investigation of his surrogate father, Hawke fled the world, headed to any place where the Imperials hand did not touch.

Nar Shadda

One of the few places even Imperial's feared to travel was Nar Shadda. The "Smugglers Moon" as it was known, was the hive of every illegal activity in the galaxy and was an ideal place to hide from anyone. Hawke found himself in there after escaping Corellia. However, even here he was not happy. The money he had earned on Corellia was not sufficient to live long on his own. However, a mysterious stranger provided his way out. The stranger was a recruiter for a transport company. Seeing potential in Hawke, he hired the young Corellian to do transport work. For the first time, Hawke was making real money. The credits he made were enough for him to purchase a YT-1210 that he christened the Corellian Condor . It was the first thing Hawke had really owned. He was extremely grateful to his employer for the chance he had been given.

A Jedi

While making a trip into the Kathol Sector, Hawke had a vision. The vision seemed to show him meeting with someone. The meeting seemed to have extreme importance. Hawke took time out of his trip to find this sentient. Upon finding him, the sage sentient informed Hawke that he was Force Sensitive. This discovery made many things fall into place for Hawke. He had always known he was slightly different, that things in his life were not the same as others around him. He immediately began to make preparations for a serious change in his life. No longer would he seek wealth. Instead he would seek the ideals of the Jedi Order. He quit his job and joined the Order to learn the path of the Jedi. His new master was Dorian Tecto. Tecto was an odd Jedi himself, having formerly been a Sith master before becoming disgusted with the path of the Sith and walking away from the Empire and the Sith. Tecto and Hawke became quite close.

Fall to Darkness

Hawke however was not destined to remain unscathed by the darkness to which his Master had once been enslaved. Tecto began making decisions and comments which lead the Jedi Council to believe he was back on the path to darkness. Fearing for his apprentice, the Council ordered his arrest. However, their fears were more than justified. Tecto had already fallen to darkness and corrupted Hawke as well. When the arrest was made, Tecto managed to ensure Hawke's escape in the confusion. However, Hawke was once again on his own and stranded on Ossus. With no other options, he stole a ship and slipped into space, towards the Corellian Condor. Wanted for questioning by the Jedi, Hawke joined the Galactic Empire, seeking to become a Sith. However, the Empire did not recognize the talent in Hawke. They set him to maintaining the grounds of the Sith temple. After a few months of this monotony, Hawke quit, striking out on his own, looking to make something of himself in the galaxy.