Hera Qir-no

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Herad'ona Yfel Qir-no
Hera Qir-no.png
Biographical Information
Race Human/Diathim hybrid
Homeworld Mandalore
Clan Qir
House House Qir
House Visla (formerly)
Mother Ginita Yfel (fate unknown)
Father Fen Qir-no (deceased)
Marital Status Single
Siblings O'dasar Qir-no (deceased)
Zander Qir-no (fate unknown)
Dre Qir-no (adopted)
Gubak'chi Qir-no (fate unknown)
Ki'wainle Qir-no
Born Year 0 Day 105
Died Sometime prior to Year 20
Languages Mando'a
Telepathy (limited, only to other Diathim)
Wookiee (cannot speak)
Binary (cannot speak)
Religion Lu'kasa
The Force
Quote "Ni kir meg malyasa'yr banar meh Ni narir a Uhy'utti reumi Brilyatr o'r a jetii'kad ma'itr."
Physical Description
Gender Female
Height 7' 10"/2.39 meters
Weight 83 pounds/37.6 kg
Coloring Light
Hair Color Glowing Blonde (natural)
Black (Dyed)
Eye Color Hazel
Political Information
Affiliation Aliit Qir
Title Aliit'alor
Prior Affiliation New Republic
Black Sun

Herad'ona "Hera" Yfel Qir-no is a Mandalorian Diathim/Human hybrid. She is currently the Aliit'alor of Aliit Qir.


Early Years

On Year 0 Day 105, Hera was released from her cloning tube. She was the fifth child of Aliit'alor Fen Qir-no and smuggler Ginita Yfel.

At age five Hera shot her first blaster, a DD6, the same one she carries today. While this was not part of her official training, it did give her the experience of combat for the first time.


Flying did not come natural to Hera, one such incident earned her the nickname "Wrecking Ball".

At age seven, according to Mando'ade tradition, Hera received her first set of armor and began warrior training. She was found to be exceptionally agile and have quick reflexes, however she "shot like a stormtrooper". She wasn't a natural at melee combat either.

As her skills improved, she slowly became a model cadet. At age 9 she started flight training, and wrecked a YT-1300 on her first flight.

That Fatefull Day

On Year 9 Day 217, Hera woke up to the sound of explosions. She looked out the window and saw several missiles trailing white smoke. Yellow bolts fired from Qir turbolaser batteries illuminated the sky, all focusing on these missiles and some fighters Hera couldn't identify.

Hera's sister Gubak'chi "Guba" came running into the room, and told Hera to get her armor and follow her into the armory. Once in the armory, Hera and Guba stocked up on blasters, Guba also took a lightsaber.

Life in the Outer Rim

Return Home

New Republic

The Mission

Black Sun

Qir Reborn and Dha Werda Verda

Disappearance and Presumed Death

Appearance and Physical Traits

Typical of a Human/Diathim hybrid, Hera looks like a tall light-skinned human at first glance. Hera's blonde hair emits a light yellow glow, but is usually dyed black to improve stealth. Her six bladed wings oddly do not emit any glow, and are commonly mistaken for a cape. She speaks with a slight Concord Dawn accent, despite being a native Mandalorian.

Hera's right wrist has a tattoo of the New Republic Starbird, but this was likely removed after her departure from the government. On her left shoulder is a scar from a blaster wound she got in a cantina fight.


Hera typically wears brown jacket with the Qir Golden Comet embroidered on the right breast and a set of kinetic armor underneath. On the sides of her belt are custom holsters containing a DD6 and ELG-3, and on the rear is a Blastick. Sometimes she can be seen with a Stouker in between her wings, and she is thought to have a holdout blaster and a medikit under her jacket.

She also is the owner of a rare Clone Wars era Republic flight suit.



O'dasar "Ody" Qir-no (b. Y-9) was Hera's eldest brother. He perished in the Battle of Qir-Cly.


Zander Qir-no (b. Y-7) is Hera's wingless brother. He went missing during the Battle of Qir-Cly.





Hera is known to be a ship collector. In her free time she also searches for clues to the whereabouts of her mother.


Hera is a Lu'kasan, and recognizes the celestial Lu'kas as the creator of the galaxy. She also believes in the Force.


Hera's armor

Hera, like most Mandalorians, possesses a complete set of armor.

Her armor is a standard Qir Verd Beskar'gam (soldier armor), which, despite its name, is made of durasteel.

Notable Assets




  • Hera's favorite brand of protato chips is Emperor's Choice.
  • Hera was grown in a cloning tube, this was due to the fact that a Human and a Diathim can't naturally reproduce.
  • Hera is thought to possess a datacard that reveals the location of the lost world of Jak'cu.
  • Hera has a pet Porg named "Juli".


Aliit'alor of Aliit Qir
Preceded By:
Fen Qir-no
(Year -26
Year 9)
Hera Qir-no
(Year 19
Year 20 Day 3)
Succeeded By:
Teroch Qir-zan
(Year 20 Day 3)