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Tholin Dur'aak Portrait.jpg

Lord Tholin Duráak, originally a Prince of the Huruk-Rah, served as a resistance fighter against the oppression of his homeworld Falleen. Together with some close associates he founded the Falleen Federation — a Federation of all the Falleen Clans — serving as the Lord Chairman and subsequently its first king. Seeing the future of the Federation in dire straights, he appointed Eldrik Kuraine as his successor and abdicated. During the reign of Kuraine, Tholin grew concerned that his beloved Federation would be destroyed through a vile personal conflict that had grown between Kuraine and the Empire. For the future of his nation, Tholin betrayed Kuraine to the Empire, forever exiling himself from his homeworld. The Federation was saved and King Bisz Aldaris of clan Mindano brought in an era of peace, stability, and growth. Tholin sought out shelter and opportunity in the wings of the Black Sun. (Full article...)

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