Homon (System)

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General Information
Sector Homon
Galactic Coordinates (55, 209)
Date of Discovery Before record-keeping began
Planets 1
Suns 1
Moons 0
Asteroid Fields 1
Space Stations 18
Population 25+ billion
Controlled By DefenStar Ltd.
Governor Tomas o`Cuinn
Astrographic Entry Homon

Homon is a star system located in the Mid Rim and contains one star, one planet, and one asteroid field. Long controlled and developed by the infamous Black Sun syndicate, the system was part of a massive trade deal in Year 18 (CGT) between the syndicate and Tomas o`Cuinn that included the Gree and Woldona star systems. As a result of the deal, Black Sun relinquished their holdings in the Homon system and complete control was handed to the local government who immediately installed o`Cuinn as Governor of the system, though details of the arrangement are not publicly known.

The Homon Sun is a G-type main-sequence star with an approximate age of 4.9 billion years. The planet, Homon, is mid-sized and consists primarily of a large desert surrounded by several rocky mountain ranges, though a single grassy plateau exists in the southwestern mountain range. Heavily developed, the planet maintains and sustains a civilian population of tens of billion citizens in a vast ecumenopolis that covers the entire surface of the planet. The local government is loyal to no specific alliance or superpower in the galaxy, though answers directly to the system's governor. The entire planet is covered in an extensive network of shield generators and defended by a planetary defense force consisting of both ground and space divisions. The Homon Asteroid Field is rumored to be a military staging point for the Homon planetary defense forces and flight access is heavily restricted to unauthorized starships. Eighteen visible space stations are known to exist in the system consisting primarily of two different production hubs anchored by central Shipyard IV-class stations while a Trading II-class trading station positioned between the hubs handles most of the import and export trade business. Homon itself is protected by a single Golan Mk2 and two Golan Mk1 space defense platforms that are capable of slugging it out against even Imperial Star Destroyers.


Planet Position Atmosphere Size Population Control
Homon Asteroid Belt (6, 8) Asteroid Field 1x1 265,802 DefenStar Ltd.
Homon (7, 9) Hot/breathable 12x12 25,710,460,893 DefenStar Ltd.