Hook Nebula (System)

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Hook Nebula
General information
Sector Hook Nebula
Galactic Coordinates (168, -317)
Date of Discovery Year 13 Day 70
Planets 0
Suns 6
Moons 0
Asteroid Fields 0
Space Stations 10
Population 0
Controlled By Independent
Astrographic Entry Hook Nebula


One of the few obscurities in the galaxy, the Hook Nebula System only contains suns.
It was discovered in Year 13 on Day 67 by Luther Nightwish, the then leader of TransGalMeg Industries - although it was only revealed to the galaxy on Day 70. It was the first uncharted system discovered after Resh.

This bright nebula of six stars was probably composed of one or more stars that very likely turned into supernovae and subsequently exploded, giving birth to the hazy and cloud-like mantle of dust that concealed these stars from the naked eye.[citation needed]

In the middle of four suns - perfectly placed along the three spatial axes of Hook A, B, C, and F - a Trading I space station rotates silently, the Hook Central.

The dome on top of the station houses a tanning salon. Due to being constantly exposed to the radiation from all the suns, and thanks to an advanced automatic system of filtering the suns' rays, here even a Barabel could get a good tan. Aswell as the Tanning Salon & Spa, the Upper Dome also houses the crew and guest quarters.[1]

The station is also renowned for its restaurant, Chez SixSuns, a luxury place where an excellent traditional galactic cuisine is prepared using the cutting edge of heating technology. Every single dish is carefully prepared using the sunrays, from stewing fruit, meat and vegetables to pan-frying specialities (the Quor'sav-fried steak and the Gamorrean Pork are two examples), from boiling to roasting meat and fish on solar grills.[1]

Interview with the Explorer

As for the history of the discovery of this system and the setting up of this interstellar business, an interview was released by Luther Nightwish to the Grand Historian of the New Republic, Ruben Wan. The transcript is as follows:

Ruben Wan: Hello Mr. Nightwish, it appears that you were the first sentient to discover a new system after Resh. How do you feel?
Luther Nightwish: Elated, it is a historic moment for both myself and the New Republic.
RW: Oh, so you were scouting for the NR?
LN: I was actually exploring to find myself a small planet to settle. Once arriving in system I would transmit the coordinates to nearby New Republic military vessels in the vicinity, and turn the uninhabited planet I had chosen into a thriving hub.
RW: In Hook Nebula there are no planets to settle, you must have been disappointed.
LN: With regards to my original purpose, it was a little disappointing, yes. However, with hindsight, I realise this is one of the galaxy's few anomalies, comparable to places such as The Maw. Who knows, there are maybe more systems like the Hook Nebula out there!
RW: With all those suns, it would be better to say "blind sight" instead of "hindsight"...
LN: Yeah, let's just say I advised the crew not to wear the Thermal Goggles!
RW: Good advice. After your discovery you are calling yourself Luther "SixSuns" Nightwish. Do you want to be remembered in the galaxy with this name?
LN: I think it would be amusing if the name stuck galaxy-wide, but I'm happy with plain old Luther. Smiles.
RW: Do you expect a reward for your discovery? If so, from whom?
LN: I don't expect anything, no. I think the pride of being the architect of the discovery of such an interesting system, and the pride of being a lone freighter jockey making his mark on the galaxy is quite a reward indeed.
RW: Very noble of you. Will you keep exploring the innermost depths of the galaxy?
LN: Maybe in the future, but for now I am back to work in order to support TransGalMeg's production department.
RW: Have you been contacted by someone about your discovery? Normal people, "official" people, or have you received congratulations about that?
LN: I've had a couple of holomails of congratulations and such from sentients across the galaxy. Surprisingly though, nobody begged me for the coordinates of the Hook Nebula. Chuckles
RW: Just for curiosity, what is called your ship? I think she also deserves a bit of fame for this deed.
LN: My ship is an old YT-1300 named Drunken Bandit.
RW: What a name. Have you had many other adventures with her?
LN: Once I flew into an Imperial sector, before the Galaxy went nuts and everything changed position. That was back when I was Director of Logistics at TransGalMeg. Apparently, Freelancers like having their orders dropped off in the Emperor's personal sector. Laughs.
RW: Well, glad you made it back. And, if you were given the possibility to rename each one of the six suns, what would you call them?
LN: Well, someone humorously suggested "Hook R" which took me a while to get, admittedly. I would probably name them in good humour, such as "Slab Here", "Luther's Fiery Passion Palace", and so on. Laughs.
RW: Do you plan to come back to Hook Nebula from time to time to revive your memories, or take friends of yours in a tourist trip over there?
LN: I'm actually opening a Tanning Salon and Spa there, an entire Trading-I class station will be devoted to it. Rumour has it we do awesome Gamorrean Head Massages. You should come some time, on the house of course.
RW: Thanks for the offer, I am eager to see the new space station and I wish you good luck in your business. One last question: do you want to say something to the public that has not been asked to you?
LN: If a stranger offers you Ryll, say thank you because Ryll is very expensive. But seriously, if you want to find a system, you need organisation, dedication and luck.
RW: Thank you very much for your time.


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