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General Information
Status Secretive / NFG
Leader Belloq Tull (assumed)
2IC Unknown
Headquarters Unknown
Historical Information
Formed from Unknown, possibly Year 17
Founded Year 18, sometime after Day 150
Political Information
Affiliation Independent
Industry Unknown, possibly Force-related

The IONANH, pronounced "Eye-oh-nahn," is a secret organization known only to its own members. Its purpose in the galaxy is unclear, its membership unknown, and even its creation date is hazy at best.

Whills A 750w.png

The Meaning of the Name

The Aurebesh letters that form the organizations' logo have been reported to stand for any of the following:

- "Incidentally, Our Name's Anagram's Not Heiroglyphic."

- "In Obroa-skai, Nobody Argues. Never. Honestly."

- "Impatience Overwhelms Nearly Any New Activity."

Some recent investigation has suggested the true meaning may very well be:

- "The Independent Organization of Non-Aligned Non-Humans"

If this latter choice is indeed the case, it may explain why searches through the records of the Galactic Empire, the Trade Federation, and other human-based governments have had no success in identifying the Order’s membership, nor its location.

Membership in IONANH

The only sentient to openly admit his membership is Belloq Tull, who is also reportedly the Founder of the Order.

There are rumors that many neutral Force users have been recruited and admitted to the secretive Order, but their names and identities have not been divulged so far as can be proven. What is known is that there are no physical or holographic records of deeds, land holdings, or credit transfers to any group of this name.

The Creation of the Order

If rumors culled from intelligence intercepts can be believed, this Order is merely a modern manifestation of an even more ancient group of hidden guides, some of them with connections to The Force. There have been other rumors of an ancient order known as the Whills that might have some kind of connection to IONANH, but that link has yet to be proven. (http://starwars.wikia.com/wiki/Ancient_Order_of_the_Whills)

What is known is that in the middle of Year 18, sometime after Day 150, Belloq Tull began using a holo-ID with the Order’s name in red Aurebesh lettering on a harvest yellow background:

005 Belloq in the SnowC IO.png

Later that same year, he began using a similarly encoded signature on his holotransmissions:


As of this date, no other sentients in the galaxy have been known to use this identifying mark.

Branches of IONANH

There are reportedly at least three branches of the Order:

- The Defense Council

As its name suggests, these are the sentients whose duty it is to see that the members are safe, their holdings protected, and their facilities guarded. While there are no known planets associated with IONANH at this time, it has been suggested that the membership may be made up of select and influential galactic leaders, whose holdings may be substantial. But since no reports have come in about any actual IONANH-owned vessels or facilities, it's suggested that the individual members may be contributing their personally-owned resources to account for their defensive capabilities.

- The Hidden Ones

This name suggests these members may be hidden within the ranks of other organizations, and reporting back to IONANH, but this is pure speculation. They may also be Force users who guide lower-ranking members in the use of the Force, but who prefer to keep their own Force proficiency hidden.

- The Eyes of the Shadows

Knowing that Belloq had been a member of at least three different governmental intelligence-gathering agencies, it’s entirely possible this is an in-house intel group, or at the very least, a clearing house where intelligence is shared among members.

Again, evidence to confirm the existence of these branches remains currently unavailable.

Public Comments in Year 20

Following a series of public statements made by Grizzik Lo-Lo, a Talz representing a group known as Sanctuary Prime and which called for attacks on the galactic population of humans, certain leaders of various species came out in opposition to Grizzik’s plans. Those plans included on Year 20 Day 250, references made in a public GNS broadcast for an “extermination protocol” to eliminate any humans considered “in their way,” as well as prosecution of any non-humans considered to be aiding or hiding their perceived human enemies.

Many of these outspoken leaders have been rumored to be members of IONANH, including Jawas Kolomon Seph, Jic Uiji and Ini Kedi, Wookiees Invergyre Foamswimmer and Arklari von Vigihan, Nautolans Zao Nephalem and Dex Sehrin, Kel Dor Force Master Dol Ka and Metyl Onyx, Amani Dru Snotz, as well as a number of others who preferred to speak off the record.

Though these leaders may have shared their opinions and beliefs publicly, no comment has yet been released that has been identified as the official IONANH position.