Sanctuary Prime

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Sanctuary Prime
General Information
Status Active
Leader Allaina Musava
Historical Information
Founder Grizzik Lo-Lo, Esu Kyoto
Founded Year 21 Day 186
Political Information
Industry Mining

Sanctuary Prime, is a group founded by Grizzik Lo-Lo and Esu Kyouto. The group was originally founded on the ideas Grizzik had formed as a result of his harsh life and mistreatment at the hand of humans on his homeworld of Alzoc III. A doctrine of Alien equality laced with anti-human ideals built the basic foundation of Sanctuary Prime in the early days of the factions founding. Now, under Allaina Musava's leadership, the faction and its numerous partnered factions work from a platform of inclusion and protection - offering safe haven to those who have none.


A Movement is Born

Late in Year 20 the Talz Grizzik Lo-Lo met with and befriended Esu Kyouto. The two became fast friends and had started discussing the many plights of the universe, one of the many key issues that was a reoccurring element were humans and their treatment of other species. Specifically the subject matter was anti-human, but intertwined was the unbreakable notion that all humans were against aliens. This idea being solidified in Grizzik's mind by the actions of large groups, especially the Galactic Empire. It was at that time that Grizzik proposed the idea of a pro-alien group which was anti-human at its core. Esu, with the combined might of The Kingdom of Lyceum, completely agreed and on day 241 Sanctuary Prime officially came to be. Shortly after, on day 245 The Kingdom of Lyceum was renamed and rebranded as Paradox, the manufacturing arm for Sanctuary Prime.

Chieftain Grizzik Lo-Lo and General Esu Kyouto.

Rise of the Reclaimers

On day 242 of Year 20 Grizzik released the first GNS from Sanctuary Prime, in this GNS Grizzik made known his plans of revenge on humans and how their oppression was at an end. A mere eight days later on day 250 Sanctuary Prime assumed control of the war torn Mek va Uil. Mek va Uil was a planet that had been ravaged by attempted colonization since its founding in year 15, through Esu's guidance The Kingdom of Lyceum had managed to control it and the entire Sepan sector, in turn handing it all over to Sanctuary Prime. Once Sanctuary Prime assumed control Grizzik released another GNS, he continued to stress the human problem. He also mentioned the donations that had flooded in to support Sanctuary Prime, nearly two billion credits had been donated and sent to group from various organizations and individuals in as little as a week since the first broadcast. In that latest GNS Grizzik also introduced Esu who also made a statement, in Esu's statement he called for the removal of humans and that the Sepan sector was now under Sanctuary Prime control. In response to the ongoing human conflict within the Corellian sector, Grizzik left for that sector on board his flagship, the MC-80b 'Executioner'. Surverying the conflict Grizzik received word that Weylin vi Cron and his group of humans had made a declaration of war against Sanctuary Prime. In response Grizzik released a statement of Ar’krai (a Bothan term for total war) against Cron's group.

On day 284 Grizzik announced that the Dreadnaught-class Heavy Cruiser ‘Kushibah Ascent’ had reverted to realspace within the boarders of Santuary Prime territory and onboard the bodies of Exo and Ramekin Mirax were discovered. Exo and Ramekin had been the leaders of NETWORKRabbit, one of the leading news outlets in the galaxy. Grizzik placed blame on Cron's group the Zhellic Ecclesiarchy and that he had confirmed that the Zhellic Ecclesiarchy was responsible for their deaths, although this has been disputed and largely thought to be propaganda in recent times. With that announcement Grizzik also stopped using the word Alien to describe his brothers and sisters, he coined the term Reclaimer to be used from then on to describe any non-human. This was to solidify the statement to the universe that the human threat had taken what was theirs and they were to "Reclaim" what was rightfully theirs.

Fall of the New Republic

With the fall of the New Republic many looked for safety. The splintered groups and members looked for any friends they could find. The Empire's might had been shattered the former group and left many not knowing what to do. Grizzik met with the Primarch council (ruling body of Sanctuary Prime) and together they agreed that with the fall of the New Republic the matter of Reclaimer and Humans was much more vast and that evil wasn't merely and human notion. Also they had decided that many good people within the New Republic that had interacted with Sanctuary Prime were also in need of reevaluation due to them being human. It was at this point that the idea of Sanctuary Prime had started to evolve from anti-human to more of a general anti-oppression stance, in particularly aimed at fighting the Empire. Grizzik released a statement on Year 21 day 16 offering free travel and safety for anyone displaced due to the collapsing of the New Republic, Reclaimer or Human.

Evolution of Ideals

Many had noticed the softening of the anti-human agenda within Sanctuary Prime. With the fall of the New Republic mere weeks before Grizzik released a GNS addressing this Evolution of ideals within the group. Grizzik made the below statement on Year 21, day 23 as it pertained to the change within Sanctuary Prime:

The Primarch council meeting on the ever changing landscape of the universe.

"Sanctuary Prime is a place of advancement and evolution. Reclaimers have changed and adapted over millions of years. That’s why we are so different, nature has tempered us to succeed no matter the environment. After The movement started and we lost our dear friends at networkRabbit I had an outpouring of support. More and more so many humans came to me and expressed their support. Their compassion coupled with the true desire of change made me and my fellow Reclaimers step back and take a look at our forward momentum. Even though we can all agree l, that with the Imperial so called ‘victory’, most humans desire nothing but harm to come towards us all. Galen’s treachery showed that like humans, not all of us are good or bad. There’s always exceptions on both sides. Although a somber moment, the Empire’s victory has all but reassured us that our message of human aggression was warranted, yet the treason of a Reclaimer shows no one is immune to the seduction of power. We welcome everyone from all corners of the galaxy to help stand against this onslaught."
— Grizzik Lo-Lo

In response to a question about Galen Darksol (The spy who had caused the New Republic's collapse) he continued with:

"I’m saying that every case is different. As we said non-reclaimers have caused just about every known issue since time began. This is no different. In This case a fellow reclaimer was warped and driven mad with power and forced to do the bidding of his masters. This proves our logic beyond reproach. Then an unknown human group supposedly captured some Wookiee’s....."
— Grizzik Lo-Lo

Ending the GNS Grizzik left the viewers with this:

"I appreciate the time you’ve given me today. I think recent events only prove the future is always in motion. Nothing is a given and we are always looking to each other for guidance. I want everyone out there listening to know, regardless of your origins that we are here to help. I can’t help but echo the word from many stories as of late, that word is ‘Hope.’ A hope that freedom for us all can one day happen, but with such a pretender on the so called ‘throne’ that will never happen. The command center here has been abuzz with communications from across the vastness of space and I say to you all. We hear you. Again thank you for your time and I sincerely welcome you all to reach out to me in the coming days."
— Grizzik Lo-Lo

Roughly three weeks later it was announced that Grizzik had been attacked and horribly injured while in Tion Hegemony space. It was only through the actions of Dr. Casten Waryn that Grizzik was able recover. The assailants were never found and no one was ever charged. Grizzik had cybernetics installed, most notably both arms were replaced due to his injuries. The announcement is also note worthy because this is the last time the flag ship 'Executioner' is seen, the MC-80b was later rechristened the 'Vengeful Spirit' in a small ceremony on Mek va Uil. It was also announced that a recycling group by the name of Barri had been founded under Grum Koto and would be the newest addition to the Sanctuary Prime family.

Into the Abyss

On Year 21 day 142 Sanctuary Prime joined forces with a multitude of groups and blockaded the Imperial Capital planet and system of Coruscant. During that time two operatives from Sanctuary Prime dropped to the surface of the Imperial Capital world and rallied the people. They passed out leaflets and hung posters. The message of resistance and rebellion was spreading, even on the capital of the Empire. Evading capture General Esu Kyouto and an unknown operative were evacuated successfully to the newly christened 'Vengeful Spirit' that was in orbit. It has been theorized that the second operative was none other than Grizzik Lo-Lo himself, although never verified. This entire conflict was known as The War for the Republic.

Grizzik speaking with a reporter after his accident.

Has time moved from the collapse of the New Republic and the refounding of the Rebellion, Sanctuary Primes goal and main mission statement had shifted. Grizzik met with Esu and the Primarch council, he informed them of his descions to move towards exile. He felt tremendous shame for his early actions and statements towards humans. Although he still held some resent for humans it was more towards those that had done him wrong and not those without a hand in his childhood. Grizzik was changed, he saw that not only can Humans be good but are capable of just as much as any Reclaimer. As Sanctuary Prime rebranded to a mining/recycling group Grizzik quietly stepped down. Its unsure what ever happened to the Talz, but some say he ended up as a hermit in the Arkanis sector. The title of Decimarr and leader of Sanctuary Prime was given to the former Junk Lord, Grum Koto. This was short lived as Grum, in a sudden change of heart, attempted to loot and cripple Sanctuary Prime. Fortunately for the Reclaimers assets were protected and Grum was only able to 'steal' what was given to him months earlier in the form of a Verpine class ship.

Long serving member of the Primarch council Lundrax Tasi, a Geonosian, was elevated to leader after Grum's betrayal. Lundrax set Sanctuary Prime's research and production infrastructure up, while also moving forward with welfare reforms within the sector. Once many programs were in place Lundrax announced he was stepping down to move forward with a personal project. Although one of the shorter tenures for a leader in Sanctuary Prime Lundrax is credited with bringing the start of a golden age to Mek va Uil. After he stepped down General Esu assumed control of all Sanctuary Prime assets and together with his long time friend Allaina Musava they started the next step in the groups history.

Mek va Uil, Home to Sanctuary Prime.

Golden Age

Allaina and Esu diligently started working on a revamped outline for an infrastructure that could carry the group forward. Long gone were the days of hate and blind rage Grizzik had employeed, replaced rather with understanding, support and inclusion. Paradox and the Barri were both scuttled to held consolidate. Damij Maximus and his group of hounds, called NovaStar, came on board to form what would be know as the Prime Star Union. This alliance was built with the idea that mutual support and understanding would fuel future negotiations. Many new avenues of diplomacy with other groups were explored. Lartog Ulmug and Wowza Bambaataa joined, bringing with them knowledge from around the universe. Lartog was able to secure resources from the far west of the galaxy that, to this day, Sanctuary Prime still uses. Wowza was able to consolidate and complete much of the building efforts on Mek, further solidifying control of the Sepan sector. It was during this time that Allaina was named leader and Esu, much like Grizzik before him, stepped back from the group and found retirement. The basic structure of a military organization or movement was set aside and one was adopted that better fit the new direction Sanctuary Prime was going. One that focused on moving the group forward together and was aimed at a more community focus than one centered around radical knee jerk reactions.

Although more quiet than in the past, Sanctuary Prime is still finding its place in the universe and with that trying to bring support to those that need it....


Belloq Tull

During the blockade of Coruscant and The War for the Republic rumors swirled around Grizzik having issues with the Wraith disillusioned leader and known trouble maker Belloq Tull. Grizzik told stories later that Belloq had demanded restricted DCs from the Rebellion leadership to take part in the blockade. Taken aback Grizzik called Belloq out for his brashness and unwillingness to help if something wasn't in it for him and not for just the general good of the galaxy. Disgusted with Belloq's general attitude and demeanor he named Belloq persona non grata. Grizzik barred the Whiphid from any dealings with the faction and then removed him from any official Sanctuary Prime areas. In line with Belloq's general detached state he put forth several statements from a 'Secret group' called I.O.N.A.N.H.. This group was supposedly made of several very well know figures from across the universe, this was later debunked and many of the so-called statements were false evidently being fabricated by Belloq himself.

Ben Yaz

While Grizzik was still leading Sanctuary Prime, roughly around Year 21 day 58, a con man by the name of Ben Yaz or possibly Baz Yen (Accounts differ due to the lack of records for anyone by either name) released a story implying that Wookiees were being used as terrorists in an anti-human campaign of some sort. This story was later found to be false and a hefty bounty was placed on the con man responsible, shortly after he was reported to have returned to obscurity and not heard from in some time.


Although many Human groups had issues with Sanctuary Prime early on those in the Zhellic Ecclesiarchy and Galactic Empire were a few that held particular interest in Sanctuary Prime's defeat. With the groups shift in philosophy there are currently no particular enemies at this time.

Past Leaders