Jalen Kobar

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Jalen Kobar
Grey Beskar'gam Avatar.png
Biographical Information
Race Human
Homeworld Tatooine
Mother Unknown
Father Scarn Kobar (adoptive)
Siblings None known
Children None
Born Sometime during Year -6
Physical Description
Gender Male
Height 6'1
Political Information
Affiliation None (Freelancer)
Title Verd (Warrior/Soldier)
Prior Affiliation Gree Trade Authority, Kobar Station
Awards Presently nil

Jalen's Journey

Scarce Origins

The human male named Jalen Kobar was assumed to have been born sometime during the transitional period that marked the galaxy-wide transformation from the democratic Republic into the authoritarian Galactic Empire.

Outer-Rim Sunrise

Jalen from his earliest records started his life on the planet Tatooine. As long as he could remember, he traversed the back alleys of the town of Mos Eisley and city named Bespin on the planet Tatooine, frequently on the move and often encountering trouble wherever he went. Often as a small child, he would search for discarded food or steal from the local market stalls that a variety of sentients sold their wares from, whilst avoiding the more rough elements of the criminal underworld on the outer-rim planet as best as he could.

Unlikely Discovery

Some time had passed and as the rough-looking older child of around 6 to 7 years of age went about his business. However, one day, he ran into trouble. Some local street urchins had decided to pick a fight with the boy. Teaming up, the trio attempted to fight him at once and despite this Jalen refused to go down without a fight. After sparing a few hits back and forth between themselves, Jalen felt he was going to lose the battle but persisted regardless as he tried to get at least one in a chokepoint in the street so he could deal with him, then the other, and so on. However, the commotion attracted the interest of a veteran Mandalorian warrior named Scarn Kobar, a solo Mandalorian warrior who had ties to the local Mandalorians based on Tatooine. With a focused glanced as he sized the kid up, he intervened in the fight and effortlessly shooed the now bloodied and bruised street kids away and approached Jalen and asked him a simple question: "Why not just give up, kiddo?", the man asked as Jalen's eyes widened somewhat at the fellow's armoured and generally fearsome appearance.

However, the young boy ignored his fear and looked the adult straight in his T-shaped black helmeted visor. "Because sir...", Jalen said as he considered his words carefully, "If I am going to lose or win a fight I'm not going down without at least getting in a few strikes myself. Gotta make them work for it at least somewhat, right Mister?", Jalen said without breaking his gaze at the large man who was about 6'6 in height, if Jalen had to guess. Ignoring the fear that swirled within his bowels, the scruffy-looking boy continued to stare at the figure in front of him. Standing their bent in a seemingly frozen state, the intimidating individual removed his helmet and looked the kid dead in the eye for a moment. Seconds later, he then threw his head backwards somewhat and laughed out loud for a few seconds, then went about clapping the lad on the back with a huge gauntleted hand. "I respect that, lad. You got the look of a fighter about you. I can see the potential.", the warrior said as he trailed off for a few moments as if in deep contemplation of what he had just said as Jalen sniffed somewhat nervously at seemingly nothing in the air. "So here's the choices you have, kid. I can leave you be, and you can return to whatever you want to do. Or...", he said as he bent down slightly to face Jalen. His old and battle-scarred face in clear view "I can train you to be a part of the strongest kind of warrior there is... a Mandalorian.. and perhaps one day, you might be the finest soldier the galaxy has ever seen. Think you're up to it? But beware. It will be the hardest thing you'll ever have done. For in glory, there is no place for defeat, only victory..", the man asked.

Taking a moment to consider his proposal and the fork in the road that was in front of Jalen alongside the pros and cons, he thought deeply as one his "Count me in, Mister. I'll give it everything I have. Even if it kills me." - With another intense stare, the man grinned and ruffled his huge hand among the kid's hair. "Thought you would. You have that fire about you." With a quick movement upwards, he replaced his helmet back over his head and removed a small day pack from his back, hefting it into Jalen's hands suddenly and he immediately caught it with a grunt. "Carry this and follow me. We're going to get some more work done. Oh, and call me 'Buir'", he said with clear emphasis. Right after this the pair were off. Jalen following after him in an occasional cloud of dust and sand as he walked off to a new adventure and life as a brand new Mandalorian recruit under the guidance and responsibility of the veteran Mandalorian warrior Scarn Kobar as they went off to the starport headed for the elderly man's ship and then for parts unknown.

Leaving Home Bound For The Stars

From the moment Jalen came under the responsibility of Scarn Kobar he had put him to work. He made sure he earned his keep in every way possible day in and day out with very brief respites over time that he could count on one hand. However, as the years passed and after many painful and challenging training sessions, contracts and battles done with and plenty a feast attended, a unique day had finally come around 15 years later. After reaching the ripe old age of 95, Scarn was resting after a long and especially arduous battle on a far away outer-rim planet. Looking up at Jalen as he went about caring for the now very elderly and battle-scarred man, Jalen looked down concerningly at him and knew he wasn't long for the world.

Unique Trading Opportunity

While observing a holoscreen projecting a GNS news story deep within the bowels of a Mos Eisley cantina, he spotted a segment that was about the Third Uli Memorial Swap Meet. Seeing opportunities and an interest in it, he then decided to set course for the location it was held at and left soon after bound for the tribal mid-rim world named Kiffex. After some time on the speedy yet rather uncomfortable StarTours starship, Jalen arrived at the heavily crowded event on Year 18 Day 13. The congregation hosted people from all walks of life and the event itself was hosted by the Kiffar clan named “Clan Nah’utal”. It was located at the city named Basa Oihanak Gotorleku in the native language of the Kiffar known as ‘Kiffu’. From this location, the went about and bought several kinds of vehicles, a ship, and multiple items for his own use from funds sourced from the property sold back on Tatooine. With the credits been near exhausted, clearly having served their purpose, the man then met a member of the Gree Trade Authority named Tomas O`Cuinn over a trade deal as the last few deliveries came in. The seasoned Mandalorian shortly afterwards introduced Jalen to the GTA and how business across the galaxy in his industry worked in general.

Intriguing Days In Gree

After finishing a series of activities ranging from purchasing several goods to meeting others of many different stripes at the infamous event, Jalen made the call to join the Gree Trade Authority on Year 18 Day 15. Some time had passed while the human completed a range of jobs in the transportation field. Deciding to seek his fortune alone and with no hard feelings during Year 18 Day 72, he departed the faction and wished its leadership all the best as they did to him. After a fairly short period of time the lad from the outer-rim found a location to travel towards and left soon after but before the organizations' dissolution.

Life As A Freelance Spacer

Whilst within the depths of hyperspace Jalen contemplated what was to be done with the rest of his life. He thought about many a thing and soon after arriving at a faraway destination in the outer-rim territories the now spacer (that also oddly prefers to have his boots on planets across the galaxy more than on a ship in space) decided to go about hunting and selling the various things he had acquired from the remnants of his defeated foes that he had encountered. Among them were bandits and creatures of various kinds in different forms of terrain across several planets. He continues to do this to this day after a year and a half, coming on to two years, and has gained a variety of life experiences from it and has come across what equates to a fairly tidy sum as a result of the treasures he has found and continues to find on an almost daily basis.

Over time Jalen also started Kobar's Bazaar (founded on Year 18 Day 225) and set up shop out of his crusader-class corvette named the "Prudii Adenn" in Mando'a or "Merciless Shadow" in Galactic Basic whilst at different destinations across the galaxy during the said bi-yearly swap meet events. This has netted him much profit and exposure to the general galactic trading community and it is also seen as a useful, consolidated, and in general a very well run trading-based community event. Time went by and Jalen was able to generate a large amount of funds and acquired many different kinds of loot as a result of what he dubs as his "spoils of war" acquisitions.

Describing Jalen


At present, Jalen is a man aged 28 year old and sports a large three talon-shaped scar over the left side of his face. He also features a heavily weathered look about him. He also appears to have tired and somewhat sharp looking beady eyes that also seem to be straining against the exhaustion that appears constantly present in his general appearance. The man also stands at 6’1, has medium muscular build and weighs about 220 pounds and as a result in general is strong due to years of work by his father's side and on solo jobs across the galaxy and elsewhere when required whilst performing a variety of security and military-based activities in different conditions. Kobar continues to improve this strength and fitness through various forms of work he presently undertakes, especially in close-range unarmed fighting with and without weapons of a melee or projectile-based nature.


Jalen has above all a focused, innovative and curious frame of mind. He generally only concerns himself with a few things at a time and see them through to completion first. As a result of this, the man can be considered quite emotionless and cold at times, however in fact, he is anything but. He usually keeps his personal feelings to himself unless he feels an injustice has taken place. Also, despite at first glance what appears to be apathy, he still has a general interest about the going-ons of the galaxy around him. He also has a tendency to be rather skeptical of others and is a good judge of character, but to compensate for this, he places a great deal of value in friendship and trust that has been gained over time. As always, he values the individual actions of people regardless of their background over their respective words. Above all though, with this explained, you notice his 'rough around the edges and weathered vibe/look' reflects through his personality type and general demeanor as he goes about his business.


Jalen also has developed and refined a range of skills developed from a young age and maintained in the present day. It entails armed and unarmed combat, piloting (both speeders and starships) in addition to droid commanding/man management and other skills that lie in the administration, mechanical repair and maintenance fields.


Kobar also devotes much attention to fighting, starships, (especially his Crusader-class Corvette and RZ-1 A-wing Interceptor) as well as several other assets like weapons and armour including many other technologies that concern primarily combat, hunting and trading. Jalen also has a strong interest in the recently returned Colonial Shockball League (CSL) but as of yet supports no team, however, he may decide to choose a side in the future that originates from the outer-rim as he himself originally came from this area of the galaxy.


Jalen is a believer in the Mandalorian God Kad Ha'rangir, or the "Destroyer God". However, he supports said God purely based on his personal beliefs on always focusing on self-improvement, change for the better, and above all, pursuing glory in close-quarters personal combat with an opponent of equal strength or more.


Jalen has a range of possessions. This includes a fairly tidy sum of credits, several kinds of ships and vehicles ranging from specialized starships (like his ATR-6 assault gunship/transport), droids, equipment and even a exceptionally close female Vornskr that he traded an earlier vessel for (and took a big gamble in doing so) and hatched himself whilst it was still an egg. He soon after named the energetic creature Nova. The animal is almost always seen by his side and is constantly present in a protective manner reflective of the strong bond the two share and continue to strengthen as time goes on. In addition to this, he is constantly seen using his vessel and primary mode of transportation named the Adenn Prudii, a Crusader-class Corvette the human affectionately considers as his mobile home and flagship that has served him well over the years to the present day. He also occasionally flies about in his RZ-1 A-wing Interceptor named "Kote" or otherwise known as 'Glory' in basic tongue.