Jarneskeg Yrfeloran

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Jarneskeg Yrfeloran
Biographical Information
Race Human/Mirialan/Arcona by adoption
Homeworld Cona
Mother Akallabeth Adunai-Skeg Mirialan
Father Malcolm Skeg Corellian/Arcona by adoption
Spouse Single
Partner Devron Morillo and Aximili Morillo
Born Year -6
Physical Description
Gender Male
Height 1.83 Meters
Coloring Mulatto
Political Information
Affiliation Mecrosa

UberLyft Trans & Trade


Prior Affiliation Drearian Defense Conglomerate

Solonar Rangers

Jaruba Trading Co.

Outland Mining Corporation

Jarneskeg Yrfeloran

Jarneskeg Yrfeloran [pronounced: 'Yarn-shayg' 'Ear-fell-oh-rin'](b. Year -6 to Present) is a human born on the planet Cona, the Arcona homeworld located in the Teke Ro (System) of the Inner Cluster (Sector). He is both a skilled trader and smuggler. Yrfeloran has also been known as The Sheppard.

As a pilot he specializes in difficult routes, as well as infiltration and exfiltration past shields and other security measures.

His mother died in childbirth and Jarneskeg learned trading and piloting from his father, Malcolm Skeg, and from his adopted Arcona family.

He left Cona at the age of seventeen Standard Years after his father and all the members of his adopted family were either killed or captured in a slave raid at Resurrection Bay.

Jarneskeg was also a founding member of The Cona Foundation, an Arcona organization dedicated to bringing slavers to justice. He funded this enterprise using, according to himself, half of a large inheritance.l

Early Life

Jarneskeg Yrfeloran was born with the name Jarne Skeg, son of the Corellian trader, Malcolm Skeg, on Cona. He never knew his mother, nor was he even sure of her race. Malcolm, Jarne's father, affirmed she was human, but Jarneskeg remembered a conversation between his father and adopted uncle, overheard when he was very young, in which they indicated she was of another race.

His earliest memory was of sitting on the Deal of the Day table outside his father's shop. More a jumble of images than a single memory...glimpses of alien faces, mostly Arcona and snatches of conversation in more than one language. Barter, laughter, a lewd remark.

Malcolm Skeg was a born trader. Raised on Corellia, he took to the space lanes young. Apprentice to Jarne's grandfather, he learned to ship, and sell, how to tell tales both short and tall.

Malcolm was knowledgeable on a grand range of topics- it's sentients-'folks' his father called them all- it's politics and it's history. Mainly though, he knew the galaxy's products, and it's sentients' needs.

Jarne's father loved Cona, though it was a very harsh environment for humans. He also loved the Arcona. He had first arrived there with a tanker filled with fresh water. Water, fresh water, is a desirable commodity on Cona, so it was an ideal introduction to trade on the planet.

Malcolm quickly fell in love with the Arcona dedication to the collective, and their tribal sense of family he most respected. Being born to a space roving trader, he appreciated what he had never had himself, a home, and family roots. Malcolm cut back on his space travel when Jarne was born because he wanted his son to have a home.

Jarneskeg enjoyed a childhood with his father and a close knit, adoptive, Arcona family. His father was well liked by most Arcona, and formed family like bonds with many. He had a lot in common with them. Malcolm was fearless, good in a fight, loyal to a fault, and a great pilot. These are all traits highly valued by the 'folks' of Cona. These are also traits that Malcolm worked hard to instill in hi son, Jarne.

Father and son flew together,and explored Cona together. They traded with, worked beside, loved and fought for the Arcona. They were always together. Jarne told friends that he could not imagine a better childhood, though he wished it had included his birth mother.


Jarne's salt addicted adoptive cousin, Mattreo Argrilizza.

Resurrection Bay

Resurrection was a small village between the edge of a vast jungle and Cona's South Central Sea. It was very difficult to reach. One had to hack their way through vicious jungle undergrowth, evading uncounted deadly creatures and plants. According to Jarneskeg, it was a thoroughly exhausting experience.

At the end of the trek, however, the way opens onto a gigantic clearing and an ocean view of that sentients on other worlds pay a large sum for. The sand was white with silver crystal flakes and blue water as far as one could see in two directions. To the west Cona's most well known volcanic island with light ammonia gasses rolling off it's shores.

Malcom, Jarne's father said that the sight of it brings you back to life after the exhausting journey, so they had created a second nest village there and called it Resurrection Bay.

Attack by Slavers and Escape from Cona

Year 10, Age 17 Standard Years

There had been a long break in the recent rains. The Arcona called it rain, but it was not water. It was a soup strongly comprised of ammonia, and most off worlders require special protective gear to survive it. During this brief break in the weather, Jarne's father and his Arcona partner, Rela 'Papa' Argrilizza, had dragged their families out to Resurrection to enjoy the tranquility.


Rela 'Papa' Argrilizza, Jarne's adoptive uncle

The cook fires had burned low, and many had gone to sleep, bellies full of gizsteak, fresh fruit, and rainforest greens. The adults and older children, especially the Arconan females, sat talking about the lucrative Homecoming Tribal Market that had recently concluded and were making plans for upcoming trip to Tylcarros Market, where profits were sure to triple.

The slavers came from the direction of the island. Jarne later guessed they had landed a large slave hauler on it's far side and then launched the quiet wave skimmers. He recognized one of them as the human male that had bought the wide beam stunner from his father at the market. His father had not expected to sell it until Tylcarros Market and was thrilled with the price he had gotten. Malcolm had talked the man up a long time- politics, history, places he'd been, 'folks' he'd met...even describing the brief vacation they were planning to take at Resurrection Bay.


Malcolm Skeg, Jarne's father, a successful trader born on Corellia

It was over fast. There was no time to react. Malcolm and Rela tried to protect their people to no avail. Jarne heard his father tell him to run, right before the vibro-axe cut him from crown to crotch. At seventeen SYs old, Jarne was an orphan. He ran, taking the route his father had taught him. Sounds of fighting, screaming, and stunners behind him, he followed the fresh 'stream' (a trickle, rare on Cona) point four clicks to the small cave tunnel. He crawled through the mud, grabbed the go-bag they had stashed there and kept crawling through until the tunnel widened and he could stand. Running until he saw the BARC Speeder, the mouth of the cave, and the curtain of the foliage hiding the entrance from outside eyes. He jumped on the speeder, and blasted through the vines and leaves.

The plan was to go to the landing pad at Marketown south of the jungle, and take his father's Brayl Class Freighter. He could then fly back to Resurrection and pickup anyone lucky enough to escape the slavers, but when he got there, the town was also overrun. Unable to reach the ship, or any ship, he turned the speeder towards Tylcarros City.

Reaching the city with the clothes on his back, the stores and credits stashed in his go-bag, and the skills passed to him from loyal Arcona friends and a loving father, Jarne sold his speeder bike for a fraction of its worth, made his way to the spaceport and booked passage to Boordii.

Outland Mining


Taken on Yrfeloran's last day with OMC

Reaching Boordii, a planet he had heard about on Cona from a freighter pilot employed by Outland Mining Corporation, he got a job with Outland himself, under the name Jarneskeg Yrfeloran. The last name came from and ancient book that claimed it meant 'bereft of inheritance' in a near lost language.

The job, however, was not much of a fit. The company was great but Jarne was not a miner at heart, but a trader. He took his earnings, and bought a small freighter.

Undisclosed Associations

After several months of freelance work, he joined up with an un-incorporated organization of freelancers, and formed a partnership with its leader. He was never willing, however, to share the name of his partner or any other members of the organization with any of his future friends or associates.

Jarneskeg referred to these friends only as " his first loyalty," stating he "would give his life to protect them," and that "there [was] no rational reason for any other associates or future affiliates to feel threatened by [his] lifelong devotion to these friends." He further stated "I only want to help them find a home of their own, which is something all sentients deserve."

His work with this group included, by his own admission, scouting, transportation, and trading.

"The Cona Foundation"

In Year 13, Jarneskeg Yrfeloran returned to Cona and assisted in founding The Cona Foundation, normally referred to as just "The Foundation"

This organization was created with the intention of gathering intelligence about, and bringing to justice, the slavers that attacked Cona in Year 10.

Resurrection and Marketown were not the only areas of Cona raided by slavers during that period. Over two dozen villages and nests fell victim to raids. By Year 13 there was a clamor from Arcona and other sentients for justice, which the Cona Grand Nest had not been able to provide.

The Foundation, made up of sentients from several races in addition to Arcona sprung into being almost overnight. Including soldiers, smugglers, traders, business owners, criminals, spies, electronic experts, and even pirates, this organization has focused a large number of resources on finding the perpetrators and bringing them to justice.

It was during the creation of The Foundation that rumours regarding the quasi-criminal Arcona organization known only as "The Family" began to surface. These rumours, mainly arising in Central Cona, indicated "The Family" were instrumental in forming The Foundation but have so far been unsubstantiated.

The Foundation scored its first major victory in Year 16 when a group from The Cona Foundation, led by (redacted), captured a Captain Grosiet D'Baucher on the planet of V'jun. (Redacted) and Yrfeloran, along with (code name) TwinkleToes and (code name) Lizardtail, tracked the slaver through an operation he was leading in the planet's northern wastes. D'Baucher was second in command of the group of independent slavers that hit Cona. Yrfeloran's group captured him before he could complete the V'jun operation, which had undertaken on behalf of a major galactic power.

D'Baucher was taken back to Cona where he was handed over to The Foundation. Captain D'Baucher has not been seen since.


Left: Jarneskeg during practice run for the V'jun mission. Right: Yrfeloran catching his breath after the capture of D'Baucher

UberLyft Trans & Trade


Years 13-Present

"UberLyft Trans & Trade" was the name of Jarneskeg Yrfeloran's private Transportation and Trading firm. The business was successful, if small in scale, and consisted of assets made up mainly of ships, droids, and a space station. UberLyft Trans & Trade was managed and operated whenever Jarneskeg was not required by his employer or other obligations.

Moonlight Transit and Company


Year 16

Moonlight Transit and Company (MLT) was the first fully incorporated company that Jarneskeg worked for following his time with Outland Mining Corporation. Lead by Grand Admiral Acelin Dominia, MLT was where Yrfeloran learned his infil/exfil piloting skills while engaging in several dangerous missions.

A transportation company, MLT specialised in both above board transportation contracts and smuggling when necessary. The company claimed to operate under the belief that the terms legal and illegal only depended on where you were or what government you sought permission from. MLT further stated that sentients all had needs that must be met and MLT would seek to meet those needs. They also occasionally engaged in the rescue of political prisoners. While they accepted payment for their activities, money was not the primary motive in their operations.

It must be noted that not everyone viewed Moonlight Transit and Company as the well intentioned operation it claimed to be.

Pirates in Name Only?


Year l6- Year 17, Day 11

Jarneskeg Yrfeloran stayed with MLT through the leadership change that led to a new organization called Black Light Pirates.

Once Chokk Ovin Jix took over the former Moonlight Transit and Company, he explained many things that had been bothering Yrfeloran about Moonlight Transit. Jarneskeg began to see Dominia's actions in a new light.

"I am beginning to see our past work with MLT in a brand new light. It may not excuse everything but there were reasons for the deceptions and half-truths that we were expected to accept. Furthermore, I have never seen this 'bad guy' that many have made our new leader out to be. He is loyal and has an inspiring vision of what this group can be and seems to genuinely care about the membership. If he is trying to deceive us into believing that he is a sentient of true character, he's the best actor I've ever seen."

-Jarneskeg Yrfeloran to Gyanamede Morillo

DevronGianamedeMorillo-small.png AximiliMorillo.png

Devron "Gyanamede" Morillo and Aximili Morillo aka "The Morillo Brothers." The two are not actually related.

Yrfeloran remained a member of Black Light until Year 17, Day 11. He was vocal regarding his misgivings regarding being part of a alleged 'pirate' group.

He had joined a transportation faction because trading and flying were his passions. Being young and somewhat naive, he always claimed he was oblivious to any theft or violence the leadership had been involved in.

Jarneskeg further insisted that he was unaware of the MLT associations with pirates, until after the name and leadership change, not finding out until the announcement that Ovin had, in fact, been the corporation's "shadow" leader all along.

He immediately sought the advice of more than one well repected veteran about how to leave the group immediately and safely. Unfortunately, there did not seem to be a way to leave without reprisals, with assassination being a real possibility.

As it turned out, Yrfeloran was never asked to engage in violent or illegal behavior. While the missions Black Light Pirates engaged in usually resulted in profit, all of them also served humanitarian purposes such as freeing enslaved sentients, bringing slavers to justice, or seeing that stolen medical supplies were returned to those who needed them.

It's debatable whether BLP would have continued these 'humanitarian' efforts as time wore on. Some have suggested that the leadership chose this path to placate Yrfeloran so he would remain active in the group. It is no secret that he and Ovin became good friends.

Jarneskeg did finally leave in early '17.' He sighted health issues. There were rumors, however, that he was in love with young woman whose life was in danger over a secret only she knew. The rumor goes that she passed the secret to him and he departed, without telling her where. This was done to keep her safe while he drew the danger to himself. The rumours were inconsistent as to the final outcome.


Shoulder Emblem of The Black Light Uniform


Chest Imprint on Jarneskeg Yrfeloran's Rubberized Power Armor. Notice the Arcona shaped skull

Skills and Languages

Jarneskeg Yrfeloran was highly skilled in Freighter and Fighter piloting and combat. He was also accomplished in engine repair.

He had an average skill in Capital piloting and modest combat skills in same.

Yrfeloran was also known to be a natural at commanding ships and fleets, both logistically and in combat.

Other skills he was born to were trading and diplomacy, both of which brought him some success.

He displayed above average dexterity and was skilled in thrown weapons, light handguns and rifles. His preference was for firearms utilizing solid projectiles as opposed to blasters or lasers.

Being born on Cona, he was fluent in Arconese and Basic. He had passing knowledge of Kel Dorian from his trade experience.

Jarneskeg was also intelligent with an affinity for logic, analysis, and deduction. When at a loss, a quiet pause to meditate would often bring him to the correct next step, or the truth at the root of a complicated situation.

After his time as a miner he attempted an atomic powered device that used a focused beam of super-intense heat to cut into the deepest regions of a planet from the surface. In theory it could reach a planets core if operated continuously for 12-18 hours. He labeled the design as "Stoneburner." Reportedly he ceased work on the design after a physicist that he lost several hands of Sabacc to informed him that permanent blindness would almost certainly be a side-effect of its use.

Personal Information


Name: Jarneskeg Yrfeloran (Born: Jarne Skeg)

Race: Human/Mirialan- Adopted by the Arcona

Birthplace: Marketown, Cona (Resurrection Nest)

Father: Malcolm Skeg, Corellian adopted by the Arcona

Mother: Akkalabeth- Mirialan

Marriage Status: Single

Born: Year -06 Day 194

Left Cona: Year 10 Day 198

Hair: Brown

Eyes: Light Blue

Height: 1.83 meters

Weight: 188 lbs

Specialties: Commercial/Combat Piloting; Trade/Diplomacy; Light Firearms; Engine Repair; Computer Programing; History

Current Residence: LSC MAN'S GIFT Location: Sumitra Deep Space

Employment/Affiliation: Mecrosa

Team F; The Cona Foundation, under Capo Belagami (Semi-Active);

UberLyft Trans and Trade (Private Business)

Known Associates: The Morillo Brothers, Various Unknowns or Undisclosed, A Very Large Number of Droids.

Life as a Trader & Pilot

Jarneskeg Yrfeloran never stopped trading and flying. This was true throughout his career.

The initial capital with which he built UberLyft Trans and Trade is believed to have come from his inheritance. Jarne's father Malcolm was the most successful trader in Central Cona. He kept his substantial savings in numbered untraceable accounts. The Morillo brothers both believed that the account access information was sewn into the lining of the bug-out-bag (BOB) that Malcolm prepared for Jarne and the same one he took with him when he left Cona.

It is known that Jarneskeg had limited funds when he started with Outland Mining, and left with only enough for a ship and modest savings, yet only a few months later he arrived back at Cona and invested tens of millions to begin The Cona Foundation. By his own admission this was half of his "inheritance." The brothers assumed he had eventually stumbled across the key to acquiring his inheritance hidden, most likely in his "BOB."

The rest went into UberLyft. Yrfeloran bought a small fleet of rare and classic ships that included a Strike-Class Medium Cruiser dubbed RONIN. All were sold on the Market at Centrepoint Station for a large profit margin. Those funds were re-invested and turned over for profit over and over. When possible he offered free delivery and offered transport services openly.


Stike-Class Medium Cruiser RONIN

Using delivery and pickup runs as a cover, he carried out missions for his employer, affiliations, associates and other parties. Most were never spoken of but it is known he assisted in the rescue of political prisoners, recovered stolen property, and circumvented shields and armed defenses on several planets. Yrfeloran also ran multiple relief and aid runs. He was posted as a Ship Commander on his first job for Moonlight Transit and Company.

During one trip he was seriously wounded in his first hunting experience. A few days later, still badly wounded, he led a successful hunt and earned his first trophy.

Jarneskeg was a vocal fan of the Class 720 Freighter and a collector of Classic Ghtroc Industries ships as well as other rare vessels. Like most everyone else he worked to own an example of every YT series ship ever produced. The prized X-wing T-65, however, eluded his grasp throughout his many years.

Ghtroc Industries Banner Year 12.jpg

Known Ships and Stations

Resurrection.png Uberlyft.jpg Yvs.png Tablestakes.png Meaty.png Insurrection.png

images provided by Galactic Research Combine


YT-2000 Light Freighter Resurrection

Ghtroc Class 720 Freighter UberLyft Trans & Trade

Ghtroc Class 720 Freighter The Good Trade

YT-1300 Light Freighter Insurrection

Corona-class frigate RONIN II

Corona-class frigate Bismarck

Corona-class frigate Table Stakes

Sprint-class rescue craft Squad 51

Ginivex Starfighter STORMCROW

YT-510 Light Freighter Raven's Sight

Arquitens Light Cruiser Skye's Quake

YV-666 Corvette Royal Delfino

Brayl-class bulk freighter MEATY MÁLFRÍÐUR

various Heavy Freighters and Fighter Squads.

Space stations:

Luxury Space Colony Man's Gift

Others Undisclosed

Personality and Beliefs

Jarneskeg Yrfeloran was affable and quick with a joke. Not afraid to voice frustrations, it was rare to see him in a truly angry state. On the few occasions he was angered, however, he was not able to calm himself until his personal sense of justice was satisfied. The most well-known example was after the capture of the slaver Captain D'Baucher. Only after D'Baucher finally disappeared did Yrfeloran return to his normal easy-going state.


Yrfeloran at Cona after handing D'Baucher over to 'The Foundation'

Loyalty, he stated to Chokk Ovin Jix, was very important to Jarneskeg though his own caused him trouble on more than one occasion. When he met new sentients he was quick to make them friends and only withdrew friendship if betrayed.

Raised as an adopted Arcona, Yrfeloran had a deep instilled belief in the importance and value of the collective lifestyle, family, and friendship. As a descended Corellian, however, he also believed in the right of the individual to make his or her own choices.

"Collective societies and governments are fine things. They are the means by which social contracts, necessary to peace, cooperation and safety in a group setting, are implemented. They only work, however, under two conditions. First the individuals of which they are comprised must be free to participate in them, or as a group to dissolve them. Secondly, it's members can never be expected to follow laws created by leaders they don't live in direct community with or personally know. As the distance between the leaders and the lead grows the likelihood that citizens will harbor deep resentments towards those they follow increases exponentially. If the distance is too great, the social contract is perceived as oppression and gradually collapses. Of course all governments, large and small trend towards oligarchy and bureaucracy eventually. That is to say all governments eventually become corrupt. Even the best must be refreshed with blood and conflict from time to time, but in general, less is more. This is why I refuse to participate in any of the grand governments that continually seek to rule the entire galaxy and why I choose to ignore so many of their laws. Don't steal from the innocent or honorable, don't kill except in self-defense, deal fairly with all. That is all the law we need. The rest is just Blah Blah Blah Blah Blah. "

-Jarneskeg Yrfeloran, Personal Musings, Journal Volume 13

Jarneskeg's unique upbringing also lead to independent views about religion. Though he never judged another for their faith, he did not believe in organized religions. His personal faith was based in a belief in rightness of nature and a sense that there was an underlying, though not sentient, force that motivated all the movements, activities, and changes in the galaxy. The first time he saw a book about "The Force" and Force Sensitives that claimed to be able to control it he laughed. He could not believe there were people that needed a book to tell them there was a unifying energy at work in the universe, and further couldn't believe there were people who, in his opinion, were dumb enough to think they could control it. He met many sentients that regarded him as an 'idiot' for these opinions but none were able change his mind.

According to friends, Yrfeloran was good at earning money and horrible at keeping it. Gambling was one of his most notable vices. He was known to buy up all remaining tickets in private raffles just to speed up the drawing. This sometimes resulted in his paying more than the prize was worth.

He routinely overpaid for purchases then gave them away or sold them at a loss just to be rid of them. He could not stand sales to take overlong, and reduced prices just to speed them up. This was especially true when selling ships, droids, or vehicles stored in distant locales. He hated to crisscross the galaxy to collect his own possessions, but was more than happy to do so for clients.

Yrfeloran was also impatient in almost everything except completing dangerous assignments.


Jarneskeg Yrfeloran is known to have contributed to several charitable organizations and causes, specifically those aiding the underprivileged in getting a foothold in the galaxy. He also has assisted sentients directly.

He is listed in The Ashla Covenants "Hall of Angels" and was a vocal supporter of that non-profit group's charitable works and way of life.

Retirement from The Black Light Pirates

Year 17, Day 11

Jarneskeg Yrfeloran left The Black Light Pirates on Day 11 of Year 17 sighting personal hardship and health concerns.

His company UberLyft Trans & Trade continued business but the ownership was re-registered under the names Devron Morillo and Aximili Morillo. The newly listed manager was an individual named "Birdie." Customers noted that all their dealings with UberLyft were handled by a T7 Astromech droid.

Upon retiring from BLP, he told Devron Morillo he was considering a monastic life.


Solonar Rangers & Joruba Trading Company

Year 17 Day 16 - Early Year 18.

Yrfeloran joined up with the Solonar Rangers at the behest of his close friend, Brian MacBoruma. He told Brian that, while he would be honored to work with him.

A very short time later, Solonar Rangers acquired Joruba Trading Company, and MacBoruma was tapped to be it's new leader. Brian asked Yrfeloran to come along to help him get JTC situated. Despite his personal desire to stay with the Solonar Rangers where he wished to prove himself by working his way up the ranks, he agreed to move to JTC with MacBoruma out of loyalty to his good friend.

Jarne volunteered to help with recruiting new members, which he did with some success.