Jaryn Valentine

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Jaryn Freyja Valentine
Biographical Information
Race Kiffar
Homeworld Kiffex
Clan Nah`utal
Mother Larin Dakelh
Father Jax Valentine
Partner Amelia Kolczynski
Born Year -9, Day 162 (27)
Languages Kiffu, Galactic Basic
Physical Description
Gender Female
Height 168 cm (5'6")
Weight 53.5 kg (118 lbs)
Coloring Pale
Hair Color Blonde
Eye Color Blue
Political Information
Affiliation Freelance

Jaryn Freyja Valentine is a female Kiffar born on the planet Kiffex into Clan Nah`utal.


Childhood and Early Life

Jaryn was born on Kiffex to Larin Dakelh, a fierce huntress of the Kiffar Clan Nah`utal, and Jax Valentine, a businessman and owner of Valentine Ventures. From a young age she was tutored in the basic tenants and principles of Nah`utal life, as well as useful skills like hunting and survival techniques by her mother. Jaryn excelled in her education and took interest in both her mother's and father's work. In her spare time she would frequently venture out into the forests with her friends to practice hunting and fighting, which in turn helped to hone her skills as a warrior. In general her family led a comfortable life of wealth thanks to her father's dealings, and they were among the richer families of the Nah`utal. When she turned sixteen and was considered an adult in Nah`utal society, Jaryn would also help out her father with work and travelled with him on numerous business trips to other planets, though he was often secretive about what he was doing. Throughout her travels, Jaryn began to develop a strong desire to see more of the galaxy and soon wanted to leave Kiffex permanently. Whilst her father supported her more curious nature, her mother wished her to remain with the Clan and become a warrior like herself.

Valentine Ventures

Jaryn hunting on Kiffex

Jaryn continued working for her father as she entered her twenties, learning more and more from him about how the galaxy outside of Kiffex operated. Her interest in combat and hunting also remained and she often took trips into the forest as she had done growing up, though with less frequency. Jax continued his teachings, ultimately preparing the young woman to eventually take over the company from him. She slowly began to be told more about the operations and the dealings of the business, including a number of aspects that were less than legal in a number of systems. Valentine Ventures had a hand in numerous industries, such as banking, sports and gambling, and it was alleged that the company often bribed officials and governors to favor them in terms of permits, planning and taxes. As Jaryn grew more and more knowledgeable about Valentine Ventures' dealings, the shady nature of many of their actions did not seem to bother her that much. In fact she continued to embrace her position in the company.

Things soon took a turn for the worst for Jaryn, however. Her father had been implicated in a scandal involving planetary royalty and bribes surrounding the upcoming line of clubs and casinos Valentine Ventures were preparing to open. Jax was arrested and ultimately found guilty of a number of offences as his actions began to come to light. He was convicted of fraud, blackmail, bribery, tax evasion and a string of other crimes, and he was sent to prison. The court case was a very high-profile one, and the legal costs of funding Jax's defence eventually bankrupted Valentine Ventures, which soon folded with no money and no leadership. Jaryn held little ill-will towards her father, but she had become more and more disillusioned by the corporate bureaucracy and restrictions that had landed him in trouble. She vowed that she would be more careful than him with her personal dealings, but she would also not let herself be held-down by bureaucratic red-tape.


Jaryn Valentine, circa Year 17

Whilst most Kiffar typically possess dark hair, Jaryn's is blonde in colour. This is the result of a rare gene that she inherited from her mother that has been within her family for generations. Her eyes are a prominent deep blue colour, and her pale skin tone is thanks to the frequent time spent on ships over the last decade. Unlike many Kiffar, Jaryn does not have any facial tattoo markings, or Qukuuf as they are called on Kiffex. Her tattoos are instead on her body.

In terms of attire, what Jaryn typically wears is varied. When hunting or fighting she often wears traditional Nah`utal forest hunter attire, which is loose fitting and provides ease of agile and swift movement at the expense of little armour or protection. In more social business environments, Jaryn wears a variety of long dresses, skirts, blouses and occasionally suits depending on how the mood strikes her.


Jaryn was raised under the teachings and principals of her clan, and thus possess a strong sense of honour and duty. Despite her frequent playful banter and friendly sense of humour, she has great respect for her friends and those she deals with. Whilst usually Jaryn is rather outgoing and affectionate, if she is angered or betrayed she can become bitter and vengeful to those who wrong her, a trait she picked up from her mother.

Thanks in part to her desire to experience all the galaxy has to offer, Jaryn leads a lifestyle of enjoyment and pleasure first and foremost and is known for her love of all things hedonistic and debaucherous. She is a frequent practitioner of open and casual relationships, as well as taking delight in numerous alcoholic drinks and controlled substances. She tends to keep much of her personal life and dealings private, really only partaking in these luxuries and enjoyments with her friends and associates to avoid more familial scandal.

Despite her enjoyment of life's pleasures, Jaryn is also a spiritual individual thanks to her Kiffar upbringing. She holds her ancestors with great reverence and respect, and follows the teachings that were instilled in her during her youth. Due to her beliefs she takes a great interest in both Kiffar history and objects and artifacts that may be spiritually or historically significant to her people.