Jaxen Covdien

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Jaxen Cryxden Covdien
Biographical Information
Race Corellian
Homeworld Corellia
Mother Angel Nabuyi Covdien
Father Cryxden L. Covdien
Marital Status Widower/Single
Spouse Casey Xel Covdien (deceased)
Children Stephanie Covdien (Deceased), Cryxon Covdien (Deceased)
Born Year -8 Day 153
Languages Basic
Religion The Living Force
Physical Description
Gender Male
Height 1.87 Meters
Weight 89.81 Kg
Coloring Pale Humanoid Skin
Hair Color Dark Brown
Eye Color Hazel (blue-ish green most of the time)
Political Information
Affiliation 1st Combat Engineering Regiment
Title Production Leader
Rank Foreman


Jaxen Covdien is working as the Third-in-Command of the 1st Combat Engineering Regiment, a member of the Corporate Sector Authoritie's Conglomerate. He is helping to bring the Regiment to the heights of prestige through out the galaxy.

He also is the owner of his own very small retail and transportaition business: Covdien Corporation.


Jaxen Cryxden Covdien was born Year -8 Day 153 to his Corellian Father Cryxden L. Covdien and his Naboo born Mother Angel Nabuyi Covdien. His family struggled from the time he was born, his father always working as a lowly craftsmen who made mainly custom furniture for Corellian customers, but such work was not very successful for Jaxen's father. His mother died when he was only five years old from an illness that simply was not noticed in time for medical personnel to do anything about it.

Jaxen's Father raised him for the next eleven years alone, doing the best he could to teach Jaxen the value of hard work and extra effort. Jaxen seamed to pick up the lessons and he was often more successful at his endeavors than his father had been.

At the age of sixteen standard years Jaxen Covdien, with some help from his father contacting some people that he knew, acquired his first job working as a co-pilot aboard a BFF-1 Freighter that was owned and operated by a man named Crikkdon Bennel, Jaxen's own God Father.

After a year of working for Bennel, the BFF-1 was stopped for a normal inspection by the planetary forces of Corellia. In an event that would send ripples through Jaxen's future life, smuggled illegal spices were found in hidden compartments aboard the BFF-1. Spices that Jaxen had never known were even aboard.

After months in the legal dealings Jaxen was cleared of all charges as it was determined that he had not been part of Bennel and his second mate's smuggling. Jaxen returned to civilian life and almost fadded completely from any chance of a galactic career. He setteled down with a young woman named Casey Xel with whom Jaxen fathered his daughter and son Stephanie and Cryxon respectivly, twins whom Jaxen came to love dearly. However after nearly two years Jaxen's life was once again shaken, this time to its very core.

Upon returning to his apartment building after working at his father's shop for the day, Jaxen watched from only 300 meters away as a large civilian transportation Air bus crashed into the apartment building. The structure caught fire instantly, stopping for only a moment of shock Jaxen rushed into the building and attempted to reach his family that had been waiting for him.

However the building was too damaged, and Jaxen found that where his apartment had been was no longer even part of the building but rubble on the street below. The Air bus had struck almost exactly where his wife and children had been. Jaxen collapsed for a few seconds in the still smoldering building's hallway out of greef, in that moment however he heard coming from a doorway next to him crying, children crying.

Jaxen didn't even think about his actions, but simply reacted. Using a tool from his belt he pried the jammed door open to an apartment that was only half intact due to its proximity to the bus's impact. Find three corellian children crying, and not adult to be found, Jaxen carried them from the building. Incurring small burns, scrapes, and other injuries Jaxen continued to help evacuate the rest of the building after getting the children to safety. His largest injury came when a support beam fell from one of the hallway ceilings and broke his left leg. Crawling his own way out of the building the local emergancy responce agency had been watching his efforts as they had been busy trying to stop the fire from spreading.

Jaxen was awarded the 2nd Class Corellian Blood Stripe for his bravery even when his own life was in danger. Jaxen claims the whole event was and still is a haze to him due to his emotional distress, but reguardless he is known as a local hero in his home town. That did not stop the depression from setting in however.

The loss of his wife and children threw Jaxen into a deep and dark state of depression that he drowned with Alcohol for nearly two years, barely working, and living in only the very basic form of the verb.

Then, after facing hardships that many in the galaxy would never know, Jaxen was rescued by an old friend. Kenzi Kann a childhood friend, and "girl next door" for Jaxen found him one night in a cantina with half a bottle of Corellian ale left. Kenzi had not been on planet when the tragedy of Jaxen's family had occurred, in fact she had only just returned from her own interplanetary piloting job. Kenzi took Jaxen and over the corse of a week, and with great patience, cleaned him up and got him sober.

Then Jaxen and Kenzi started their own very small transportation company, it had never been given a name as it literally was only Jaxen and Kenzi in her Personal Luxury Yacht 3000 "Dancing Keltik".

They worked together for nearly three years, until Jaxen was contacted by Charlena Halo, the Leader of the 1st Combat Engineering Regiment that Jaxen Covdien now works for. Kenzi Kann also joined the Regiment a few months after Jaxen.

Jaxen works now as the Third-in-Command of the Regiment and its projects.

Jaxen's Personal Stuff

The following is a list of assets that Jaxen has chosen to list publicly. These listings do not reflect his full asset ownership, but rather to show some of the assets that he is proud of.


Jaxen owns the following ships:

- Delta-Class JV-7 Escort Shuttle The Cove

The Cove is Jaxen's most commonly used personal transport for travel. It is painted with a unique paint job that changes from Red to Blue depending on the ship's current sub light speed. At its slowest or when docked its markings are deep blue, when at full sub light speeds or within Hyperspace the markings are bright Red. In the middle? Purple.

- Corona-Class Frigate Emeraude II Emeraude II The Emeraude II is a stock multi-functional frigate that on the outside appears to be a standard stock Corona class Frigate. However, don't let its meager appearance fool you as Jaxen has taken the time to convert the interior into his own luxury Yacht. Large and still in need of some polishing and a proper paint job for it to truly be ranked among the "Crown Jewels" of "Converted Luxury Yachts", the Emeraude II is Jaxen's work in progress. When not on missions for the Regiment he often is seen working on the Emeraude II or off buying material or décor for the ship's interior. Able to still hold 918 passengers, the Corona uses an advanced slave rigging computer system along with 5 R3 Astromechs that have all been programmed to help Jaxen operate the ship with no other needed crew. The vessel even has combat capability though Jaxen and additional crew greatly increase the ships ability to perform more than one or two routine pre programmed defensive patterns of fire and travel.


Jaxen is known to own the following personal Weapons

- Relby K23 QukSlvr The personal sidearm of Jaxen Covdien, he is very rarely seen in public without this weapon on his person, even if the weapon itself can not be plainly seen.