Jay`Den Cor

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Jay`Den Cor
Biographical Information
Race Corellian
Homeworld Corellia
House Cor Family
Mother Layla Cor
Father Jarek Cor
Marital Status Single
Born Year -15
Physical Description
Gender Male
Height 6'
Weight 169 lbs
Eye Color White
Political Information
Affiliation The Smugglers Alliance

As a youth, Jay`Den Cor had a fascination for speeders and speeder bikes. In several areas of Corellia, he was known to have a tendancy to borrow one from time to time, and generally without permission. He spent much of his time in and out of various juvenile facilities for his reckless nature, and because of this, Jay`Den's father, Jarek Cor, kicked him out of the household when he was only 15. Jarek figured he had enough trouble dealing with the Empire, let alone a rebellious youth. So Jay`Den was forced to stay away from his family, with the exception of his older brother, Dracon. Dracon would sometimes take Jay`Den out on smuggling runs with him, teaching Jay how to pilot in the process, which would eventually lead to Jay`Den's downfall.
When Jay was 18, he decided to take a joyride in a freighter, which unknowingly belonged to a Republic Nationalist. In leue of his absence, the politicians family had reported him missing, and upon Jay's landing he was immediatly arrested. Although Jay`Den had checked for lifesigns, he failed to notice the body of the brutally murdered victim in the hangar bay.
The hearing was short and simple, and Jay`Den was convicted of murder and sent to the Corellian Correctional Center. The term was only ten years because of the lack of proof that Jay had actually done the killing, but it was figured proof enough that he was somehow involved just for being in control of the ship. Shortly after being imprisoned, Jay`Den learned of the arrest of his father, and the abduction of Sera, his younger sister. But just before his release he learned that Sera had since been found and was serving The Smugglers alliance, which his brother, Dracon, was now in charge. Unfortunatley, the whereabouts of their father was still unknown, so Jay`Den had to live with the guilt of not being able to appologize for his misdoings.
Upon his release from prison, Dracon granted Jay`Den an immediate position among The Smugglers Alliance, where he has been serving every since.