Dracon Cor

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Dracon Cor
DraconCor portrair.jpg
Biographical Information
Race Corellian
Homeworld Corellia
House Cor Family
Mother Layla Cor
Father Jarek Cor
Marital Status Married
Spouse Crislyn Anessa Waryn
  • Sera Layla Cor
  • Valen Andric Cor
  • Nyx Illayne Waryn-Cor (Unborn)
  • Nyssa Aydyn Waryn-Cor (Unborn)
Born Year -18.
Died Year 13 Day 102
  • Galactic Basic
  • Olys Corellisi
  • Huttese
  • Mando'a
Physical Description
Gender Male
Height 6'4"
Weight 245 lbs
Hair Color Blonde, Medium Length
Eye Color Ice Blue
Political Information
Affiliation The Smugglers Alliance
Title Lord Smuggler; Chapter Master
Rank Leader

Everyone has a past, a beginning, I'm no different and like many others I have said and done things I've regretted. But I'm also able to say that I have learnt from them and even though my life has endured many countless memories of pain, I'm thankful for the lessons I have learnt from them and they have defined the man I am today, so here's my tale.

Humble Beginnings

It all started back on Corellia, The Empire ruled the planet with an Iron fist, many Corellians were arrested purely because they refused to sign up and serve the Emperor. One such case was the Cor's. The family had never had much in the way of materials things or even luck for that matter. Dracon is the eldest of three children born to Jarek Cor|Jarek and Layla Cor, he was born on Year -18 (18 BCGT), six years prior to the outbreak of the Clone wars, His father disappeared shortly after D's sixth birthday for reasons unknown to him at the time, the absence of his father played a fundamental role in how D grew up, with their mother out working all the hours she could to support her young family, D adopted the role of man of the house. Leaving Jay`Den and Sera to be brought up by D and even though D resented his parents for him missing out on an education,. Whilst his brother and sister attended one of the local schools, D set about looking for ways to make a few creds with minimal effort. D had also been taught that Family came before anything else, even ones own dreams and aspirations. On one fateful day the Cor’s took a trip into Coronets city center and were soon stopped by CorSec officials working on behalf of the Empire, they tried to get D’s father to sign up to the Empire, but when he refused, the officers tried to arrest them for treason against the Emperor, Many years later D had found out that his father had in fact been wanted because of the role he had played in the clone wars. There was a short pursuit that led the Cor's to a dead end alley, D quickly followed his Fathers advice and hide from view, unfortunately he and his siblings were the only one to escape and was forced to watch as thier parents were rounded up and arrested like common criminals. On that very day D learnt a hard but valuable lesson, some may say that it was the very day that D died at the age of fifteen. In many ways that is true, how would a fifteen year old boy survive on his own in an area that not even to law enforcement agencies go to alone without blaster or back up? Well the answer to that question is relatively simple, you start by viewing life like you would a game of Sabacc, you can’t help the hand your dealt, you just make the best of what you’re given and adapt. This is what D did; he gave up his old self and became something else entirely, where he would once show compassion or mercy, now he was unable to, everything pure and innocent about him was now destroyed and lying dead in the gutter, what was left was something less than human, more animalistic, more ferocious and that the way he needed to act in order to survive. The person that was once D was now nothing more than a blunt instrument. How else would he be able to care and protect his brother and sister?

Entering the Criminal Underworld

At first he turned to minor crimes, such as stealing food in order to eat, clothes to clothe himself and Sera, but as with all things of that nature, D found his control on the life he had to live slip from his grasp and spiral into a more darker, sinister world, where the concepts of good and evil became skewed and with that came the task of reaching the top of the food chain and staying there. On his first attempt he fared not so well, although D had speed he lacked power where as his rival had both. By the time D’s challenger had finished with him, there was nothing more than a person lying in their own blood, this was the second time he learnt a lesson from a hard teacher and what crushed his spirit the most wasn't the fact he had been bested, it was that when he awoke, Sera and Jay`Den was nowhere to be found. As soon as his body, spirit and mind were healed, he set about making himself look more formidable, first thing he did was studied a myriad of fighting styles to find one that fitted him, but to his surprise none did, so he set about taking the best of each and turning it to his own style, leaving no wasted movement or action, the next step he turned his attention to was his appearance, he began a strict regimen to increase his body and muscle mass this also helped with his endurance, a promise had etched its self into D's mind, he would find his siblings and do all he could to get them back. At the age of twenty-four, D had become so use to the lifestyle he lead that he had grown confident and arrogant in his own abilities, even though in a way this made D stand out in a crowd, it also brought him to the attention of many Gang leaders, mainly for the fact he was operating on their territory. This did little to deter D as he saw this as a good way of proving himself and advancing his position within the food chain, one person’s attention D had managed to draw was the one of Norgam Tak.

The end of an Era

Now Norgam Tak was a very dangerous individual, and once in his service you would never be free again, this again D never gave a thought as he was slowly drawn into Norgam’s criminal empire to the degree that after several months, D had worked his way up from a lowly thief to Norgam’s personal enforcer and bodyguard. But D was not to remain there long, when a routine negotiation with a lower level functionary turned sour; D found that during the fray, someone had taken his employers life. With nothing left for him on Corellia other than retribution from Norgam’s followers or his eventual arrest by the authorities, he decided to leave his past behind him and seek out the very thing that had eluded him, a place he felt he belonged, Taking the only prepped ship from Norgam’s hanger, it was a YT-2000 that was named The Volatilis Misericordia, D left his home without even looking back.

Turn up for the books

Life has a funny way of throwing you a few surprises and this time it was no different, after spending what felt like a lifetime in hyperspace, D aborted to recalibrate his Nav Comp, whilst he waited for the task to complete, he browsed the position vacant adverts on the holo-net looking for any type of door work, he was about to give up hope when something unexpected caught his eye, There was a position that required a fast and reliable pilot who asked no questions, at first glance this looked like a far cry from the type of life D was used to, but for someone who could read between the lines there was another message of opportunity that was more to his tastes. He quickly composed a message and sent it to a man named Ganner Groundrunner, not waiting for a reply he headed to Toydaria where he knew Ganner had an office, D had always liked to look into the eyes of anyone he had dealings with, maybe he did it to see if the person was honest, maybe he did it for physiological reason who knows, he inputted the co-ordinates and once again enter hyperspace.

Rising to the Top

The trip didn’t take long and by the time he had set up and attended a meeting with Ganner, D knew his hunch had been right, the job the D had applied for from first appearances was for a legitimate transport company, below the surface however the company was nothing more than a front, the real job he had just accepted however was for a group simply known as The Smugglers Alliance. D felt that he had finally found what he had been looking for and set about doing everything he could to help the SA reach its untapped potential, he quickly rose through the ranks and became a predominant member of the group. He became leader of the SA’s legitimate transport business and set about hand picking a group of pilots, which he formed into a cohesive team known within the SA as the Wolf Pack. One day Ganner approached D with a request, due to unforeseen circumstances the leader and owner of the SA had disappeared leaving instructions that Ganner was to take control of the SA and lead them towards a better future, the reason that Ganner had come to D was to offer him the rank of second in command, which he accepted graciously.

Imagined Happiness and Self Destruction

Around the same time D met a young Chiss woman named Miras `eli` nakesh and her brother Toras `kaar` nakesh whilst he was searching for a friend named Nick Doom, Nick had once been a Governor within the Kathol Republic and the same person that had helped D become the last Governor of the Torize Sector, some time later the Kathol Republic was taken over by a religious sect known as the Order of Krath, who later renamed the KR to The Krath Dynasty, D had learned that Nick was now working for Nakesh Alliance Extractions, D had made his way to a local tavern named the Shining Blade, from the look of the exterior, D knew that this was his type of place, but as I have said before, things are never what they appear to be and as D pushed on the doors he found this out, the interior was clean, there was not the familiar fog of smoke that obscured your vision and it was well lit. In that instant D had never felt more vulnerable, quickly he quelled the uneasy feeling that was dwelling deep within him and on the outside he showed a facade he had worn many times before, it was the look of confidence, walking briskly D made his way to the bar which he knew was always a good place to look for information. But what D found that day was something he least expected, when he finally caught up with the elusive Mr Doom, he found him sat at the bar opposite Miras`eli`nakesh, now D was no stranger to attractive women, but there was something about this one.

After they had been introduced, they spent many hours talking and getting to know each other, this brought the attention of Selina’s brother As upon them. Now D wasn’t a man who was knowledgeable about other races cultures, but he would do everything he could to make the right impression, so he walked over to As and introduced himself making certain to show the utmost respect to As. From that day forward D vowed to clean up his act, he even he wouldn’t do anything to place Selina in danger and that meant shedding the life he had led up until this point, whether Selina knew it or not, D was besotted with her. Before long D could feel himself falling for Selina more and more each day and the further he fell, the less he tried to hide his feelings from those around him, the more time he spent with Selina the harder it was for him to leave her, after thinking long and hard about what he wanted, Now that he was finally content with his life, he approached Askaarn to ask for his blessing and consent for D to marry Selina, much to D’s amazement, Askaarn gave them his blessing and the next day they were married. Both Selina and D had decided on a small and quiet service where the only people present were Askaarn and Nick, the latter of the two actually preformed the ceremony.

The ceremony took place at the temple at Nakesh rising in Cirrhuntar on Year 9 Day 148, it was the first time in his life that he had worn a suit and although he felt uncomfortable, he wanted to look his best for his wife to be. Nick stood at the front of the alter wearing a black suit, the only break in the colour was the white of his dog collar. Selina, who was escorted to D’s side by her brother, wore a simple but elegant shimmer silk dress, which only extenuated her beauty. As D watched Sel walk down the aisle, he saw how breath taking she looked, By the time the Service had concluded, D Macleod was dead, but not dead in the sense he had lost his life, it was in fact the opposite, he had found the life that had eluded him. From that moment on D was reborn as Duncan Nakesh. Shortly before the wedding took place, Selina’s Cousin Mauldin disappeared from the galactic scene and handed NAE, which was a Nakesh family business to his friend Heb, now as As and Sel began to dig for information it came to light that Mal had promised NAE to a group of other companies knows as M-inc and not to As and Sel like they had been led to believe when they had agreed to help fund and form NAE.

As with most of D’s life things began to unravel around him, he had found happiness and love which he had sought out all his life and now that he had it he was scared that someone or something would take it from him, rather than let that happen D made a grave mistake that he would soon come to regret. He began drinking heavily and started to become paranoid, this ended up sending him into a spiral that would only lead him on a path of self destruction, which had only one foreseeable conclusion. That conclusion almost became reality when D entered himself into a dangerous Swoop race, giving no thought of his own well being.

As he drunkenly climbed into the saddle of a swoop that looked twice D’s age and less healthy looking, he began to feel like he was untouchable and like most Corellians he revelled in the adrenaline that was now coursing through his veins. As soon as the light turned green D opened up the throttle much further than what the manufactures had stated as safe, if there was such a thing on a swoop bike, As D hurtled around the course at a reckless, break neck speed, he failed to see the steering assembly coming apart, as he approached a tunnel the last thing he could remember was total blackness and the sensation of freedom, followed by a loud explosion.

When D finally regained consciousness, he found himself unable to move in a non-descript Medcenter,

After he had learnt that he had been out of contact with the outside world for nearly two standard months, he sent a communication to Selina, requesting her to annul their marriage, once he had done so however he found that the pain he felt from the accident, was nothing in comparison to the pain and hollowness he now felt, but rather than once again allowing his pain and anger consume him, he used it to fuel his rehabilitation, at first it was a hard and slow process, but fortunately for D he had something much stronger than anger fuelling him.

The Bitter Taste of Betrayal

Sadly once again he felt the bitter pain of betrayal, things had been going well or so he had thought but it soon came to light Selina had other plans, as he slept soundly aboard his ship Selina let her plans unfold and soon left D to his demise. He awoke to the blaring sounds of the ships proximity alarm, shaking the grogginess that fogged his mind and vision he first checked for Selina, when he found no sign or trace of her he ran as fast as he could towards the cockpit, upon raising the blast shields D faced a foe that could not be overcome through determination or violence, the sight before made his heart heavy and he felt a sense of defeat erode his will to live. He slumped down into the pilots seat and stared into the blazing sun in front of him before closing his eyes.

In his minds eye D watched snatches of his life played out like scenes from a holo vid, the longer he watched the more he could feel his anger rising up within him, the episodes he saw were not of happiness and contentment he had briefly felt, instead he saw places and people that had hurt and betrayed him from the arrest of his parents to this latest installment. He felt a sneer spread across his face and snapped himself out of the despair he felt, how would he gain revenge and send Selina to the depth of the nine hells if he simply rolled over and died? That was all he needed to send the fire in his viens from a smoldering flame into a raging inferno, the first thing he tried was to change the course of the ship, his fingers were a mere hairbreath away from the controls when out of the corner of his eye he saw something that drew his attention, between the pilots and co-pilots chair was a maintenance access way sunk into the floor, what troubled Dracon was that the hatchway was not set back into the floor flush,meaning someone had been down there.

He now moved with an equal sense of curiosity and urgency, he reached the hatch in moments and lifted it out of the floor, what he saw made his blood run cold, the entire cockpit had been turned into a gigantic bomb. through the din of warning alarms sounding D made his way to the secret escape pods he had instaled and the last thing he remembered before his world went dark was getting into the pod and leaving the doomed vessel.